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skip Character(s)
Hinagiku Katsura
Ayumu Nishizawa
On Air11 September 2009
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Openingdaily-daily Dream
EndingKarakoi ~Dakara Shoujo wa Koi wo suru~
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 24: Distance aired on September 11th 2009.


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While talking to Sakuya, Hayate remembers his past fallout with his first girlfriend a long time ago. Nagi goes missing and Hayate goes looking for her. Hinagiku finally gets some alone time with Ayumu on a ferris wheel and confesses to her that she was in love with Hayate ever since the time she was with him at the Hakuou Academy Clocktower during her birthday. However Ayumu is perfectly fine with it and tells Hinagiku that it means its a friendly conpetition to see who can win over Hayate's heart. Meanwhile Hayate finally finds Nagi alone gazing at the stars since it reminded her of her late mother. He tries to cheer her up but fails at it, however she is comforted by his effort and tells him not to leave her side. Everyone in the episode then gaze towards the sky where fireworks are being displayed courtesy of Sakuya's birthday.

Adapted From

Volume 14

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 144
  • Outside the mansion, after Hayate had denied to Sakuya that he was interested in her maid Haru, Chiharu is shown to have turned towards their direction, while she was inside the mansion. This is not present in the manga.
  • After Hayate had told Sakuya that he had remembered something from the past, Sakuya offers to show him another place in the mansion grounds that was even more grander. This is absent in this episode.
  • Afterwards, Sakuya asks Hayate if he had seen Nagi, to which he tells her that she was tired and had gone to sleep with Maria inside the mansion. This is absent in this episode.
  • As Mr. Aizawa was explaining his plan to trap Nagi to Hayate, Sakuya and Isumi, Isumi is shown to be wearing a stole. In the manga, she was seen without it.
Chapter 145
  • After Sakuya had told Hayate that she idolizes older brothers, Hayate asks her about her older brother Gilbert. She then tells him that Gilbert is different and didn't fall into the category of older brother. This is absent in this episode.
Chapter 146
  • After Nagi had embraced Maria, Sakuya tells them that it was time to liven things up by showing them her special. Confused, Nagi tells her that they where not interested in her strip comedy. This is not present in the manga.


  • After Ayumu had made the suggestion of singing a song on the stalled Ferris wheel, Hinagiku sings a song featuring the lyric "Dango". This is a reference to the ending theme "Dango Daikazoku" from the anime series Clannad.



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