In the Language of Flowers, the St. John's Wort Fully Blooming in the Flower Garden Means 'Vengeance'
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MyFirstBIG VolumeSP1
Japanese Titleその花園に咲きほこる弟切草の花言葉は復讐
Romanized Titlesono hanazono ni saki hokoru otogirisou no hanakotoba ha fukushuu
Cover Character(s)Maria
Total Pages16
Year Released2005
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 9: In the Language of Flowers, the St. John's Wort Fully Blooming in the Flower Garden Means 'Vengeance'. (その花園に咲きほこる弟切草の花言葉は復讐 sono hanazono ni saki hokoru otogirisou no hanakotoba ha fukushuu?)

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Nagi Sanzenin
  2. Maria
  3. Hayate Ayasaki
  4. Orumuzuto Nadja - appears on tv
  5. Tama


The chapter begins with Nagi feeling unsure of Hayate's love for her; again, she sends Maria to ask Hayate if he prefers older or younger women. Hayate, misunderstanding the purpose of Maria's question, reads too much into it and wonders if Maria is taking interest in him. He answers Maria by saying he prefers older women. Maria contemplates clearing up the misunderstanding with Nagi, but a television show on children going insane over "trivial" things changes her mind. Nagi, talking with Hayate, mentions an "explosive bomb that [she] should be on the lookout for". Hayate misinterprets this as lovesickness on Maria's part, and Nagi misinterprets the same as anger on Maria's part for continuously increasing her workload. Nagi resolves to help out Maria, who sends her and Hayate to pick flowers. The two find a single flower in the middle of the coils of an enormous snake; Nagi delegates Tama to the task of defeating the snake, something which Tama is not sure about. Nagi and Hayate leave the scene as things get violent, the former deciding that the flower has already been destroyed by the fight. They go instead to a flower garden atop a cliff, where Nagi asks Hayate if he loves her. Hayate, still misunderstanding, affirms this, but with different intentions (he is forever grateful to her for saving his life). Nagi picks a single flower, and the edge of the cliff (which Hayate happens to be standing on) breaks off, sending the unfortunate butler plunging down. They return to the mansion, and Maria wonders how picking a single flower got Hayate so dirty.


  • Orumuzuto Nadja from Kenjiro Hata's previous work God's Rocket Punch! makes a cameo appearance on the television Maria was watching.


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