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Gui Chuju
Counterpart(s) Hinagiku Katsura
Ayumu Nishizawa
Chinese Name 桂雛菊
Pinyin Name Gui Chuju
Japanese broadcast Name 桂 ヒナギク
Romaji broadcast Name Katsura Hinagiku
Age 21
Gender Female
Blood type O
Zodiac Pisces
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Friend Ling Qi Sa (high school friend)
Other Gui Xuelu (sister)
First Appearance Episode 4 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 7 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring Li Yijin

Gui Chuju (桂雛菊 Gui Chuju) is Hinagiku Katsura's and Ayumu Nishizawa's counterpart in the live action TV series. She is a Third Year University Student in Bai Huang Academy and also the President of the Student Council. She was Xiao Sa 's schoolmate when they were in high school where she had fallen in love with him.


Chuju has short bob black hair. She wears a Bai Huang Academy uniform at university, while at home she is usually seen wearing modern clothing.

Characteristics and personality

Chuju is a cheerful girl and clumsy. She is short-tempered and easy to anger like Ayumu, but she is also capable of doing most things like Hinagiku.


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Differences from the Counterparts


  • While Hinagiku fell in love with Hayate at the Hakuo Academy, Chuju fell for Qi Sa since they were in High School, not when they both where attending Bai Huang Academy. This is inherited from Ayumu.
  • Chuju has a different personality from Hinagiku: less cool, not a tsundere, because most of her personality is inherited from Ayumu.
  • Unlike Chuju, Hinagiku never sees Nagi as her love rival. This is inherited from Ayumu.
  • While Chuju befriends Ju Xuan, Hinagiku is rarely seen talking to Wataru.
  • Chuju confessed her feelings to Qi Sa, while Hinagiku never told Hayate about her feelings until the end of the manga. This is inherited from Ayumu.


  • She has a different zodiac from Ayumu. While Ayumu was born in May and has the Taurus zodiac, Chuju has the Pisces zodiac the same as Hinagiku.
  • Unlike Chuju, Ayumu never becomes a student council president. This is inherited from Hinagiku.
  • While Chuju still studies at the same university with Ling Qi Sa, Ayumu doesn't study at the same school with Hayate since he moved to Hakuo Academy. This is inherited from Hinagiku.
  • Ayumu never invited Hayate to her home like Chuju. This is inherited from Hinagiku.
  • Unlike Chuju befriending Ju Xuan, Ayumu never befriended Wataru to win over Hayate because Wataru doesn't love Nagi.
  • Chuju used a love letter for her love confession, while Ayumu told Hayate her feelings directly.
  • Chuju has only Gui Xuelu as her relative, while Ayumu still lives with her real parents. This is inherited from Hinagiku.
  • Additionally, Chuju has only Xuelu as her sister, while Ayumu has only Kazuki Nishizawa as her little brother. This is inherited from Hinagiku.


  • She shares her background and personality from both Hinagiku's and Ayumu's. So she is the 1st character who has two originals characters. The other one is Fiona.
  • Her name and surname are the same as Hinagiku's (桂雛菊/桂 ヒナギク in Katakana) but read in Chinese style.