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Church of Alexander Mark
Owner Former
Linn Regiostar
Former Residents
Sonia Shaflnarz
Fortesia Neas
Status Destroyed
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 57
Anime Episode 2 (S2)

The Church of Alexander Mark (アレキサンマルコ教会 Arekisanmaruko kyōkai?) also known as Tiger's Den for Butlers, is a place where Hayate ventured to after nearly being fired by Klaus, After being "Persuaded" by Nagi and Maria, Klaus decided to give Hayate a chance to redeem himself and prove himself worthy as a Sanzenin butler by passing the training course The Tiger's Den for Butlers that is located underneath the church.

The Church of Alexander Mark in the Manga

Tiger's Den for Butlers

Enterance to The Tiger's Den for Butlers

The Tiger's Den for Butlers is a legendary training ground for butlers.(build by Linn Regiostar using the churchs donations) It was said that it is the last resort for unqualified butlers. Butlers who go through training here undergo brutal ordeals to test their capabilities as butlers. Before undergoing his training, Sonia Shaflnarz whom he had met earlier on a train. instructed Hayate to find a medal which was hidden deep within the dungeon and labyrinths below the church. Little did Hayate know that this was actually a trap so Sonia could get revenge on the Sanzenin family. Later the tigers den for butlers along with the church above are both destroyed, by Hayate when he unleashed his special attack while attempting to save Nagi.