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In the Wee Hours of a Full Moon Night, Roasting, Smashing and Grinding Them to Powder
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Chapter Info
Volume 2
MyFirstBIG Volume SP1
Chapter 10
Japanese Title 月夜の晩の丑三つ時に焼いてつぶして粉にする
Romanized Title tsukiyo no ban no ushi mittsu tokini yai tetsubushite kona nisuru
Cover Character(s) Maria
Total Pages 16
Year Released 2005
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 10: In the Wee Hours of a Full Moon Night, Roasting, Smashing and Grinding Them to Powder (月夜の晩の丑三つ時に焼いてつぶして粉にする tsukiyo no ban no ushi mittsu tokini yai tetsubushite kona nisuru?)

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Eight
  2. Hayate Ayasaki
  3. Tama
  4. Nagi Sanzenin
  5. Maria
  6. Shiori Makimura


This chapter takes place on the 27th of December and begins with Eight in the combustible garbage pile; with a vengeance, he rises from the pile and vows revenge on Hayate. Back at the mansion, Hayate prepares to retire after a long day of hardships, including the fight with Tama. Tama, appearing in response to Hayate calling him a "bizarre" pet, delivers some self-introduction on his own history and abilities (he possesses a Class 2 Builder's License as a boiler technician). He also reveals that he chooses not to speak before Maria and Nagi so not to "shatter their dreams". Before Hayate and Tama can take to verbal sparring, Eight interrupts them from outside the window. In her room, Nagi reflects on the day positively, believing that Hayate will come to improve. Maria looks upon the day pessimistically, hoping that Hayate will not continue adding to her workload in the future. As she speaks, the floor rocks slightly, something which Nagi compels Maria to ignore. Eight begins to exact his revenge on Hayate, reprising his "nursing missiles" in an impressive display of firepower. Eight reveals that his motivation arises from Hayate causing him to betray his mistress' high expectations. Because of his defeat at Hayate's hands, development on Eight was halted and the dysfunctional robot was thrown away as combustible garbage. To avenge himself and to restore his creator's faith in him, Eight resolves to kill both Hayate and Nagi. In response, Tama rises up angrily to attack Eight in Nagi's defense, explaining that he owes his life to Nagi and will not allow Eight to lay a hand on her. Before Tama can strike, though, Hayate steps in to defend Eight, explaining the he, the robot, and the tiger have all experienced the same feelings of hopelessness in being thrown away. Eight responds by trying to use Hayate's empathy as criteria for his death. Before the fight can continue, Shiori arrives and apologizes to Eight for throwing him in the combustible garbage pile. Before Eight can feel relieved, Shiori corrects herself by saying that Eight should have gone into the oversized garbage pile. Eight is bound tightly and carried away, leaving Hayate and Tama grateful that their mistress was more considerate than Shiori. In a postscript, Nagi asks Hayate the next morning if he used a kamehameha to win the fight. Hayate responds by saying he has not got that far yet.

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