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The Last Night
Zero-Raws Hayate no Gotoku! Can`t Take My Eyes Off You - 12 Title.png
Episode Info
Season S3
Episode 12
Japanese Title 最終夜
Romanized Title Saishū Ya
On Air 19 December 2012
Theme Song Info
Ending Here I am, Here we are Saishu Ya ver.
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Hayate no Gotoku! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Episode 12 - The Last Night aired on December 19th 2012.


Within the Kurotsubaki, Hayate is introduced by a Tanuki who tells him how the clock’s fortune functions. Meanwhile, Ruka is doing her singing performance. Isumi and Sakuya run to help Nagi. Ruri and Shidou try to defend Dolly but she rejects them, Shin protects Nagi from Dolly’s wrath. The rest of the thieves are defeated when Hinagiku uses her Shirosakura sword to rescue Ruri from a falling pillar. Shin takes Nagi to safety and approach a helicopter with Hinagiku and Yukiji (with her money), but then Dolly captures Nagi and creates a gigantic tree. Yukiji flies away with Hinagiku on a parachute, Dolly begins to crush to Nagi, and then Shin arrives with the Kurotsubaki and stabbed himself after asking Nagi to get his ring back for him. Shin appears before Hayate telling him to go save his daughter. Hayate comes after Nagi, proving to Dolly that he is not her beloved and starts to crumble. It’s raining money, Hayate holds Nagi’s hand and flies down on big balloons miraculously and she confesses to him. Isumi and Sakuya had Ruri taken to a hospital. Shin sang a song when Yukariko appears and the two are finally reunited. As Hayate and Nagi land safely Dolly comes down and Nagi reveals what her beloved king's last words were before disappearing into the sky, the Kurotsubaki breaks. And they go to see Ruka’s concert. While all other businesses were being taken care of, Ruri gives Nagi her father’s wedding ring and leaves with Shidou revealed be a handsome man in a suit. Hayate and Nagi arrive at Shimoda to drop off Shin’s ring and the Kurotsubaki at Yukariko’s grave thanking them for everything.


  • The scene where Hayate and Nagi where holding hands, While free falling above Las Vegas was previously featured as the cover page for Chapter 378.
  • While Hinagiku notes that Yukiji's money is raining over Las Vegas, Yukiji is shown to be holding on to two cans of beer with a logo heavily resembling Budwiser.
  • The ending theme to this episode, "Here I am, Here we are Saishu Ya ver." doesn't have its own full length version. This song is just mixed up version between the original version and the Ruka Suirenji version.
  • During the ending credits, the Hakuo Three Amiga are shown watching a news report with a "DNN" logo. This is a parody of the news network CNN.

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