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Aoi Himegami
Aoi Himegami
Japanese Name 姫神 葵
Romaji Name Himegami Aoi
Name Aoi Himegami
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Unknown
Status Alive
Like Unknown
Dislike Unknown
Family & Relationships
Friend Yukariko Sanzenin (love interest; deceased)
Other Mikado Sanzenin (partner in crime)
Athena Tennousu (partner in crime)
Nagi Sanzenin (former mistress)
Hisui Hatsushiba (mistress)
Yozora Housen (co-worker)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 2 (mentioned)
Chapter 370 (shown in photograph)
Chapter 548

Aoi Himegami (姫神 葵 Himegami Aoi?) was Nagi Sanzenin's butler before she met Hayate Ayasaki in the Main Timeline.


Aoi has short messy black hair and he has a scar on the right side of his face.

He is usually seen wearing a white cloak over his butler's uniform and is often wearing a mask.


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In chapter 225, Sonia Shaflnarz mentions that there are rumors indicating that he might have been fired for trying to steal the treasure of the Sanzenin family that is associated with the King's Jewels. During a conversation between Athena and Mikado in chapter 241, it is implied that he is somewhat involved with those two. Athena indicated that both Himegami and her were being used by Mikado, while Mikado stated that the three of them were accomplices in the crime of pursuing the power of God.

A childhood photo of Himegami

Himegami's appearance during his childhood was finally revealed in chapter 370 and was confirmed by Sakuya before Isumi burned the photo.


  • The name Aoi means "hollyhock, althea" (葵).
  • Aoi's surname Himegami means "princess, young lady of noble birth" (姫) (hime) and "god, deity" (神) (kami/gami).
    • It can also mean "god-princess" backwards.