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What Happens at Shimoda Onsen
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Episode Info
Season S2
Episode 15
Japanese Title 下田温泉湯けむり旅情
Romanized Title Shinoda Onsen Yukemuri Ryojō
skip Character(s)
Hinagiku Katsura
Hayate Ayasaki
Length 24:34
On Air 10 July 2009
Theme Song Info
Opening Wonder Wind
Ending Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 15: What Happens at Shimoda Onsen (下田温泉湯けむり旅情 Shinoda Onsen Yukemuri Ryojō?) aired on July 10th 2009.


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A meteorite has crashed into the Shimoda Onsen...

After the crash, there are ads on TV that convince Hinagiku, Ayumu, and Nagi to go. The ads say that the potency of the spring has made breasts grow bigger, people made smarter, and people growing taller. Nagi and Maria dress up, ready to go on a vacation to the Shimoda onsen.

Since this is a normal vacation, Nagi has not allowed any of the SPs to come, meaning that Hayate has to take care of them himself because Maria and Nagi has no common sense about the "commoner" way of life. While on the train ride, Nagi wanted a train bento, so she snuck out, believing that she was safe because she had her ticket. However, the train left, leaving her stranded in an unknown area, and her ticket was blown away by the wind too. While chasing it, she got lost in a forest. After wandering around, she got to a ramen shop called Ramen Russia with a bulky guy claiming that he can only make one kind of ramen. Nagi was forced to eat some ramen, and while worrying about the pay (she had no money), she praised his ramen with tears. The ramen shop owner was moved, and allowed her to not pay.

Meanwhile, Ayumu, persuaded by the ads, she had forsaken her brother, going on a bike ride to the Shimoda onsen, even though she knew it would take a long time. She took a break in front the very shop Nagi went too, and went inside. Nagi and Ayumu met, and Nagi got to get onto Ayumu's bike for the rest of the ride.

In the train, Hayate prepared to jump off in search of Nagi. Hinagiku just came to meet him, and to her disappointment, he jumped off the train, to Maria's and Hinagiku's surprise. And so he ran, in search of Nagi, after get run over by a truck.

Ayumu offered Nagi her cell phone so she could call Maria and the others. After learning that Hayate had left in search of her, they got into a small argument about who gets Hayate. Soon after that, some killers in a black car came, and asked for Sanzenin Nagi's life. The description given to the killers about Nagi was that she had twin tailed hair, but since both Nagi and Ayumu had twin tailed hair, they decided to kill both. Ayumu, freaked out by the killers, sped off on her bike, but with the sudden burst of speed, Ayumu's phone in Nagi's phone slipped out of her hand and fell onto the road. Hayate calls Maria, and she said to go a little further.

Adapted From

Volume 11

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 112
  • After Nagi had hit Hayate with a pillow after he had told her that she should be wearing clothes more befitting her age, Nagi is shown to have taken off her jacket. This is not shown in this episode.
  • While looking at Nagi's jewelry, Hayate picks up a watch and remarks that it was a minute repeater and tourbillon. In the manga, Hayate picks up a necklace and identifies it from the tiffany's star collection and a monogram bracelet from Reeds.
  • After Nagi had told Hayate that they where going to Shimoda the following day, Nagi tells him that they where going to take the "super view odoriko" train and then mentions that she got the idea for the train from Kotetsu. This is absent in this episode.
  • Afterwards, a TV anchorwoman from Shimoda caught Hayate, Nagi and Maria's attention. The anchorwoman interviews a elderly man on the effects from the hot springs from Shimoda. This is also absent in this episode.
  • At the Katsura residence, as Hinagiku was listening to the same news report, Hinagiku is shown to be wearing a long sleeved T-shirt. In the manga, she wore a short sleeved T-shirt with a black singlet underneath.
  • At the Saginomiya Mansion, as Isumi was watching the same news report, in the manga, she was wearing a stole. In this episode, she wasn't.
  • While enjoying the view from the train, Nagi gets up from her seat and explores the train. This is absent in this episode.
  • While riding the train to Shimoda, Nagi asks Hayate about the train bentos he had bought. In the manga, Maria asked him about them.
  • After Nagi had disembarked from the train, Hayate and Maria tell her to get back on the train. In this scene, both Hayate and Maria have angry looks on their faces as they where talking to Nagi. In the manga, they were both panicking.
Chapter 113
  • As Hayate was preparing to jump off the train, Maria tells him that he can't do such a radical act on a TV anime. In the manga, she tells him that they couldn't show an outrageous scene in a shounen magazine.
  • Afterwards, Maria suggests that they should just ask to have the train stopped. Hayate then tells her that she'd have to pay millions in compensation. In the manga, he told her that it would cost thousands.
  • Having been taken inside Ramen Russia, the owner immediately asks Nagi if she would like salt ramen before she unwittingly agrees to the order. In the manga, Nagi reads the menu before the owner informs her that he could only make salt ramen.
Chapter 114
  • While checking her GPS on her phone, Ayumu looks at a sticker photo of her and Hayate. This is not present in the manga.
  • During Ayumu's flashback of when she asked Hayate to take a sticker photo with her, Ayumu is seen by herself. In the manga, Souya and Hijiri where behind her.
  • After her flashback, Ayumu realizes that she is hungry. This is also not present in the manga.
  • As Ayumu gives Nagi a lift on her bicycle, on the bottom of the screen a disclaimer notes that they are riding on a private Sanzenin driveway. This is not present in the manga.
  • During Maria's conversation with Hinagiku on the train, Maria's phone begins to ring. In this scene, the phone was shown to be resting on a small table attached to the windowsill of the train. In the manga, her phone was in her purse.
  • As Nagi was talking to Maria on Ayumu's cell phone, another disclaimer appears on the screen noting that they are riding on a private Sanzenin driveway. This is not present in the manga.
  • As Nagi was put on hold during her conversation with Maria, a car full of masked men calling themselves "killers" pulls up alongside Ayumu and Nagi. The driver then inquiries on which one is "Nagi Sanzenin", but due to their twin tails they are unable to tell which one is their target, so they opt to kill both of them. This causes Ayumu to peddle away from them resulting in Nagi dropping Ayumu's cell phone in the process. In the manga, Nagi drops Ayumu's cell phone earlier when Ayumu tried to peddle away from the "killers" after she had seen their guns.
    • Additionally, as the "killers" decide to kill both Ayumu and Nagi, the driver points his gun at Ayumu. This is not present in the manga.
  • As Ayumu speeds away from the "killers", her thoughts to herself on how real killers are after Nagi is absent in this episode.
  • During Hayate's conversation with Maria, he is shown to be using his cell phone. In the manga, he used a public pay phone.