The Tenth Night
Zero-Raws Hayate no Gotoku! Can`t Take My Eyes Off You - 10 Title
Episode Info
Japanese Title第十夜
Romanized TitleDaijū Ya
On Air5 December 2012
Theme Song Info
EndingKoi no Wana
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Hayate no Gotoku! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Episode 10 - The Tenth Night aired on December 5th 2012.


Nagi inquires the woman why does she desire the Kurotsubaki, saying it is a magical sword that grants eternity. When Hayate got stabbed by it he collapses and later gets up unharmed, however his personality seems to have changed. The woman and the tree appear and attempt to take the Kurotsubaki, the thieves try to fight back as their hideout catches on fire and escapes with Yukiji’s money. Hayate notices the ring on the woman's finger and wants to talk to her, but Isumi interrupts them and releases Nagi, Noticing her weakened state Shidou calls the woman Dolly and retreats with her and Ruri. As the police arrive, Hayate tries to run away before Nagi stops him, concerned with his behavior she reminds him that he is her butler, Hayate then tells her that he quits, before running off into the night, leaving her alone. The next day, Nagi pretends to be okay without Hayate. They meet Kyonosuke with a new car saying Yukiji will pay him back for it and wasn’t aware that she was robbed. Kyonosuke takes Nagi and Ayumu for a drive to Area 51 when Ayumu shows Nagi the Kurotsubaki she found last night. Then the car suddenly blows a tire causing it to crash in the desert, Kyonosuke and Ayumu leave Nagi alone. Despite shouting "HAYATE!" he didn't show up, Nagi begins to realize how important Hayate was to her and exclaims that she wants him back no matter what. Ayumu comes back and gives Nagi a helping hand. Meanwhile, Hayate minds his own business, until Yukiji gets him to help her find out where her money is at by interrogating one of the thieves that she caught. Hayate who (now speaking English) fluently threatens the thief who gives them the location at the Starside Hotel.




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