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God's Rocket Punch!
Rocket Punch.jpg
Series Info
Genre Action, Parody, Comedy
Japanese Name 神様にRocket Punch!!
Romaji Name Kamisama ni Rocket Punch!!
English Name God's Rocket Punch!
Publishing Info
Written by Kenjiro Hata
Published by Shogakukan
Original run 2002
Chapter Info
Japanese Title 神様にRocket Punch!!
Romanized Title Kamisama ni Rocket Punch!!
Cover Character(s) Tasuke Aoha
Total Pages 25
Web Site
[{{{web}}} Official Site]

God's Rocket Punch! (神様にRocket Punch!! Kamisama ni Rocket Punch!!?) is a Japanese One-shot manga story, written and illustrated by the manga author Kenjiro Hata. It's the first manga that he wrote. God's Rocket Punch! was published again in Hayate no Gotoku! Life Savers on August 18th 2010.


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  • Unlike Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers, God's Rocket Punch!'s sharing the same universe with the Hayate series is not confirmed. Since Orumuzuto Nadja in the Hayate universe was trapped for a very long time in the Royal Garden. Due to that reason, if God's Rocket Punch!'s story really does occur in the same universe, this story should take place after the Hayate series ends.
  • The two robbers and the little girl who was held hostage bear a strong resemblance to the two recurring kidnappers and (six year old) Izumi Segawa from Kenjiro Hata's later work Hayate no Gotoku!