Do I Or Do I Not Need To Be Able To Just Do This Kind Of Thing To Be Popular?
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Cover Character(s)Izumi Segawa
Total Pages16
Year Released2011
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 351: Do I Or Do I Not Need To Be Able To Just Do This Kind Of Thing To Be Popular?

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Izumi Segawa
  2. Hayate Ayasaki
  3. Hinagiku Katsura - mentioned
  4. Nagi Sanzenin


Its Tuesday on June 21st, Izumi's birthday. Izumi is being tutored by Hayate and she asks him why heat causes a chemical reaction and Hayate responds with that it goes beyond his knowledge. Hayate then states that it is June 21st causing Izumi to blush distracting her. Hayate asks her what's the matter, and she responds with that she was born in the summer so it really raises her spirit because she says that people born in the summer like summer because it was the season they were born in. Izumi is disheartened thinking that Hayate forgot her birthday, but says to herself that just being with him is enough. Hayate then places a present in front of heart apologizing for not getting her much for her 17th birthday. The present was a pound cake. Izumi expresses her gratitude since he remembered her birthday. She suggests that they have coffee and eat the pound cake together, but Hayate claims that it is rather big and that they should get the student council to celebrate with them. Izumi grabs Hayate on the shoulder saying that was not what she meant although eating with Hinagiku and the others would be great. Hayate states that it is a bit big for the both of them, and he heads out to get the others, but Izumi wanted to eat it alone with him and came up with the excuse that she was a messy eater, but she then regrets it and thought it would of been better if Hayate thought that she was a pig. Hayate then asks for an example and Izumi attempts to eat a strawberry by tossing it into the air, but it landed on her face. Hayate then leaves to get some coffee, and Izumi thinks that Hayate thinks that she is a wierd girl. Hayate returns and brought a set of silverware and decides to help Izumi eat the cake in a clean manner and Izumi exclaims that the cake is the best in the universe. Back at the mansion Nagi opens the refrigerator and asked Hayate why there was a cake. Hayate tells Nagi that he made it with the left over ingredients for Izumi's cake and that she can have some after dinner, but she already helped herself to a piece. Izumi states that she has the feeling that it will be a good year.


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