The End of the World (11): Ally of Justice
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Chapter Info
Volume 25
Chapter 262
Japanese Title THE END OF THE WORLD(11) 正義の味方
Romanized Title ji endo obu za warudo 11

seigi no mikata

Cover Character(s) Athena Tennousu
Total Pages 16
Year Released 2010
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 262: The End of the World (11) : Ally of Justice

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Athena Tennousu
  2. Hayate Ayasaki
  3. Ikusa Ayasaki


The chapter starts out after the sad farewell of Hayate and Athena as Athena is mentioning that shes all alone and nowhere will come for her, she regrets sending Hayate away like she did. She says that she really wanted to leave with Hayate but she states that if he knew how we would have to he'd surely.... she doesnt mention the rest which could signify that its not a good thing.

The scene switches to Hayate with his brother Ikusa which hands Hayate a handkerchief to dry his tears, the same handkerchief that Ikusa got from the woman he saved back in the earlier End of the World chapters. Hayate asks Ikusa if he will ever save as many people as he does, Ikusa smiles and says gently "You will Hayate, one day you will save more people than i have."

Hayate drops something from his pocket which was seen in past chapters of the EoTW arc which was a bag which Hayate intended to put the ring in there, but says since he lost that you can have. There seems to be something else inside which holds a piece of the stone of royalty that he got from Santa in a dream.

Just when Hayate says that Ikusa asks if he hears something, rushing out to find that voice Ikusa leaves Hayate telling him to go home, he stumbles across a garden of some sorts which appears to be the Royal Garden which Ikusa says that the voice is faint but its not entering ears its like some paranormal ghost.

Ikusa runs towards the voice entering a forest of pillars which stand very tall above him he ignores and carries on, we switch back to Athena who has given up on hope and decided to see Hayate in her dreams with a very cold look in her eyes.

Just then Ikusa enters the palace with Athena stating that he can have all the jewels and treasure in the palace, Athena asks that he doesnt need to worry about me, Ikusa replies "I See" and steps closer to Athena, Athena asks " What" which Ikusa replies "You Called For Me."


  • It is implied that Hayate's King's Jewel whom he said that he received it from a Santa Claus is none other Nagi's grandfather, Mikado Sanzenin. But it is still a mystery why he gave the stone to Hayate.
  • It is further hinted here sinceChapter 187 that the person Ikusa saved is Yukariko Sanzenin. As Ikusa says that the hankerchief he lend Hayate came from a woman whom he just saved.


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