Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyahn
274 - 1
Chapter Info
Japanese Titleにゃにゃにゃにゃにゃーーん
Cover Character(s)Nagi Sanzenin
Total Pages16
Year Released2010
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 274: Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyahn

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Nagi Sanzenin
  2. Sakuya Aizawa
  3. Isumi Saginomiya
  4. Maria
  5. Hayate Ayasaki
  6. Izumi Segawa
  7. Hinagiku Katsura
  8. Yukariko Sanzenin - appears in flashback
  9. Yukariko's cat
  10. Shiranui
  11. Cat crew


The chapter starts with Nagi saying she will make curry for dinner for her, Sakuya and Isumi after the funny statements and reactions of Isumi and Sakuya, Maria says she will return to the mansion with curry for Nagi's dinner, Hayate decides to stay the night here after cleaning up a bit, he finds a mysterious piece of paper then overhears some voices saying "Its the butler, its him". After deciding to get something for dinner at a convenience store Hayate tries to figure out what the picture on the piece of paper he found earlier is supposed to be before being told that is an apartment tower by Izumi who greets him along with Hinagiku.

Izumi says she wants to see the house Hayate is staying in overnight, After entering the apartment Izumi asks if she can see upstairs as she enters she hears the sounds of the evil cats but humans can only hear it as Nyah Nagi explains that her mother Yukariko once had a cat and she told it her wishes of becoming the bride of Klaus, this means that the monster cat and its minions are misunderstanding that Hayate is Klaus and he has brought women over than Yukariko in. The monster cat learns that there is a love triangle between Hinagiku, Izumi and Hayate from Shiranui who is supposedly part of this cat crew. The monster cat posseses Izumi, Hayate and Hinagiku wonder why shes wearing those ears whilst the possesed Izumi thinks they haven't noticed.


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