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Aozora Productions
Aozora Productions.jpg
Owner Aozora Production's President
Aoi Konno
Ruka Suirenji
Voice actresses
Futaba Ichinose
Hikari Shiodome
Voice actors
Hiroshi Kamiya*
Tsubasa Takanashi
*This Seiyuu works in this agency only in Sore ga Seiyuu!
Status Active
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 362
Side Story Sore ga Seiyuu!
Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 2

Aozora Productions (青空プロダクション Aozora purodakushon?) is an entertainment talent agency, which specializes in providing and training both idols and voice over professionals. The most popular idol of this agency is Ruka Suirenji. Futaba Ichinose and Hikari Shiodome also work with this agency.


Idol Division

Not much is known about this division except that the people who want to became idols of this agency need to pass the recruit test like Ruka did. Also, the agency is willing to pay Ruka's debt in exchange for her freedom in the idol career after she passed said test.

Voice Acting Division

Anyone who wishes to become one of Aozora Productions's voice actors and voice actresses needs to enter the training course in the agency school first and only the people who pass the course will be able to join the agency as a newbie voice actor or voice actress. Aozora Productions voice acting division has a culture that requires every newbie voice actor and voice actress who doesn't have work to go to the office wearing name tags, standing at the entrance so the managers, senior voice actors and voice actresses are able to remember them. They also have a system about the rookie assessment, which is used to decide which voice actors and voice actresses who have worked for 2 years can move up to be an associate member of the agency in their assessment or should be retiring. Voice actors and voice actresses don't need to get their scripts themselves from the anime staff, since the office provides the collecting for them. Voice actors and voice actresses only need to visit the office for taking them. Sometimes the managers will go observe their voice actors and voice actresses works if they are available and give them advice.


  • The real life Aozora Productions is the talent agency that specialises in comedian actors, which is different from the one portrayed in the Hayate no Gotoku! universe. The real life one is already closed for business.[1]
  • In real life, Hiroshi Kamiya is a voice actor of Aoni Production,[2] the same agency as Masumi Asano, the writer of Sore ga Seiyuu!.