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When The Hinamatsuri Happens
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Episode Info
Season S2
Episode 11
Japanese Title ヒナ祭りの頃に
Romanized Title Hinamatsuri no Koro ni
skip Character(s)
Hermione (Hayate Ayasaki)
Nagi Sanzenin
Length 24:34
On Air 12 June 2009
Theme Song Info
Opening Wonder Wind
Ending Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 11: When The Hinamatsuri Happens (ヒナ祭りの頃に Hinamatsuri no Koro ni?) aired on June 12th 2009.


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Adapted From

Volume 9

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 91
  • As Hinagiku woke up, her pajamas had been altered. In this episode, Hinagiku wore pink pajamas with a black collar. In the manga, she wore dog print pajamas.
    • Additionally, the window in her bedroom is shown to be on her left. In the manga it was on the right.
  • While pondering on why she was having dreams about Hayate on a nightly basis, Hinagiku is shown walking through the Hakuo Academy campus. In the manga, she thought about this while she was in the student council room.
  • Afterwards, Hinagiku asks Miki if she knew anything about Hayate, which prompts her to pull out a memo pad and read to her notes she had taken about him such as how his parents sold him to the Yakuza and how he became a butler for the Sanzenin family. This is absent in this episode.
  • After having approached her from behind, Hinagiku tells Hayate that he's pretty good to sneak up on her from behind, to which he tells her "You're not the sniper of unknown nationality, you know?". In the manga, he told her that this isn't Golgo 13.
  • Having asked on why he was going home late, Hayate tells Hinagiku that Nagi was tutoring him in the study room. In the manga, Hayate tells her that Nagi was tutoring him and Wataru.
  • After having learned that his grades where bad and he was at the verge of not advancing to the next grade, Hinagiku tells Hayate that he shouldn't worry about getting her a birthday present and go home and study. This is absent in this episode.
  • After she heard Hayate's trivia in an attempt to cheer her up, Hinagiku tells him that she'll be looking forward to his gift to her on her birthday. This is absent in this episode.
Chapter 92
  • As Sakuya was looking at the cursed Hina dolls at the Saginomiya storeroom, her outfit was altered during this scene. In this episode, Sakuya is shown to be wearing a pink long sleeved shirt with a black singlet underneath, a short blue skirt and black tights. In the manga, Sakuya wore a short sleeved hoodie with a black long sleeve shirt underneath and a long skirt.
    • Additionally, the stole Isumi wore over her kimono is absent in this episode.
  • As Hayate asked Nagi on how much her birthday gift to Hinagiku was, Nagi tells him that it cost her 300,000 yen. In the manga, it was 500,000 yen.
  • As Isumi told Hayate that in order to break his curse he had to win in a fight against the owner of the highest place in the area, the time on the Hakuo clock tower read 4:00. In the manga, it was 5:00.
  • During her conversation with Linn at Hakuo Academy, Hinagiku was shown to be carrying a bag in the manga. In this episode, she didn't carry one.
  • As Hayate figures out that the highest place in the area would be the Hakuo clock tower, the time on the tower now reads 12:25. In the manga, the clock read 5:10.
Chapter 93
  • At the Hinamatsuri festival, the time on the Hakuo clock tower reads 6:40. In the manga, it was 6:25.
  • Inside a Hakuo Academy building, Kotetsu's conversation with Kaede about his dislike for the Hinamatsuri festival is omitted in this episode.
  • As he was running away from Izumi, Hayate bumps into Kotetsu from the front. In the manga, he bumped into him from behind.
Chapter 94
  • As Kotetsu asks Hayate if he would dance with him in the Hinamatsuri festival, they are shown to be in the same building from earlier. In the manga, this scene takes place by a campus vending machine outside.
  • With the Masamune ready, Hinagiku vows to herself that she'd settle the score with Hayate, before making her way to the Hakuo clock tower. This is not present in the manga.


New Characters

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a reference to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
  • After Hinagiku had told Hayate that he was pretty good to sneak up on her from behind, he tells her "You're not the sniper of unknown nationality, you know?". This is a reference to the character Duke Togo from the series Golgo 13.