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Story Characters Music Sore ga Seiyuu!
Story Characters Music Sore ga Seiyuu!

Welcome to Hayate The Combat Butler Wiki The works of Kenjiro Hata wiki is a collaborative website about your topic that anyone can edit! The information topics including Hayate no Gotoku! and Sore ga Seiyuu! can be found here. We are currently editing over 1,081 articles since September 11th, 2009.

Kenjiro Hata & Masumi Asano marriededit

Kenjiro Hata (畑 健二郎 Hata Kenjirō?) announced about his marriage to  Masumi Asano (浅野 真澄 Asano Masumi?), the author of Sore ga Seiyuu!. Hope both of you have a happy family. おめでとうございます!

Also, Hata's new series Tonikaku Kawaii will be serialized in the Weekly Shounen Sunday 12/2018. Don't miss it, everyone!!

Character Spotlight - Hinagiku Katsuraedit

Hinagiku Katsura
Hinagiku Katsura (桂 ヒナギク Katsura Hinagiku?) is the current student council president, captain of the kendo club, and the unofficial school idol who garners fans from both genders at Hakuo Academy. Her birthday is on March 3rd.


Latest Chapter

Link=Chapter 568
Chapter 568
Following the aftermath of losing the Sanzenin inheritance and her butler, what will life be like for Nagi and her friends now that Hayate has left them?

Latest Volume (all volume)

Hayate no gotoku vol 51 & vol 52.jpg
Volume 51 & Volume 52
Hayate no Gotoku! Manga Volume 51 and Volume 52 were released in Japan on June 16th 2017. The limited edition for volume 51 contains side stories that reveal secrets and hidden sides to the characters and the limited edition for volume 52 contains side stories focusing on the characters after the main story line.

Hayate no Gotoku General Newsedit

  • 12/25/16 : Sore ga Seiyuu! is to release it's final volume at the summer 2017 Comiket. For more information click here.
  • 5/28/17 : Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 51 & Volume 52 will be released in Japan on June 16th. The limited edition for volume 51 will contain side stories that reveals secrets and hidden sides to the characters and the limited edition for volume 52 will contain side stories centering on the characters after the main story line. For more information click here.

Ad Astra Latest Chapteredit

Link=Ad Astra Per Aspera Chapter 7
Ad Astra Per Aspera Chapter 7
Shinobu Hazuki is an honest boy who used to live peacefully. However, he is now a wanted criminal throughout the galaxy. After escaping from Satella, Shinobu, Patty and Versailes continue their journey to the imperial kingdom. What will happen next?


-Boss Subs- Sore ga seiyuu! 14 OVA.mkv snapshot 13.05 -2016.04.14 14.47.08-.jpg EARPHONES take a photo at a mini event (Sore ga Seiyuu!: Petit Uchiage)

International Saimoe League 2013


The competition for the Emerald Necklace has ended! It seems that our representative, Hinagiku has a very high hurdle to jump in order to win a necklace but regardless, never giving up has always been her belief! Let us then continue to give our full support to Hinagiku in the now running nomination for the bearer of the Topaz Necklace!

To see the results of previous rounds in the prelims click here.

To see the official event calendar of ISML 2013 click here.

Official website: http://www.internationalsaimoe.com/voting/


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