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Aika Kasumi
Aika Kasumi
Japanese Name 霞 愛歌
Romaji Name Kasumi Aika
Name Aika Kasumi
Other Name Kasumi-san, Love Master
Age 17, 18 (with the passage of time)
Gender Female
Birthday October 9, 1987 (manga timeline)
Height 160 cm (5'3")
Weight 43 kg (94 lbs)
Blood type B
Hair Color Fuchsia
Eyes Color Green
Status Alive
Like Collecting Information, Tea
Dislike Physical Exercise
Hobby Mischief
Family & Relationships
Father Mr. Kasumi
Mother Mrs. Kasumi
Friend Chiharu Harukaze
Hinagiku Katsura
Hayate Ayasaki
Other Nagi Sanzenin (love pupil)
Unnamed Fiancé (butler)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 125
Anime Episode 27 (S1)
Voiced By Emiri Katō

Aika Kasumi (霞 愛歌 Kasumi Aika?) is the vice president of the Student Council of Hakuo Academy. Like many other students from the academy, she comes from a rich family.


Aika has long fuchsia hair that has bangs going on either side and green eyes.

She wears a Hakuo Academy uniform during school. While not in school, she is usually seen in modern clothing.

Characteristics and Personality

While Aika may be seen as a sweet, kind and gentle girl to most people, she is also secretly very manipulative and takes advantage of any situation she sees, a fact that only Hinagiku Katsura and Chiharu Harukaze are aware of. (She has a notebook with the weaknesses of anybody she meets written down) Despite this, she does care about her friends and would never betray them. For example, when she learned that Chiharu was secretly working as a maid for Sakuya Aizawa, she hid this secret from everyone despite the fact that she wrote it down in her weakness notebook in order to remember it.


At Sakuya's Birthday Party

Chiharu looking grim as she unexpectedly greets Aika

During Sakuya Aizawa's 14th birthday party, she meets Chiharu Harukaze (Sakuya's maid), but unlike the others, she knew right away that it was Chiharu. Chiharu, who was in panic, asked Aika not tell anybody of her job as a part-time maid. Aika accepted and so far she hasn't spilled this secret to anyone. During the fireworks display at the same birthday party, she could be seen staring at what looks like a King's Jewel in her palm while thinking that "there are a lot of situations where money is of no use".

Mt. Takao Arc

Later, during the start of the new semester she went on a class trip with Hayate Ayasaki and their friends to Mt. Takao, She later got lost during the hike because of the power of the king's jewel that was later suppressed by Isumi Saginomiya. It was revealed later that she got the king's jewel from Mikado Sanzenin.

Helping the Ginnan Shopping District

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Becoming the "Love Master"

On April 28th, after having been asked if Aika planned on going abroad for Golden Week, she tells Chiharu Harukaze that she would be going to Greece as she had an errand to do there. Later on she accidentally got splashed with water while Hayate Ayasaki was gardening and ended up cleaning herself in the Sanzenin Mansion. There she managed to persuade Hayate to buy her alternative underwear as her original one got wet. Impressed by her powers of persuasion, Nagi Sanzenin called her the "love master" and asked her for advice regarding her relationship with Hayate.

The following day, Aika visits Mikado Sanzenin and tries to return the King's Jewel by telling him that having the stone was too much of a burden for her. After he had told her that she didn't need to return the stone, Aika attempts to throw the stone away, before she is given the task of giving her stone to Athena in Greece.

Golden Week Arc

Aika later appears in Myoknos and gave advise to Hayate Ayasaki (about Hinagiku Katsura and suggested to him to have dinner with her in Chapter 224). In Athens, she joins the group of girls in a last day party before everyone went back to Japan. On May 7th, Aika greets Athena at the ruins of her destroyed mansion and tosses her King's Jewel to her telling her that she was instructed by Mikado to give it to her. Having done as she was instructed, Aika takes her leave before overhearing Athena desperately orders Machina to take the King's Jewel and go where nobody could find him. Concerned, Aika turns around and is left in a shocked state having found Athena shrunk to the size of a small child.

Returning to Japan

After having gathered her thoughts, Aika returns to Japan with Athena Tennousu and hits Mikado Sanzenin with a paper fan, demanding an explanation from him as to why Athena had shrunk after she had received the King's Jewel. Mikado then discusses with Athena about the curse of the King's Jewel, leaving Aika confused on the subject. Afterwards, Mikado asks Aika on the whereabouts of the King's Jewel she was instructed to give to Athena. Aika tells him that she lost it while she was in Greece, leaving him in a shocked state.

Afterwards, Athena tells Aika that there might be another way for her to return to her former self and asks her if she was willing to help her. Athena tells her that she doesn't know how to completely break the curse but if she was able to return to her former self for a few seconds they might be able to find a way of improving the situation or learn of Mikado's intentions.

Later, after having returned to Hakuo Academy, Aika is greeted by Hayate Ayasaki and Chiharu Harukaze and asked by the latter on why she was there. Aika tells her that she is currently looking for something. Hayate then offers to help her search for it, but Aika tells him that she would find it soon enough. Later in the day, Aika finds Athena on campus calling Hinagiku Katsura and Hayate "mama" and "papa" respectively and then witnesses Hinagiku try to strike Hayate with the Shirosakura. Athena approaches Aika and discuss how the Shirosakura is the key to regaining Athena's lost powers, but is interrupted by Hayate before they can continue the topic any further. Aika then introduces Athena as a princess from a certain country who is training for three months, which is customary for her royal family and that she would need to stay hidden. Aika persuades Hayate into taking Athena in at the Violet Mansion.

Rainbow Village

Aika appears at the Rainbow Village after Hayate Ayasaki asked Maria about visiting Mikado Sanzenin in his castle. After teasing him about how he couldn't keep his hands off her (due to a massage), she explains that Mikado himself had already asked her to arrange their meeting. She is present while Mikado tries to explain the details about the inheritance, but due to continuous interruptions from Saki, the meeting was cut short. She later informs Mikado that she was going to Tahiti with her fiance for a week, which would make it difficult to arrange another direct meeting with Hayate.


Aika stated that the Ai in Aika is from the Ai in Aizawa (Sakuya's surname) and this trivia could possibly mean that Aika's name Ai comes from the Ai in the Aizawa family name and Ka from her own family name (Kasumi).

  • The name Aika means "love, affection" (愛) (ai) and "song" (歌) (ka).
  • Aika's surname Kasumi means "mist" (霞).


  • According to her character profile in Volume 16, Aika was held back a year at Hakuo Academy due to her poor health. It is also mentioned that due to her health she also has very slow reflexes and no upper body strength.
    • It is also mentioned in her profile, that Aika is the wealthiest student in Hakuo Academy.
    • Also mentioned in her profile and later in Chapter 377, Aika has a fiancé.
      • In Chapter 389, it appears that Aika's fiancé is her butler, since the man she's vacationing with addresses her as "ojou-sama" and he is wearing a butler's uniform.
        • She also gets huffy when he addresses her formally even when they are alone together.