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The Sixth Night
Zero-Raws Hayate no Gotoku! Can`t Take My Eyes Off You - 06 Title.png
Episode Info
Season S3
Episode 6
Japanese Title 第六夜
Romanized Title Dairoku Ya
OPED Segment
Hayate Ayasaki
Hakuo Three Amiga
Britney (cameo)
CM Part A
Hayate Ayasaki
Hakuo Three Amiga
CM Part B
Nagi Sanzenin
Ayumu Nishizawa
On Air 7 November 2012
Theme Song Info
Ending Koi no Wana
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Hayate no Gotoku! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Episode 6 - The Sixth Night aired on November 7th 2012.


Silver Week has arrived but Nagi has no interest to go to Las Vegas and retrieve her late father's possessions, rathering to spend the day with Hayate instead. Later she pays a visit to the Violet Mansion, just to find that Ruri is alone there. Unable to leave when it starts raining, Nagi manages to have Ruri confess that her true motive is to obtain the elusive Kurotsubaki, a treasure believed to be in possession of the Sanzenin family and Nagi asks her grandfather by phone about it. However, Mikado refuses to say anything beyond the fact that the treasure was stolen 13 years ago and she breaks her smartphone in anger. When the rain worsens into a storm, the two girls struggle to keep the house by themselves, Ruri saves Nagi from being hit by a large tree branch carried by the wind. When the storm passes, Hayate appears at the mansion and he gets a call from Mikado who reveals to Nagi that the Kurotsubaki was stolen by her father.


  • While shopping with Hayate, Nagi notices a box of fish sausages featuring the cast of the first season from The World God Only Knows.
  • After breaking her cell phone, Nagi mentions that she got the phone last month after breaking her previous phone is a reference to when she smashed her cell phone in Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth.