It's Up to the Runner to Win the Race...
Hayate v06c54
Chapter Info
Japanese Title勝てるかどうかはランナーしだい…
Romanized Titlekate rukadoukaha ranna shidai ...
Cover Character(s)Hinagiku Katsura
Total Pages16
Year Released2005
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 54: It's Up to the Runner to Win the Race... (勝てるかどうかはランナーしだい… kate rukadoukaha ranna shidai ...?)

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Izumi Segawa
  2. Saki Kijima
  3. Wataru Tachibana
  4. Yukiji Katsura
  5. Kyonosuke Kaoru
  6. Hayate Ayasaki
  7. Nagi Sanzenin
  8. Miki Hanabishi
  9. Hinagiku Katsura
  10. Himuro Saeki
  11. Taiga Ookouchi
  12. Maid Black Max Heart (Maria)
  13. Maid White Max Heart (Saki Kijima)


Izumi and Saki are the commentators for the freestyle marathon of Hakuo Academy but Saki has no idea how she ended up becoming a commentator. Yukiji runs as fast as possible pulling Kaoru along with her. Nagi is tired of running, but Hayate tells her his strategy. All they have to do is reach the checkpoints, so they can simply take shortcuts and reach them that way. Hayate tells Nagi that he will carry her so that they will be able to reach the checkpoints faster. Nagi doesn't agree to do it, but Hayate carries her anyway. Meanwhile, Miki and Hinagiku are in the woods of the school property and arrive at the first checkpoint. They pin roses on their chest but if the rose gets crushed they lose the marathon. Himuro attacks Hayate and Nagi from behind. As Himuro was about to finish them, Maria dressed up as Maid black max heart and Saki dressed up as Maid white max heart appear. Hayate notices that they are Maria and Saki but Nagi thanks them for their help. The maids tell them to leave, but Nagi forgets to take their autograph.

Anime Adaption


  • After having reached a checkpoint, a school official tells Miki to pin a rose on her chest and that if it was crushed she would be disqualified, to which she asks if they were supposed to be revolutionary girls. This is a reference to the roses used in Revolutionary Girl Utena.


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