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Cruel Big Foolish Guy's Thesis
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Episode Info
Season S2
Episode 12
Japanese Title 残酷な大馬鹿野郎のテーゼ
Romanized Title Zankoku na Ōbaka Yarō no Tēze
skip Character(s)
Hermione (Hayate Ayasaki)
Kotetsu Segawa
Izumi Segawa
Length 24:34
On Air 19 June 2009
Theme Song Info
Opening Wonder Wind
Ending Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 12, title name as Cruel Big Foolish Guy's Thesis (残酷な大馬鹿野郎のテーゼ Zankoku na Ōbaka Yarō no Tēze?) aired on June 19th 2009.


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Adapted From

Volume 9

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 94
  • After having learned Hayate's real name, Kotetsu begins to question Hayate's gender, to which Izumi shows him Hayate's student ID, confirming to him that he was in fact a male. In the manga, Izumi tells Kotetsu to check for himself, to which he then pulls open Hayate's shirt and looks at his chest.
  • Having felt betrayed by Hayate, Kotetsu pulls out a shinai and attempts to attack him with it, but Hayate avoids his attack by jumping out an open window. In the manga, Hayate evades his attack by stumbling off a cliff.
  • At the Hinamatsuri festival, after Maria had mentioned to Nagi that the festivals at Hakuo Academy where enjoyable, Nagi stops at a mask vendor and tries on a mask to see if wearing one was enjoyable, but is disgusted after having realized that wearing a mask wasn't enjoyable. This is absent in this episode.
    • Additionally, Nagi's outfit was altered. In this episode, Nagi wore a short sleeved cardigan over a black and pink ruffled shirt with a ruffled blue skirt and dark purple over the knee socks. In the manga, Nagi wore a long sleeved button up shirt under a black sleeveless over shirt, a ruffled skirt and jeans.
    • Also, five members of the Sanzenin SP are seen escorting Nagi and Maria. In the manga, there were four members.
  • As he was abducting Nagi, Kotetsu accidently calls Hayate "Hermione" before correcting himself. This is not present in the manga.
    • Additionally, as Kotetsu was escaping. The moon is shown to be a first quarter moon. In the manga, it was a full moon.
  • After Kotetsu had made his escape, Maria asks the Sanzenin SPs why they where just standing there and orders them to chase after Kotetsu. This is absent in this episode.
  • At the shooting gallery, Sakuya shoots a small dinosaur toy. In the manga, she hits a small stuffed animal.
  • Afterwards, the shooting gallery owner gives Sakuya a small bear toy. In the manga, he gives her a small anime figurine.
  • When Wataru offered to buy Sakuya cotton candy, he does this in a awkward manner. In the manga, he asks her in a blunt manner.
Chapter 95
  • During his introduction to Hayate, the cursed Hina doll addresses himself as Zepette. In the manga, his name was Geppeddo.
Chapter 96
  • As Hinagiku talked to Mrs. Katsura, the Hakuo Three Amiga can be seen singing on stage in the background. In the manga, an unnamed female student was on stage.
    • Additionally, in the manga, Hinagiku is seen holding a cup. In this episode, she wasn't.
    • Also, Mrs. Katsura's outfit was altered. In this episode, she wore a light green cardigan over a green shirt, a light blue skirt and had a pearl necklace on. In the manga, she wore a black dress and an apron.
  • While discussing a butlers abilities with Kotetsu, the list of gums Nagi mentions to him in this episode where mint, plum, blueberry, lemon and sweet tea. In the manga, the list was mint, plum, blueberry, cool mint and Bubblicious.
  • After Kotetsu had said no butler would be prepared to that extent, Nagi tells him that Hayate would and mentions that he even carries gummy bears and sour seaweed in his pocket. In the manga, Nagi says that Hayate carries Hanachu and seaweed jelly.
  • During Nagi's explanation to Kotetsu about how his love was shallow, Nagi questioning Kotetsu if he would confess to Hayate again if he had turned into a girl is omitted in this episode.
  • After having returned to the Sanzenin mansion, as Nagi and Maria go to bed, Maria tells Hayate that he can rest. This is absent in this episode.
  • Having remembered that he was supposed to meet Hinagiku in the student council room, Hayate returns to the Hakuo clock tower. In this episode, the clock tower reads 11:30. In the manga, It was 11:35.
  • As Hayate wakes Hinagiku, in the student council room, the couch she is sitting on was a plain green. In the manga, the couch had a striped design.