The Saginomiya Clan
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Episode Info
Japanese Title鷺ノ宮家の一族
Romanized TitleSaginomiya-ke no Ichizoku
skip Character(s)
Hatsuho Saginomiya
Isumi Saginomiya
Hayate Ayasaki
On Air3 July 2009
Theme Song Info
OpeningWonder Wind
EndingHonjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 14: The Saginomiya Clan (鷺ノ宮家の一族 Saginomiya-ke no Ichizoku?) aired on July 3rd 2009.


Nagi told Hayate that Isumi is sick. Hayate comes to visit her mansion. At the door, he saw Hatsuho Saginomiya, Isumi's mother, who was pondering about which intercom button she should press on the doorbell, even though there was only one. Hayate, however, thought she was an oustider, and told her to press the one button on the intercom, saying, "The person inside will come out to see you if you press that button." Hatsuho's logic, though, was that Hayate lied because she is the person inside. Isumi suddenly opened the door and welcomed them to come in. Inside, Isumi's grandmother welcomed Hatsuho, who she thought was the new Sanzenin butler, remarking that he looked a lot like Hatsuho. Hatsuho thought she herself was the new butler. Hayate, after watching this, recalls the time he asked Nagi about why Isumi keeps going out even though she knows she'll get lost. Nagi had said that Isumi thought she was organized, and Hayate knew why, because Isumi's grandmother's and mother's thoughts were very unorganized.

Outside in the backyard, Hayate asked Isumi how she is sick. She replies by saying that she had lost her powers. Hatsuho tells Hayate that they need a 16 year old person who is very unlucky and whose name starts with a "ha". She tells him that Isumi needs to drink the blood of that person when he is on the verge of death. Isumi tells a disapointed Hayate that he should not give her his blood, but Hayate says that he is used to being on the verge of death, so it will not be a first experience for him. However, a monster pestering Isumi hit her and she chased it around the yard. Then the monster grew huge, and Isumi was entangled in a bunch of its tentacles strangling her. While Hayate was worrying about how to save her, Hatsuho gives him a brown stick and a fly tells him that the monster's power is illusions and dreams, so the giant monster in front of him is an illusion. After focusing his eyes and searching around, he found the smaller, real monster playing video games. Hayate loses his temper and smashes the monster away. Later, after being thanked and going back home, he saw a box of homeless kittens, with a threat letter saying that if he does not take the kittnes, they will die. He reached for the box, but suddenly, a bunch of long knives sliced at him. At the last moment he dodged it, and wondered why this person was attacking him. The lady beckoned the kittens to follow her and she said that she will kill him later.

As he started toward the mansion, Maria made her appearance and she told him that she was going on a grocery trip. Hayate decided to help. Maria felt some hands touch her butt, and thinking Hayate did it, she backed away from him claiming that Hayate is bold and that he touched her butt in the middle of public. Right at that time, the lady attacked him again, dodging at the last moment again. Unsatisfied, the lady touches Maria's butt again, and ran off. Maria, extremely angry and embarrased, demanded Hayate to go after the lady. Hayate goes after the lady, with the lady attacking him with crossbow bolts and kunai. Finally, he managed to kick her face, and her mask flies off. Suprisingly, her face was the face of a little kid. The woman got angry about the kicked face and decided to kill him. But before she was able to kill him, she became old, to Hayate's suprise. Isumi randomly showed up and told him that she sucks the blood of people to keep her youthful look, but the old look is her true form. Hayate, in pity, allows the woman, Isumi's grandmother, to suck him until he is on the verge of death. Coming back to the mansion, Nagi wonders why he looke so sick, and Hayate replies with, "I'm a little anemic."

Adapted From

Volume 11

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 109
  • During the night at the Sanzenin Mansion, Nagi has a dream where she and Hayate announce the results of the second Hayate no Gotoku! popularity poll. This is not present in the manga.
  • While exorcising evil specters at night, the specter Isumi had exorcised is shown before it had exploded. In the manga, it wasn't shown.
  • In the aftermath after the specter was destroyed, Sakuya's clothing was shown to be in tatters. This is absent in this episode.
    • Additionally, Sakuya is shown to be wearing a green coat over a pink long sleeved shirt with a black singlet underneath, a short blue skirt and black over the knee socks. In the manga, she wore a ripped black shirt underneath a torn jacket and a ruffled skirt.
  • While explaining the specters to Sakuya, Isumi tells her that the specter would lure its victims into it's dream and would force them into seeing a dream where they placed third in the second Hayate no Gotoku! popularity contest. In the manga, Isumi told her that the specter would force it's victim into having a nightmare of being attacked by Santa Conan.
  • At the Sanzenin Mansion, after Maria had asked Hayate to deliver a small bag to the Saginomiya family, Nagi informs him that Isumi was feeling ill and asks him to cheer Isumi up with that item. In this scene, Nagi is shown to be wearing a ruffled black sleeveless shirt over a long sleeved light blue T-shirt and striped over the knee socks. In the manga, she wore a jacket, a ruffled skirt and striped over the knee socks.
  • Afterwards, Hayate picks Nagi up from her bed and tells her that she shouldn't be playing video games while in a immodest position. In this scene, Nagi drops her controller before getting embarrassed. In the manga, she doesn't drop her controller.
  • Upon Hayate's meeting with Isumi's mother Hatsuho, Hatsuho is shown to be wearing a dark blue kimono. In the manga, she wore a floral patterned kimono.
  • After having opened the front gate, Isumi is shown in a pink kimono. In the manga, she was wearing a floral patterned kimono with a stole over it.
  • While inside the Saginomiya mansion, Kokonoe is shown to be wearing a green robe. In the manga, she wore a checkered patterned kimono with a stole over it.
  • In his attempt to save Isumi, Hayate strikes the specter with "controller slash". In this scene, the specter is shown to explode after having been struck. In the manga, the specter doesn't explode.
    • Additionally, the specter's line about strapping the straps on the controller is absent in this episode.
  • Afterwards, Hayate catches Isumi after the giant specter illusion had faded. This is not present in the manga.
  • While he left the Saginomiya Mansion, Hayate ponders to himself on the mysterious voice he heard during his confrontation with the specter. This is absent in this episode.
  • As Ginka spied on Hayate as he left the Saginomiya Mansion, she is shown to be surrounded by sixteen cats. In the manga, she was near four cats.
Chapter 111
  • After Ginka's second failed attempt on attacking Hayate, Ginka runs behind Maria and then rubs Maria's bottom before moving on to her next plan. This scene was slightly altered. In this episode, Ginka's is shown to have put her hands on the outside of Maria's skirt before rubbing her bottom. In the manga, Ginka puts her hands underneath Maria's skirt before rubbing her.
  • While chasing after her, Ginka gives Hayate a large bundle of money and then lights it on fire. In this scene, Hayate stomps out the flaming bundle of money then learns it was play money. This is not present in the manga.
  • After having destroyed her mallet, Ginka pulls out a crossbow and fires multiple arrows at him. This is not present in the manga.
  • After having reverted to her real form, Ginka is shown to be laying down as she was asking Hayate for blood. In the manga, she was shown to be sitting up.


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