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Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue
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Chapter Info
Volume 1
MyFirstBIG Volume SP1
Chapter 5
Japanese Title たとえニュータイプになろうとも、口は災いの元
Romanized Title tatoe nyutaipu ninaroutomo , kuchi ha wazawai no moto
Viz Title Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue
Cover Character(s) Nagi Sanzenin
Total Pages 16
Year Released 2005
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 5: Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence Is a Virtue (たとえニュータイプになろうとも、口は災いの元 tatoe nyutaipu ninaroutomo , kuchi ha wazawai no moto?)

Characters in order of Appearance

  1. Hayate Ayasaki
  2. Kashiwagi (Scar-Eyed Yakuza)
  3. Bald Sensitive Yakuza
  4. Straight-Haired Yakuza
  5. Yakuza Chihuahua
  6. Maria
  7. Nagi Sanzenin
  8. Seishirou Klaus
  9. Mask the Money (Nagi Sanzenin)
  10. Sanzenin SP's


The chapter opens with Hayate in the Yakuza's car, speeding towards his death. The Yakuza remark ironically about the state of the world's morals when parents sell their children. Back at the mansion, Maria brings Nagi to her senses as to her role in Hayate's termination of employment and current unfortunate situation. Nagi sheepishly calls up Klaus and instructs him to locate Hayate. Before she can "leave the rest" to Maria, the clever maid prods her into going personally to save Hayate. On the wharf ("hospital", according to one Yakuza member), Hayate makes one last-ditch effort to escape; before he can be fully subdued by the Yakuza, a card is thrown into the forehead of one of his assailants. Hayate's savior is revealed to be a badly disguised Nagi (with a mask) who identifies herself as "Mask the Money", insisting that she is not Hayate's mistress. In this new identity, she apologizes to Hayate and asks him to take up his position as Nagi's butler once more. The Yakuza, incensed by her audacity, tense up; Hayate reacts by offering up his life for Nagi's safety. His dramatic proclamation is undercut by a kick to the face as one Yakuza member emphasizes that his life already belonged to them. Nagi reveals a suitcase full of cash, paying off the full hundred and fifty million to the Yakuza. Without further quarrel with Hayate, the Yakuza withdraw. Hayate addresses Nagi ("Mask the Money") and promises to continue as butler to pay back his debt, now owned by Nagi. "Mask the Money" responds that the money was a gift and does not merit repayment. Hayate replies that it is wrong to not pay back his benefactor, who so generously sent someone in "a weird mask...to save" him. The adjective enrages Nagi, who presses Hayate into servitude. Maria and two SP watch from afar, the former smilingly noting that Hayate and Nagi look very much like siblings.

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