Duanmu Zeyu
Counterpart(s)Isumi Saginomiya
Chinese Name端木澤語
Pinyin NameDuanmu Zeyu
Japanese broadcast Name鷺ノ宮 伊澄
Romaji broadcast NameSaginomiya Isumi
Age21, 22 (with the passage of time)
Blood typeO
Family & Relationships
FriendJu Xuan (childhood friend)
San Qian Yuan Zhi (childhood friend)
OtherJi Shen (bulter)
First AppearanceEpisode 2 Flag of Republic of China
Episode 3 Flag of Japan
StarringLuo Hong Zheng

Duanmu Zeyu (端木澤語 Duanmu Zeyu) is Isumi Saginomiya's counterpart in the live action TV series. He is Ju Xuan and Xiao Zhi's childhood friend. Due to his sister's death, he became the heir of the Duanmu household, as usually only women are able to become the heiress.


Zeyu has medium black wavy hair. He always wears a very stylish cloth that gives him an aura of gay. Whenever he went to perform an exorcism he always wore a long robe and an eyeliner is drawn on his eyes. He wears a Bai Huang Academy uniform when he's at university.

Characteristics and personality

He is a cheerful guy, unlike his counterpart. Because of how he acts, in one of the earlier episodes, he was mistaken to be gay but it was a misunderstanding. As the Duanmu household heir, he works as a Shaman. Whenever he drained his power from his exorcist's work, he is able to restore his energy faster by hugging Xiao Zhi. This was considered a mystery.


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After his 22 birthday, he gradually loses his power to exorcise because he is male. That's why in the Duanmu household the heiress is usually a female.

Differences from the Counterpart

  • He has a gender difference from his counterpart.
  • He has an older sister whom is deceased, while in the original, Isumi is an only child.
  • Zeyu lost his powers completely by the age of 22, while Isumi only temporally lost her powers after having over used them.
  • Zeyu has Ji Shen as his own personal butler, while Isumi doesn't have any maids or individual butlers.
  • The age gap between him and Xiao Zhi is different from the Original. Isumi and Nagi are in the same age, while Duanmu Zeyu is 3 years older than Xiao Zhi.


  • In the series, he is the only one character who has a gender difference from his counterpart.
  • Though he has a gender difference from his counterpart, his name in the Japanese broadcast version is still the same as Isumi's.


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