The Fifth Night
Zero-Raws Hayate no Gotoku! Can`t Take My Eyes Off You - 05 Title
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Japanese Title第五夜
Romanized TitleDaigo Ya
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Hayate Ayasaki
Sonia Shaflnarz
CM Part A
Nagi Sanzenin
Chiharu Harukaze
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Same As Part A
On Air31 October 2012
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EndingKoi no Wana
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Hayate no Gotoku! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Episode 5 - The Fifth Night aired on October 31st 2012.


Angry at Maria for always scolding her, Nagi orders Hayate to follow her around looking for some reason for her to scold the maid herself. Unable to find any bad traits about the maid, Hayate stumbles on Yukiji who invites him for lunch just to learn that she has no money and intends to have him pay the bill. Meanwhile, Maria calls Mikado and asks about why there is no pictures or any info about Nagi's father, and he responds that all evidence of his existance was erased by him, as according to him, he was just a con artist who married Yukariko aiming for the Sanzenin fortune. As Hayate argues with Yukiji, both Ruri and Sonia appear and start ordering food, increasing the bill. As the four argue about who will pay the bill, a thief breaks into the restaurant, giving an opening for both Sonia and Ruri to flee. The thief claims that he is stealing money for the sake of his sick little sister's medical expenses and Yukiji reprimands him while pointing his own gun at him and Hayate. Hinagiku appears mistaking her sister for the thief and stops her. With the thief turning himself in to the police and Hinagiku leaving with her sister, Hayate remains alone at the restaurant, calling Maria asking her to help with the expenses.

Adapted From

Volume 10

Volume 34

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 361
  • At the Sanzenin Mansion, Maria scolds Nagi for not going to school. This is not present in the manga.
  • During Chiharu's flashback of how Nagi was scolded by Maria for leaving her clothes lying around, Chiharu is shown to be standing on a second floor balcony while drinking coffee, whereas in the manga, Chiharu was standing a few feet away from them.
    • Additionally Maria and Chiharu's clothing was altered for this scene. In the manga, Maria is shown to be wearing her summer uniform, while Chiharu wore a tank over her T-shirt that read "Love", whereas in this episode, Maria is wearing her winter maid uniform and the words on Chiharu's shirt are omitted.
  • While reflecting on Maria's lecture to Nagi, Chiharu tells Hayate that Maria sounded like a mother, while they both where at Hakuo Academy, whereas in the manga, she told him at the Violet Mansion.
  • Wanting to scold Maria herself, Nagi orders Hayate to follow Maria. This happens in Hakuo Academy, whereas in the manga, it took place in the Violet Mansion.
  • While following Maria, Hayate notes to himself that he has become a stalker. This happens while he is standing behind a glass door, whereas in the manga, he says it while standing behind a tree.
  • The hamburger restaurant Maria goes into has a big yellow "W" in its logo, whereas in the manga, it had an "M".
  • After using her voucher for a free strawberry milkshake, an employee of the restaurant tries to encourage Maria into ordering a hamburger with her free shake. This is not present in the manga.
  • Still following Maria, Hayate observed her drink her shake with a pair of binoculars while standing in a phone booth a few feet outside the restaurant, whereas in the manga, Hayate observed her (without any binoculars) while she sat on a bench in a nearby park.
  • While at the park, Hayate watches Maria pull a trapped cat among a bunch of abandoned household appliances. This is not present in this episode.
  • Continuing his observation at a clothing store, Hayate notices Maria buy black material for her handmade maid uniform. This scene is omitted in this episode.
  • While talking to Nagi on the phone, Hayate watches Maria buy an ice cream bar outside a small chain store, whereas in the manga, she bought it while inside the store.
    • Additionally, the store owner is shown to be wearing a short sleeved T-shirt, whereas in the manga, the owner was wearing a buttoned up sweater.
  • The store owner's conversation with Maria on how she'd make a good wife is not present in the manga.
  • Maria returns to the Sanzenin Mansion, whereas in the manga, she went to the Violet Mansion.
  • After returning , Maria notices that Nagi is still upset from earlier and pulls the ice cream bar she bought earlier out of the freezer before giving it to Nagi, whereas in the manga, Maria took it out of her bag after returning to the mansion.
  • While watching Maria give Nagi her ice cream bar, Hayate remarks that Maria is really like a mother, whereas in the manga, Chiharu was the one who originally said it.
  • After hearing Hayate's comment, Maria sternly tells him that she's not old enough to have a child of Nagi's age. This is not present in the manga.
Chapter 105
  • After wasting her money, Yukiji requests a loan from her sister, telling her that she wants to use the money to eat beansprouts. This is not present in this episode
    • Additionally, Yukiji is shown to be wearing a yellow jacket over a blue shirt and capris, whereas in the manga, she wore a dark colored jacket and a dress.
    • Also, Hinagiku is shown to be wearing her summer Hakuo uniform, whereas in the manga, she wore her winter uniform.
  • After being denied, Yukiji tells Hinagiku that she was a lot nicer earlier, which prompts Hinagiku to have a flashback of her date with Hayate earlier. This is not present in the manga.
  • After hearing her sister remark that she'd have to find a loan shark, Hinagiku points the Shirosakura at Yukiji, whereas in the manga, Hinagiku points the Masamune at her.
  • After reminding her of how they had no where to live after their parents left them with an 80 million yen debt, Yukiji's sheepish remark of how Hinagiku was able to remember that when she was six years old is omitted in this episode.
  • As Yukiji apologizes to her sister, the Hakuo clock tower reads 4:10 PM, whereas in the manga, it read 11:35 AM.
  • While at Deathny's, after ordering a large amount of food, Yukiji argues with Hayate over the bill causing a waitress to remind them not to disturb the other customers, whereas in the manga, the waitress reminded them to pay their bill.
  • After coming up with a plan to call someone to lend them money to pay their bill, Hayate learns that Yukiji doesn't own a cell phone. This is not present in this episode.
    • Additionally, Hayate is shown to be using a smart phone, whereas in the manga, he had a much older cell phone.
  • After having foiled Yukiji's attempt of leaving the restaurant, Sonia and Ruri suddenly appear eating at their table, whereas in the manga, it was originally Himuro who had Ruri's role in this episode.
  • Seeing them at their table, Hayate asks Sonia why they where in the restaurant, to which she tells him that they plan to "dine and dash", whereas in the manga, Hayate asked Himuro this question.
  • As Hayate argues with Sonia, Yukiji tries to slip away, but is stopped by Hayate who throws the restaurant bill at her, whereas in the manga, Yukiji was stopped by Himuro after he had thrown a rose at her.
  • After having stopped Yukiji, Hayate immediately stops Sonia and Ruri from leaving the restaurant. This is not present in the manga.
  • Hayate, Yukiji, Sonia and Ruri's monologue of how the last one left in the restaurant would be the one to pay the bill, was not present in the manga.
  • While watching the news at Hakuo Academy, Hinagiku is shown to be drinking coffee from a green tea cup. In the manga she was drinking from a white coffee mug.
  • The thief is shown to be wearing a white sleeveless hoodie, whereas in the manga, he wore a camouflage colored sleeveless hoodie.
  • Maria and Nagi watching a report about an armed thief on the news at the Sanzenin Mansion is not present in this episode.
Chapter 106
  • After the thief is thrown into the booth by Yukiji, Ruri immediately confiscates his machine gun, whereas in the manga, Himuro pierced the barrel of the thief's gun with five roses.
  • After having his gun taken away by Ruri, she tells the thief to order something followed by Sonia who rises her head above a booth agreeing with her in a cryptic manner, whereas in the manga, Sonia immediately pulled out a hand gun and placed it to the thief's head and ordered him to take a seat. 
  • In an attempt to calm the thief down, Hayate brings him a cup of coffee urging him not to stir up the criminals much to Yukiji and Sonia's annoyance. This is not present in this episode.
  • Sonia interrupts the thief and Yukiji's argument by offering to bring Hayate, Yukiji, Ruri and the thief drinks from the drink station, whereas in the manga, Himuro's cell phone interrupted their argument.
  • After having left to bring everyone drinks from the drink station, Sonia makes her escape and is seen running away comically from the restaurant, after everyone had realized that their was no drink station in the restaurant. In the manga, Sonia immediately disappeared from the restaurant after having learned that Wataru had finished school and would be at the video store.
  • After Sonia had left, Ruri immediately gets on the table and jumps out the window after having "slipped" much to Hayate, Yukiji and the thief's disbelief, whereas in the manga, Himuro immediately disappeared from the restaurant after receiving word from his master who had finished his lessons and needed to be picked up.
  • While explaining his dilemma to Hayate and Yukiji, the thief is shown to be not holding his gun, whereas in the manga, he still had it.
  • After having picked up the thief's gun, Yukiji places the gun on a nearby table, whereas in the manga, she held onto the gun.
  • After misinterpreting the hostage situation, Hinagiku rushes into the restaurant and hits Yukiji on the head with a shinai, whereas in the manga, she hit her with the Masamune.
  • While confronting her sister, Hinagiku has a flashback of when she and Yukiji had bought a meat bun at a convenience store when they where homeless. This is not present in the manga.
  • After the thief agreed to surrender, Hinagiku notices him and asks who he is, to which both Hayate and Yukiji answer her question, whereas in the manga, only Yukiji answered.
  • As the thief is being escorted out of the restaurant by the police, the clover detective's assistant tells the thief that a new cure was invented for the thief's younger sister's condition. This is not present in this episode.


  • The fast food chain where Maria bought a strawberry milkshake using a coupon is a parody of McDonald's, as noted by the upside down yellow M on the logo.
  • The restaurant in this episode Deathny's name is a parody of the restaurant chain Denny's.
  • The armed robber is seen wearing a mask similar to Lilith's who is from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.



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