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• 7/7/2018

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• 5/16/2017

Is there ever going to a new season?

Is there ever going to be a new season? Since the manga ended a month ago. I really like seasons 1 and 2. 3 and 4 were ok but nothing amazing. Using any knowledge that you know, do you think there will be any new seasons?
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• 4/12/2017

(Spoilers) About the final Chapters...nice or terrible?

after seeing the raw of 567 and 568 .....Looks like hata FIRED 59 TOMAHAWK MISSILES to sunk my hayatexhina ship. hinagiku was a strong competitor and a threat vs his favorite pair.  the ending of the manga was relly not satisfactory ....much plot holes 
1. not the way I wanted the manga to end ….featuring only a few characters.. leaving ayumu and maria in the dark.
2. not a satisfactory ending to the mystery of royal power and the hype created in the golden week arc was pretty much spoiled..
3. I will say blatantly …hata was quite selfish on his terms in the last two chapters … ignoring the other characters and their past unrevealed history focusing only on his favorite pair
4. the parents of hinagiku and yukiji was never presented.(why they left them) … this could have been an answer given to hinagiku by hata….speaking of parents , where is yukiji????
many others ..i dont remember at the moment. that is only manga /anime I really liked that had a terrible ending
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• 11/16/2016

Final Arc Discussion Thread

After 12 years of serialization, 5 seasons of Anime, a Movie, a light-novel and a live-action film. Hayate no Gotoku will finally entering it's final arc strarting this week. It's been a long journey, everyone!
So, beacuse of that, I feel like it's apropriate to have a thread dedicated to it. Hopefully this arc will end up as good or if not even better than Athena's Arc! I can already feel it, this is gonna be good~
Anyway, here is some early discussion topics :
1. Himegami finally showed up. However, this time, his name is Aoi and not Akane like introduced in the anime. Do you think both of them are different person?
2. What do you think about Himegami's motive to team up with Hisui?
3. What do you think the reason behind Nagi's mom death?
4. What do you think will happen during :

Hayate's Birthday?
Athena's Birthday?
Nagi's Birthday?
Maria's 'Birthday'?

5. Finally, who's Hayate will end up with? There are 5 'candidates' as of now, Athena, Ayumu, Hinagiku, Maria and Nagi.
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• 4/28/2016

Can anyone tell me the name of this song????

This song was played in cuties after hayate kisses nagi on the forehead. She woke up embarrassed and then the song starts
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• 4/27/2016

Whom does hayate love at the moment?

I don't think it's Athena anymore. If u know whom he is in love with, please let me know
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• 10/19/2015

Hayate no gotoku Season 3 Episode 3

Hey i have a short questions. 
When hayate and hina watched the firework and hina came  nearer to hayate, are they holding hands or not?
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• 9/10/2015

Curious about Hakuo High School attendant.

This isn't serious discussion, just curious about Hakuo High School attendant rules.
After finish Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 10, I remembers that Nagi Sanzenin also absent a lot of class. So why it will be a problem if Rin's absent while Nagi can do it? :D
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• 5/23/2015

Hayate and Joey (yugioh)

Is it me or does hayate look like joey from yugioh in some chapters of the manga?
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• 4/5/2015

hayate tv series!!

where to find the hayate tv drama series ??.... any link ???
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• 3/4/2015

Help mee!

guys can you help me to find a best website to download hayate no gotoku mangas?
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• 1/23/2015

Season 5 speculation thread (unofficial)

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Should Hayate no Gotoku! get a fifth season?  Yes 80 No 1 The poll was created at 07:20 on January 23, 2015, and so far 81 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
This is a continuation of the previous thread and is solely for the purpose on your thoughts if there should be another season of Hayate no Gotoku! and your expectations of it.
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• 1/11/2015

I'm taking a vote for how many people want a season 5 of "Hayate the Combat Butler"

The only "rule" is add a tally(|) or something to make it easier to count and only one post per pearson. and with that lets get voting!!!
Votes are on this page
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• 12/17/2014


Is this website compatible with java cell phones???.... i can't seem to reply with my cell phone running opera mini 4.4 java...
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• 10/11/2014

Hinagiku Katsura's real name..???

hinagiku was adopted by katsura family..... so she was named after katsura family..... so her real name isn't hinagiku katsura but hinagiku something else..... i wonder what could be the name even though i do prefer hinagiku katsura..... if hata is planing to bring the parents issue then her real name might be disclosed.... hope it will be a good name
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• 7/9/2014

Hayate's real interest

whom does hayate likes most
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• 6/30/2014

Human species

Is Athena Tennousu even a human? Just asking here to confirm.
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• 6/10/2014

The brother is rich

He owns the hotel that the gang are currently staying in.
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• 4/30/2014

Which seiyuu voiced Black Camellia in "Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties"?

Any ideas, which seiyuu voiced Black Camellia in "Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties"?
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• 4/24/2014



Actually everyone would say that SPenergy was quite good in fact better in the 1st season which should have been quite satisfying and this also arises the question in my mind that why Spenergy did not continue through the 2nd season....Why J.C staff came?....Because their was some fault with the 1st season....1.Skipping Hina Arc that forced J.C staff to remake in 2nd seasonThere was no episode where Hina met Ayumu in 1st season..but in ep 52 they were in the Mykonos together like they know each other for a long time.....
2.Not all the mysteries were disclosed in front of the fans
3.The genre contains both comedy and action and also mysteries ....comedy was fine but action was regarding to only saving Nagi or others..less regarding mysteries...(no reviewing of athena at first)
NOTE: SPenergy does not make anime now....I think
So Hata changed his direction to J.C staff for more improvement
2nd season was best among most of the fans...but some say it is best to only Hina fans....some way it might be true..Though I am a fan of Hina ...But I think I liked all the episodes..then again there was noticeable fault with 2nd season...
1.The main reason is that J.C staff only focused on Hina arc(and shimoda arc), Not all fans like Hina and also a whole season can't be based on a character(that's where the popularity went down a bit). If J.C staff had continued the season till golden week arc or just before the golden week arc things could have been different for the anime..In fact it could have been the best season ....Hina arc should have been a part of the season not the overwhelming part that occupied half of the season.
2.Not a very long season for the fans' attraction.3.There was no completion in genre ....only romance and comedy...
Hata didn't like how J.C staff handled the situation and abandoned J.C staff and so the anime took a very long break.Seeing the last episode I thought they were preparing for the golden week arc..but I guess they were not given any chance by Hata.
NOTE: Many experts in animation department left J.C staff..so we might not see that animation quality of 2nd season ever again(oh! I seriously hope not!)
So that's how the anime got imbalanced and now the anime is under threat..since mangalobe didn't do well at all...also Hata made a choice of bringing an outsided story(season3) which was not quite attractive but to japanese fans it is and hata is only thinking about them. The movie wasn't that bad....but in the movie hayate (or Hata) said to the fans that those who don't know what happened in between then please read the manga...indicating that Hata is not caring about international fans but only to japanese fans....but we should make him realise that this series is also popular outside japan.....

....The popularity of s3 and s4 was relatively low....though it attracted a lot of viewers japanese to be specific..well everyone will have their own complaints......If there is a season 5 or the real s3 in the future or whatever then It must be started where J.C staff left with a good animation quality like J.C staff or J.C staff itself if they have improved....That's one way I think to save the anime...get the popularity rise up...I say "I WILL ALWAYS WANT SEASON 5 AND MORE WITH MANGA STORYLINE"three ova's coming ..i guess i have to settle with that for now
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