Tiger of Money
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Episode Info
Japanese Titleマネーのとら
Romanized TitleManē no Tora
skip Character(s)
Sonia Shaflnarz
Hayate Ayasaki
On Air10 April 2009
Theme Song Info
OpeningWonder Wind
EndingHonjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 2, title name as Tiger of Money (マネーのとら Manē no Tora?) aired on April 10th 2009.


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Adapted From

Volume 5

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 56
  • After Nagi tells Klaus that he'd be fired, Klaus questions her on why, to which she states that "The chief butler is responsible for his man's blunder". In the manga, she told him that it was due to him allowing terrorists boarding a cruise ship eariler on.
    • Additionally, Klaus's office has been slightly altered. In this episode, there is a large painting behind him. Whereas in the manga, it was a window.
  • While taking responsibility for Nagi losing the free style marathon, Hayate brings up the cruise ship incident. This is not present in this episode.
  • Afterwards, Hayate tells Nagi and Maria that he would be leaving the mansion before telling Klaus that he would help him search for a new butler for Nagi. This is not present in the manga.
  • After having been told that he'd be given a second chance if he went to the Tiger's Den for Butlers, Hayate asks Nagi if butlers sold a lot of doujinshi, to which she tells him that he'd become the boke if he kept it up. This is not present in this episode.
  • After Hayate had left the Sanzenin Mansion, Maria tells Nagi that he'd be back soon before embracing her after having noticed that she was in tears. This is not present in this episode.
  • While paying for his Snackers candy bar, Hayate gives the cashier a 500 yen coin. In the manga, he gave her a 100 yen coin.
  • After having dropped his change in front of Sonia, she jumps from her seat and quickly picks it up before asking Hayate if the money would be hers if she had picked it up. In the manga, after she heard the change hit the floor, Sonia turned her head towards Hayate's direction and asked him the same question.
Chapter 57
  • As the subway ruffian tells Hayate that he can't forgive animes that air late at night on cable, Hayate sheepishly thinks to himself on how the subway ruffian probably doesn't know what time "this anime" airs. This is not present in the manga.
  • While being threatened by the subway ruffian, Hayate's monologue of how he didn't want to cause problems for the other passengers is not present in this episode.
    • Additionally, as Sonia intervenes, Hayate is shown to be frightened as he was about to be punched by the subway ruffian. Whereas in the manga, Hayate was shown to be calm.
    • Also, when intervening, Sonia is shown to be calm. In the manga, she was shown to be nervous.
  • After intervening, Sonia tells the subway ruffian that violence would bring ruin to him and that she could tell that he was a pure person before saying that the lord would always watch over him, reducing him to tears. In the manga, Sonia enviously tells him that she is not used to Japanese customs and then asks him not to do dangerous things at a public place before being interrupted by him.
  • After revealing his crocodile tears, the subway ruffian tells Sonia that he prefers Mikos and then tries to punch her before she easily counters his attack with the palm of her hand and throws him on the floor. In the manga, he pulls a knife on her and tries to stab her to which she counters his attack with her book and throws him on the floor.
  • While getting off the train, Hayate thanks Sonia for saving him and asks her if he could repay her in anyway. In the manga, Hayate only asks for her name.
  • Before arriving to the Tiger's Den for Butlers, Hayate's thoughts of how he must endure the trials that await him there for Nagi's sake is absent in this episode.
Chapter 58
  • At Rental Video V Tachibana, Ayumu tells Wataru that Valentines day is coming up and asks for his advice. This is not present in this episode.
  • During Ayumu's visit to the Sanzenin Mansion, Nagi's clothing has been slightly altered. In the manga, Nagi was shown to be wearing a white vest over her black turtle neck shirt. In this episode, the vest is absent.
  • After telling Nagi that Hayate would probably be picked up by a strange woman during his trip, Ayumu envisions a bondace scene involving Hayate and Nagi. In this episode, Hayate is shown to have both his wrists and neck chained as he was being whipped by Nagi who was wearing a red mini skirt and a red crop top. In the manga, Hayate is shown to be wearing a dog leash and Nagi wore a cheongsam.
  • At the Church of Alexander Mark, after having found out that Sonia was born on Mykonos island, Hayate tells her that it must be a beautiful place, to which she says that it was a beautiful place incomparable to this meager island. In the manga, she told him that she had to live among poor people on that tiny island but was filled with eternal beauty.
  • While laying in his bed, Hayate worries that he would be unable to return to Nagi's side before his cell phone rings. In this episode, his phone is on a nearby chair, whereas in the manga, it was on his bed.
  • During her phone call with Hayate, Nagi's pajamas have been slightly altered. In this episode they where shown to be regular pink pajamas, whereas in the manga, they had rabbit designs.
    • Additionally, after having interrupted their phone call, Sonia is shown to be wearing fuchsia colored pajamas. In the manga, her pajamas had star designs on them.
  • The following day, Sonia informs Hayate that he would start his training before a chibified Ayumu imagines a scene of Hayate serving her tea before Sonia denounces the scenario telling Hayate he would be tested with the "Butler Quest". In the manga, Sonia tells Hayate that he would serve as a butler for one random family before picking the Nishizawa family out of a phone book.
Chapter 60
  • After Hayate had learned that he would be taking the "Butler Quest". The narration and footage of Linn building the Tiger's Den for Butler's is not present in the manga.
  • Upon learning that he would need four party members to take the "Butler Quest", Nagi appears before Hayate at the entrance of the Church of Alexander Mark and then offers her help. In the manga, this event took place inside the church, but Nagi accompanied Hayate after Tama and Sonia destroyed the Nishizawa family's apartment earlier on.
    • Additionally, Nagi's clothing was slightly altered. In the manga, Nagi's shirt read "Z-Girl" and she wore stripped stockings. Whereas in this episode, the world "Z-girl" was omitted and she wore black stockings.
  • After Hayate and Nagi left the church to find more party members, Sonia says to herself "It looks like he already found his first party member. Keep up the good work." This is not present in the manga.
  • After Yukiji questions the money she received, Hinagiku tells her that it was the prize for the free style marathon. Behind her there is a large portrait of the Hakuo Academy insignia. In the manga, it was a large book shelf.
  • After learning of Hayate's quest, Yukiji asks him to allow her to join his party to which he declines, resulting in her begging him to let her join. This is not present in the manga.
  • Upon seeing Saki at Hakuo Academy, Hayate asks her why she was there to which she tells him that she was acting in Wataru's stead because he couldn't leave his video store. This is not present in this episode.


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Cultural References

  • Before boarding the train, Hayate is shown buying a Snackers candy bar. This is a parody of the Snickers candy bar.
  • After having disembarked from the train, Sonia asks Hayate for a brand name tea cup before mentioning to him that she heard of a legend that if you save a person on a train, you would receive a brand name tea cup. Hayate responds by asking her if she was referring to the story of a man on a train that was popular awhile back. This is a reference to the purportedly true story Densha Otoko.



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