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The Forbidden Freestyle Marathon!
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Episode Info
Season S2
Episode 1
Japanese Title 禁断のマラソン自由形!
Romanized Title Kindan no Marason Jiyūgata!
skip Character(s)
Hayate Ayasaki
Nagi Sanzenin
Length 24:54
On Air 3 April 2009
Theme Song Info
Opening Wonder Wind
Ending Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 1, title name as The Forbidden Freestyle Marathon! (禁断のマラソン自由形! Kindan no Marason Jiyūgata!?) aired on April 3rd 2009.


After the opening, it starts with brief events from season 1 leading to the current episode. Nagi wants to skip the marathon meet on the 1st of February but Maria finds out and wants Nagi to join at least one chosen event. For preparation for the meet, Hayate trains Nagi on the racetrack with support from Isumi, Sakuya, Wataru, and Saki which they believe Nagi will not get far. After five minutes into training, Nagi exhausted from running, to Hayate disbelief, approximately 50 meters from the start line and saying that human are not made for running and will die. Nagi about to leave when Klaus steps in who states Hayate doing poor job  as Butle and one month progress has turned Nagi into a delinquent which Nagi hit Klaus for mentioning that. Nagi defends Hayate that he is doing a good job and protect her all the time, however, Klaus responds that SP (Secret Police) can protect her and professional Butler job is to guide the master on proper path. Nagi propose to prove that Hayate is a professional butler, she will finish 1st in the race in which Klaus responds that if she doesn't win, Hayate will be fired which they agreed upon to Hayate surpise.

Hayate goes to Hakou Academy and talks to Hinagiku to find out which events she is not participating in for Nagi to have a chance in winning. Hinagiku replies that she is participating in all events and knows Hayate intention is therefore she gives Hayate a form for freestyle race in honour of Nagi changes. Hinagiku mentions the cash prize for winning the event is 150 million yen which Yukiji burst in, asking if teacher can join which Hinagiku respons that anyone can join as pairs and Yukiji leaves happily. Hayate is determined to help Nagi win the event in order to pay back the debt, trains and motivate Nagi into believing that she will have the abiltilty to become a race prodigy.

On the day of the event, the race has started whilst Hayate was comforting Nagi anxiety and starts running whilst Maria, watching the race in shadows, is worried about those two. Saki, who was originally delivering Wataru bento, sits with Izumi in commentary the race and is asked, "Who do you think will win the race?", by Izumi. Saki who is not sure how to answer it and gives a bad answer back, "I think the person who comes first will win the race", then Izumi replies back, "Then that would make the second person the runner-up, wouldn't it?" which embarrass Wataru. Yukiji who is desired to win the race knocks runner aside whilst holding Kyonosuke hand, runs off the cliff and fall down. During the event, Ayumu along with her brother Kazuki attempts to enter the academy to watch the race but is prevented by the bodyguard on the school ground. Hayate carries Nagi after seeing her tired from running which embarrass her and uses shortcut but is halted halfway through by Himuro and Taiga however Maria and Saki, under disguise, intervenes to allow Hayate carry on running. Shortly Hayate is stopped again by Kaede and Koutarou but Hayate ignores them and run as Kaede punishes Koutarou for using foul language. Briefly afterwards, Hinagiku stops Hayate due to pairing with Miki who is tired from running and fights Hinagiku to allow Nagi to finish the race. Hinagiku attacks Hayate who run backwards and lead her to a suspended bridge which Hinagiku realise, due to fear of heights, becomes scared and stops attacking. Near the end of the episode Nagi is near the finish line and just about to win when Yukiji runs up and finish the race first which surprises everyone.

Adapted From

Volume 5

Volume 6

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 52
  • At the Sanzenin Mansion, both Hayate and Maria approach Nagi as she was reading a Hakuo Academy track meet flyer. In the manga, only Hayate approached Nagi.
    • Additionally, Nagi's outfit was altered. In this episode Nagi is shown to be wearing a black turtle neck and pink skirt, whereas in the manga, she wore a long button up shirt and pants.
  • After declaring that she would skip the track meet, Maria appears on Nagi's right-side and takes the flyer away. In the manga she appeared on her left.
  • After Maria had told Nagi that she would have to compete in one event, Nagi ignores her and converses with Hayate who tells her that exercising is important and that it wouldn't be right if she skipped the track meet. This is absent in this episode.
  • While in the kitchen eating breakfast, Hayate and Maria discuss Nagi's stubbornness before Hayate decides that he would make sure that Nagi attends the track meet. This also absent in this episode.
  • Before practicing for the track meet, Nagi questions Hayate why Sakuya, Isumi, Wataru and Saki where watching her. In the manga, they where not present in this scene.
  • Upon seeing Nagi collapse after running 50 meters, Hayate asks her if she was sick, to which she tells him that " a human body is not designed to run". In the manga, Hayate asks her if she was out of shape, to which she told him that "humans aren't cheetahs".
    • Additionally, Nagi said this while on her knees, whereas in the manga, she said it while standing.
  • At the Hakuo clock tower, as Hayate asked Hinagiku what events she would be in, Hinagiku is seen giving him a cup of coffee before going to her desk. In the manga, this doesn't happen.
  • Upon hearing that the cash prize of all five traditional events would be 150 million yen, Yukiji barges into the student council room. In this episode, Yukiji is shown to be wearing a long sleeved blue T-shirt with a black singlet and white pants. Whereas in the manga, she wore a black jacket and a white shirt.
  • After hearing that teachers could enter the track meet, Yukiji happily says that if she had the 150 million yen prize, she could drink all she wants before rushing out of the student council room, to which Hayate asks Hinagiku if Yukiji was serious before she awkwardly responds to him that her sister was detestable. This is not present in the manga.
  • While training for the meet, Maria watches Nagi struggle to do a sit-up before adding that she shouldn't be struggling on the first one. This is not present in this episode.
Chapter 53
  • Upon seeing Hayate talk Nagi into exercising willingly, Maria tells Klaus that Hayate might be able to pull it off. This is not present in this episode.
  • While preparing for the track meet, the montage of Nagi training and Hayate cheering her on is not present in the manga.
  • While leaving the Sanzenin Mansion for the track meet, Maria asks Hayate and Nagi if they where going to compete in the free style marathon before discussing Nagi's chances of winning. This is not present in this episode.
  • After wishing Hinagiku luck in the free style marathon, Hinagiku tells Miki that she has filled her entry form and will be in the marathon with her. This is not present in this episode.
  • Before the start of the free style marathon, Kaoru asks Yukiji why he had to enter the marathon with her before she tells him that there were no students that wanted to enter the marathon with her. This is not present in this episode.
Chapter 54
  • As Yukiji runs past the other competitors in the marathon while dragging her partner, Kaoru tells her that she's running too fast and will be out of breath before thinking to himself why he even participated in the marathon with her. This is not present in the manga.
  • Outside the entrance to Hakuo Academy, both Ayumu and Kazuki ponder to themselves if Hayate and Nagi would be participating in the marathon and try to enter the school grounds before turning away after being intimidated by the Academy's security. This is not present in the manga.
  • After seeing that Nagi was at her limit, Hayate devises a strategy and tells her that they could use short cuts as long as they make the lap. In the manga, Hayate pulls out a pamphlet of the race course and tells Nagi that they could use short cuts as long as they reached the marathon checkpoints.
  • Upon reaching a checkpoint, Hinagiku and Miki learn that they are in sixth place and are given a rose before being told by a marathon official that they would be disqualified if the rose was crushed. This is not present in this episode.
  • Seeing that his strategy is working, Hayate tells Nagi that they are in fifth place. This is absent in this episode.
  • As Himuro blocked Hayate and Nagi while he was standing horizontally on a tree, Himuro tells Hayate that his moves are sluggish and asks if he was injured somewhere. This is not present in this episode.
  • As Maria and Saki introduce themselves as Maid Black Max Heart and Maid White Max Heart respectively, Maria, Saki and Hayate's thoughts on their disguises are not present in this episode.
  • After Maria and Saki's introduction, Himuro and Taiga are seen leaving afterwards. In the manga, Maria tells Hayate and Nagi to return to the race, to which Nagi thanks the both of them, leaving Maria and Saki to deal with Himuro.
  • As Hayate and Nagi return to the race, Hayate apologizes to Maria telling her that they must be on their way. In the manga, Nagi tells Hayate that she forgot to get Maid Black Max Heart and Maid White Max Heart's autograph.
Chapter 55
  • Izumi and Wataru's commentary while they announce the marathon is not present in this episode.
  • Coming to their aid, Klaus intervenes Himuro's confrontation with Maria and Saki and "defeats" him by giving him a briefcase full of money. This is also not present in this episode.
  • After having ran into Kaede and Koutarou, Kaede attempts to stop Hayate with his shinai before he is interrupted by Koutarou's rude comments causing him to discipline his master giving Hayate and Nagi a chance to slip away. In the manga, Hayate briefly holds off Kaede's attacks with a broom before they are interrupted by Koutarou's rude comments causing Kaede to discipline him giving Hayate and Nagi a chance to slip away.
  • Near the end of the marathon, Maria happily watches Nagi from the audience as she was running closer to the finish line. This is not present in the manga.
  • With only five meters away from the finish line, Nagi reflects to herself that Hayate wouldn't be fired. In the manga, she reflected on how sports weren't so bad.


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