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Gouji Ashibashi
Gouji Ashibashi
Japanese Name 足橋 剛治
Romaji Name Ashibashi Gōji
Name Gouji Ashibashi
Other Name Ashibashi-sensei
Age 30s
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Hair Color Black (manga)
Dark Green (anime S2)
Eyes Color Unknown
Status Alive
Like Manga, Young girls and highschool girls
Dislike Unknown
Specialty Drawing (being a professional manga artist)
Family & Relationships
Friend Yukiji Katsura
Ayumu Nishizawa
Other Koutarou Azumamiya (assisstant)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 139
Anime Episode 22 (S2)
Voiced By Masaya Onosaka

Gouji Ashibashi (足橋 剛治 Ashibashi Gōji?) is a professional manga artist who comes to Hokuto Kaga's café and is encouraged to work again after Nagi Sanzenin serves him a cup of coffee.


Gouji has black hair and his eyes are closed.

He is usually seen wearing a black sweater.



Gouji first appeared when Nagi Sanzenin decided to work part-time at Café Donguri. In the café, he was seen depressed over his latest work but was cheered up by Nagi through the coffee service she gave and the encouragement she provided. Later, he saw a disguised Maria and immediately asked her to marry him, which greatly surprised Ayumu Nishizawa, Nagi and Hayate Ayasaki. Hayate decided to stop Ashibashi to save Maria but he lashes at him, forcing Hayate to think of an alternative plan. Hayate then told the mangaka that Maria was a boy for it is impossible that a girl could be that beautiful, and this argument made him stop at once. He then thanks Hayate for saving him by that realization.

He comes back in the recent chapters when he agrees to take a look at Nagi's manga. But after seeing his manuscript, Nagi realizes the big gap between pros and amateurs, which makes her depressed for a long time.

He later appears in Chapter 305 when Yukiji Katsura saves him from a gang of thugs who assaulted him on the streets.

In Chapter 394, Ayumu brought him to the Dark Rainbow Village to help Nagi with her manuscripts so that she can beat Ruka Suirenji in the upcoming doujinshi competition. He seems to prefer calling Ayumu with the nickname 'Ayuyu' but the reason is still unknown as of now.


  • The name Gouji means "sturdy, strength" (剛) (gou) and "cure" (治) (chi/ji).
  • Gouji's surname Ashibashi means "leg, foot/footstep/footpace, paw, stick/stickiness, limb, shank, pace, step, pes, tread, skirt, clutch, spiculum, pediment, adhesiveness, clamminess" (足) (ashi) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi/bashi).