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Feeling of Freedom
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Episode Info
Season S2
Episode 13
skip Character(s)
Hinagiku Katsura
Hayate Ayasaki
Length 24:34
On Air 26 June 2009
Theme Song Info
Opening Wonder Wind
Ending Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 13, title name as Feeling of Freedom aired on June 26th 2009.


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Hayate remembers the meeting at the Hakuo clock tower with Hinagiku and finally arrives. However he was 2 and a half hours late thus she was very angry and starts to attack him using the Wooden Masamune "given" to her by Isumi. However as stated by Isumi, whoever uses the wooden sword tends to get emotional and thus while dueling him halfway she burst into tears and blamed Hayate for forgetting her birthday. Hayate apologizes and gives her his present which is a bag of biscuits. Hinagiku then tells him about her past family life which is similar to his. To cheer her up he helped her to take a view outside the clocktower. While seeing the view she finally realizes that she has come to fall in love with him, just that she was too afraid to admit it in case he might disappear like her biological parents.

Adapted From

Volume 9

  • Omake

Volume 10

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 97
  • In the manga, as Hinagiku looks at the time, the face of the clock is shown to have a floral pattern in the center. In this episode, the clock had no pattern.
  • While waiting for Hayate to arrive, Hinagiku falls asleep and has a dream of the day she and her sister were abandoned by their parents. This is not present in the manga.
  • During her battle with Hayate, Hinagiku is shown to be wearing loafers shoes. In the manga, she wore converse sneakers.
  • As Hinagiku rested her head against Hayate's chest after she had told him that he should've remembered her birthday, the doorway to the outside terrace of the Hakuo clock tower can be seen behind them. In the manga, two closed windows where seen behind them.
  • As Hayate apologized to Hinagiku for forgetting her birthday, the time on the Hakuo clock tower read 12:00. In the manga, it read 11:43.
  • At the Sanzenin Mansion, as Nagi woke up, she is shown to be wearing plain pink pajamas. In the manga, she wore spade patterned pajamas.
Chapter 98
  • During the flashback of when Nagi discusses with Hayate the possibility of Hinagiku liking him once she had received a gift from him, Nagi is shown to be wearing a peach colored short sleeved shirt over a purple long sleeved T-shirt. In the manga, Nagi wore a white ruffled sleeveless shirt over a long sleeved black T-shirt.
  • After Hayate had given her his gift, Hayate tells Hinagiku that his family was so poor that he received only a single cookie instead of a cake for his birthday, then asks her if he had lost the competition. In the manga, Hayate asked her if he had lost the competition before he shared his story with her.
  • As Hinagiku reveals to Hayate that her parents are not her biological parents, Hinagiku questions herself as she pondered on why she was revealing her past to Hayate. This is not present in this episode.
  • After Hinagiku finished her story, Hayate says to himself that he never knew that she had such a past. In the manga, Hayate recalls a few days ago when Hinagiku had asked him if he had ever thought if his parents had a reason on why they didn't take him with them on the day they abandoned him.
  • Afterwards, Hinagiku asks Hayate if there might have been a reason on why his parents didn't take him along with them on the day they abandoned him. In the manga, Hinagiku asked him on why her biological parents didn't take her and Yukiji along on the day they where abandoned.
  • Having heard her question, Hayate asks Hinagiku if she disliked her foster mother. In the manga, he asked her if she disliked both her foster parents.
  • While out on the terrace, Hinagiku is shown to be clutching the bag of cookies she had received earlier from Hayate. In the manga, she wasn't.
  • The following morning at Hakuo Academy, the time on the clock tower read 8:25. In the manga, the time was 8:05.
  • After her encounter with Hayate, Hinagiku heads off to her destination, in her mind addressing her parents by telling them that there is someone she loves. This is not present in the manga.
  • Later in the day, as Hinagiku was nervously trying to be on the terrace, Miki asks her what she was doing to which she tells her that she was checking to see if she was any better with heights. In the manga, Hinagiku told her that she was getting some fresh air.


  • After having woken up, Nagi tells Maria "it might have been better to DVD package in the order it aired rather than in the correct order of events. Otherwise, I think the impression you get from watching it on TV and DVD might differ." This is a reference to the TV broadcast of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which aired the episodes out of order, opposed to the DVDs which released the episodes in order.
  • As Hinagiku shows Hayate the watch Nagi had given her earlier, Hinagiku struggles to say the brand name of the watch and calls it "Bul". This is a reference to the watch brand Bulova.