What a Girl's Heart Yearns For...
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Episode Info
Japanese Title乙女心が求めるものは......
Romanized TitleOtomegokoro ga Motomeru Mono wa...
skip Character(s)
Sonia Shaflnarz
Wataru Tachibana
Saki Kijima
On Air29 May 2009
Theme Song Info
OpeningWonder Wind
EndingHonjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!
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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 9: What a Girl's Heart Yearns For... (乙女心が求めるものは...... Otomegokoro ga Motomeru Mono wa...?) aired on May 29th 2009.


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Adapted From

Volume 8

Volume 9

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 84
  • While greeting Sonia as she entered Rental Video V Tachibana, Wataru is seen reading a manga. In the manga, he was reading a magazine.
  • After having jumped over the counter to check on Saki, after she had tripped, Wataru is shown to have taken off his sales apron. This is not present in the manga.
  • When Sonia offers to save Saki in exchange for a kiss, Wataru gives her "payment" in advance by kissing her on the cheek, then wipes his mouth on his sleeve. This is absent in this episode.
  • While speeding away, the two kidnappers spot Sonia in the middle of the road, who then uses her tonfas to blow out their rear tire and sever their car in half. This is not present in the manga.
  • Afterwards, as the two kidnappers get out of their destroyed car, they spot Sonia in the middle of the road in a praying position, fantasizing about Wataru, before charging at them. This is not present in the manga.
  • As Hayate arrived on the scene, he finds the two kidnappers stuffed in a trashcan and their severed car on fire with a large cross constructed out of a utility pole sticking out of the middle of their car. In the manga, the cross was sticking out of the hood of their car.
    • Additionally, the kidnappers' car was shown to have crashed into a utility poll in a business district. In the manga, their car had caught fire near a guard rail, after it had been impaled by Sonia's cross.
  • Several days later at the video store, Sonia asks Wataru for a box set of a series, then takes one DVD from the set and tells him that she'll rent more once she's finished with it. This is not present in the manga.
Chapter 86
  • At the Sanzenin Mansion, Yukiji asks Nagi when the next social gathering would take place. During this scene, Nagi's outfit has been altered. In this episode, Nagi wore a black turtle neck shirt, a pink mini skirt and white over the knee socks. In the manga, she wore a short sleeved frilled shirt over a long sleeve black shirt, a long skirt and black socks.
  • As Klaus joins Nagi's conversation with Yukiji, Nagi asks him if its been six episodes so far. This is not present in the manga.
  • After Maria had accidently dropped a tea set as she had overheard Nagi mention that Yukiji wanted to be in a serious relationship rather than having a boyfriend due to age, Maria is shown to be cleaning up the broken tea set while thinking more about the subject of having a boyfriend. This is not preset in the manga.
  • As Kyonosuke told Yukiji that "it's not like you don't have any guys near you", she is shown to be drinking tea during this scene. In the manga, she was eating a senbei before she drank her tea.
    • Additionally, in this episode, the floor in Kyonosuke's apartment was shown to be clean and very organized. In the manga, his floor was shown to be littered with magazines, books and boxes.
  • As Yukiji and the Hakuo Three Amiga interrupt Hayate's night drive with Nagi, Hayate is shown to be standing next to the carriage Nagi is in. In the manga, Hayate was on his bicycle.
    • Additionally, Nagi is shown to be scowling at Yukiji and the Hakuo Three Amiga through a window on the side of the carriage. In the manga, Nagi was scowling at them through a window on the front of the carriage.
  • After having been told by Hayate that she was charming enough already and didn't need to rush to get a boyfriend, Yukiji proclaims that there is no man worth more than alcohol, before rushing to the social party. This is not present in the manga.
  • After having ruined the social party, Yukiji is shown to be holding two bottles of alcohol. In the manga, she only had one.
    • Additionally, Yukiji is shown to be sitting on top of an unconscious Klaus. This is not present in the manga.


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