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Counterpart(s) Maria
Athena Tennousu
Chinese Name 費歐娜 (before losing memories)
Pinyin Name Fei ou na (before losing memories)
Ma li ya
Japanese broadcast Name 天王州 アテネ (before losing memories)
Romaji broadcast Name Tennōsu Atene (before losing memories)
Other Name Xiao Na
Age 22
Gender Female
Birthday Around December 24
Blood type O
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Other Ling Qi Sa (co-worker, former love interest)
San Qian Yuan Zhi (mistress)
Ke Laofu (co-worker)
First Appearance Episode 1 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 1 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring Tia Li
Chen Shi Ying (as a child)

Maria (瑪莉亞 Ma li ya), or true name Fiona (費歐娜 Fei ou na) is Maria's and Athena Tennousu's counterpart in the live action TV series. She is the maid of the San Qian Yuan household. As well as Xiao Zhi's personal maid, she is a surrogate older sister and mother to Xiao Zhi , and is the only one who understands the relationship between Xiao Sa and Xiao Zhi.


Fiona has long brown hair. She is usually seen wearing a black dress that reveals some of her chest similar to her counterpart, Athena. Sometimes she wears a dark colored suit.

Characteristics and personality

She is the character with the most common sense excluding the fact that her sense of value in money is as bad as Xiao Zhi's. She appears to be the one in charge of everything in Xiao Zhi's manor. She is highly intelligent, somewhat devious, good at general housework and likes games of all kinds.

After regaining her memories, Fiona becomes a calm and cold person but still cares for her former lover, Xiao Sa. Her feeling toward Xiao Zhi change to the opposite direction since in her eyes, Xiao Zhi is the person who stole her lovers heart.


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Differences from the Counterparts


  • Despite being a maid of the San Qian Yuan household, she never wears a maid uniform like Maria. Instead she wears clothes similar to Athena.
  • While Maria was found by the Sanzenin household as an infant, Fiona was found as a child who lost her memories.


  • She has a different birthday from Athena, since she inherited her birthday from Maria.
  • Even though both Fiona and Athena are amnesiac, Athena got amnesia while she was a teenager and reverted back to become a child. But Fiona got amnesia while she was a child.


  • Her nickname by Qi Sa is Xiao Na (小娜 Xiao Na).
  • She is the 2nd Character who has two originals characters like Gui Chuju.
  • She is the only one character in the Live Action show who uses the same chinese name as one of her original characters, inlcuding how it's read.