The Day The Dolphin Flew
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Cover Character(s)Ruka Suirenji
Total Pages16
Year Released2012
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 362: The Day The Dolphin Flew

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Mr. Suirenji
  2. Mrs. Suirenji
  3. Ruka Suirenji
  4. Atsumari
  5. Gouji Ashibashi - appears in flashback
  6. Chiharu Harukaze - appears in flashback
  7. Nagi Sanzenin - appears in flashback
  8. Hayate Ayasaki - appears in flashback


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  • Ruka's Parents make their first appearance in this chapter.
  • Ruka's birthday is revealed to be January 8th
  • Ruka's age is also revealed to be 16
  • The performance office, Ruka's parents used to own bares a slight resemblance to Kogoro Mouri's detective agency from the Detective Conan series.


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