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The Third Night
Zero-Raws Hayate no Gotoku! Can`t Take My Eyes Off You - 03 Title.png
Episode Info
Season S3
Episode 3
Japanese Title 第三夜
Romanized Title Daisan Ya
OPED Segment
Hayate Ayasaki
Yukiji Katsura
Hinagiku Katsura
Fumi Hibino
Hakuo Three Amiga
CM Part A
Isumi Saginomiya
Nagi Sanzenin
CM Part B
Same as part A
On Air 17 October 2012
Theme Song Info
Ending Yoki Shoujo no tame no Pavane
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Hayate no Gotoku! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Episode 3 - The Third Night aired on October 17th 2012.


Hinagiku decides to adopt a more cheerful and forgiving attitude as she believes her ever strict demeanor prevents her from getting close to Hayate. Her sister and her classmates Miki, Izumi, and Risa wonder about her sudden change in behavior and if her anger would eventually build up to the point of snapping, They ask Hayate to invite her for a date. The butler does so and the two has a cheerful day together. On their way home Hinagiku asks Hayate the reason for inviting her and he tells her the truth. Hinagiku says something to him, but Hayate does not hear it because of a train passing nearby.

Adapted From

Volume 15

Volume 16

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 162
  • At Hakuo Academy, Yukiji gives Hayate a pile of student council notes and tells him to deliver them to Hinagiku for her because she didn't want to get yelled at by her for spending the 10,000 yen she borrowed from her on alcohol. This is not present in the manga.
  • While delivering the student council notes, Hayate finds Hinagiku asleep at her desk in the student council office before accidently waking her up. This is also not present in the manga.
  • The Hakuo three amiga walking into the student council office and then noting to Hayate that Hinagiku always yells and could be a bit nicer, is also not present in the manga.
    • Additionally, Hinagiku and The Hakuo three amiga are shown to be wearing their summer uniforms, whereas in the manga, they wore their winter uniforms.
  • After Hayate and the Hakuo Three Amiga left the office, Hinagiku reflects on what they said and how she's always put a barrier around her true feelings for Hayate, resulting in leaving him with the impression that she is scary. In the manga, this event took place the previous night at Café Donguri after Ayumu had informed her that Hayate was under the impression that Hinagiku hated him.
  • After the Hakuo three amiga broke Hinagiku's tea cup, it is shown to be broken on a table, whereas in the manga, it was on the floor next to a cabinet.
    • Additionally, Izumi is shown to be present when Hinagiku's tea cup was broken, whereas in the manga she wasn't.
  • As the Hakuo three amiga worry about how Hinagiku will react upon seeing her broken tea cup, Chiharu is shown to be listening to their conversation. In the manga, she was shown to be reading a book, whereas in this episode, she isn't.
    • Additionally, Chiharu's line to the Hakuo three amiga about how they should have been careful isn't present in this episode.
  • Hinagiku's encounter with Yukiji has been altered. In this episode, Kaoru barges into the student council office with Yukiji in tow and Hinagiku learns that Yukiji had spent the money she borrowed, resulting in Hinagiku giving her more money. In the manga, Hinagiku met Yukiji while on her way to the Hakuo clock tower and after learning that she had spent the money she had borrowed, Hinagiku kindly advised her not to drink too much and offered to make her some food for her the next time she came back home.
  • Yukiji, Chiharu and the Hakuo three amiga's meeting about how Hinagiku is acting differently takes place on a balcony on the Hakuo clock tower, whereas in the manga it took place inside.
    • Additionally, Aika is not present during the meeting, whereas in the manga she was.
    • Also, the Hakuo clock tower reads 2:00 PM, whereas in the manga it read 2:35 PM.
  • After their meeting, Miki (by herself) tries to convince Hayate to go on a date with Hinagiku. In the manga, Risa accompanies her and also tries to convinces him to go.
  • After giving him tickets for a movie at a theater, Hayate begins to question why he'd go on a date with Hinagiku resulting in Miki randomly flashing a centerfold of a porno magazine. This scene is omitted in this episode.
  • Before being able to come up with a decision, Hayate tells Miki and Risa that he has to look after Nagi, resulting in them both offering to take Nagi out to a family restaurant to play Monster Hunter. This is not present in this episode.
  • Before inviting her, Hayate meets Hinagiku as she was getting off an elevator in the Hakuo clock tower, whereas in the manga, Hayate interrupted her while she was in the student council office.
  • After being asked to go to the movie, Hinagiku responds to Hayate by asking "why ask now?," before agreeing to go with him. In the manga, her response was "I-idiot I'm a high school student and yet you'd take me out to a child's movie".
Chapter 163
  • After getting off the train, Hinagiku reflects to herself before meeting Hayate to go on their date. This is not present in the manga.
    • Additionally, Hinagiku's clothes have been altered. In this episode, Hinagiku wore an orange dress, a green undershirt, a white jacket, wore socks with flats and also carried a pink purse. In the manga, Hinagiku wore a low cut shirt, a dotted dress, a black cardigan, black heels and a necklace.
  • While on their way to the movie theater, Hayate and Hinagiku encounter Ruri and after learning from her that she was kicked out of the Sanzenin Mansion, Hinagiku invites her to tag along on their date. This is not present in the manga.
  • Upon arriving to the movie theater, the theater is shown to have a few cracks on the front doors, but in a populated area. In the manga, the theater is extremely run down and is located in a rough part of town.
    • Additionally, the poster advertising the movie shows a happy kitten, whereas in the manga, the kitten was very demonic looking.
  • After entering, it is shown that the theater was populated with a bunch of young children eager to see the movie. While in the manga, the theater was empty.
  • After sitting down, Hayate accidently touches Hinagiku's hand with his. In the manga, Hayate accidently grasps Hinagiku's hand.
  • After realizing that they were on a date, Hayate and Hinagiku awkwardly watch a few trailers before the movie starts. This is not present in this episode.
  • After the film of the movie was cut off, the employee's of the theater play a film reel informing the viewers that the movie was cancelled. This is not present in the manga.
Chapter 164
  • Before taking her to an amusement park, Hayate reflects on how his date with Hinagiku wasn't going well and decides to switch to "serious mode" while in the restroom of a train station. This is not present in this episode.
  • Hayate and Hinagiku's conversation has been changed after they had entered the amusement park. In this episode, Hinagiku makes small observations and then begins to question if she'd have fun at the park, to which Hayate responds by saying he'd show her the real power of an amusement park. In the manga, Hayate annoys Hinagiku by inadvertently revealing to her that he went to the amusement park a year ago after he had been invited by a girl who had an extra ticket.
  • While trying to show her the real power of an amusement park, Hayate and Hinagiku ride a drop tower, resulting in her calling him an idiot afterwards. This is not present in the manga.
  • Hayate and Hinagiku visiting a gift shop and her buying a pair of donkey ears is not present in the manga.
  • While taking a break from all the attractions, both Hayate and Hinagiku eat soft serve ice cream while sitting on a bench, whereas in the manga, only Hinagiku sat on the bench while drinking a soft drink.
  • Hayate and Hinagiku waving at crowds of people while riding a boat and later riding spinning cups, is not present in the manga.
  • While watching the fireworks show, Hinagiku nudges her hand against Hayate's. This is not present in the manga.
  • After revealing to her that he was asked by Miki to take her out on a date, Hinagiku disappointedly tells Hayate "I think the spell has faded". She doesn't say this in the manga.
    • Additionally, in this episode, the fence separating the train tracks and the sidewalk is shown to be a short metal fence, whereas in the manga, it was a large chain link fence.
  • After hitting Hayate, after he had asked her for a loan for train fare, Hinagiku says "Even if I'm invited to a movie I want to see, I'd.." while facing Hayate. In the manga, she said this while she had her back turned to him.
    • Additionally, Hinagiku's unheard line to Hayate as a train was passing by is heard in the manga.
  • Afterwards, Hinagiku grabs Hayate by his tie and tells him that the next time he asks her out it should be on his own intention. This is not present in this episode.


  • While searching Nagi's room for the Kurotsubaki, Ruri stumbles upon two doujinshis entitled 30 Days of Soul Burning & Time Traveler. These are the two books that Nagi and Ruka sold respectfully during their competition at NatsuComi in the manga and during the flashback sequence from that event in Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth.