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Cuties Episode 10
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Episode Info
Season S4
Episode 10
Main Character(s) Maria
CM Part A
Nagi Sanzenin
Hayate Ayasaki
CM Part B
Same As Part A
On Air 17 June 2013
Theme Song Info
Opening Haru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
Ending Yakusoku
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 10 aired on June 17th 2013.


At Hakuou Academy, Shiori fixes a tape recorder for Yukiji by replacing the parts with her's which is also broken. Yukiji thanks her and says that Shiori is really a genius. This reminds Shiori of the time when she was a Hakuou student 7 years ago. She never got the top position in the class, though, because the top position always belonged to Maria, who was the student council president at that time.

In a flashback, Shiori came in a hurry to tell Maria that snow was falling. Maria then took out the Kotatsu for warming both of them. Maria was asking about the new club that Shiori started. Shiori answered that she started the Motion Picture Research Club, the predecessor of the The Hakuou Three Amiga's club in the present. The purpose of this club was to record the growth of Maria because Shiori is amazed at how academic and cute Maria is. She showed Maria camera photos for example, but Maria broke it like it was an accident. Maria told Shiori that she can't show her videos. So Shiori changed to start with the sound recording instead. But she had to meet the teacher about her thesis. This left Maria with the sound recorder alone. Maria tried to record her singing, but it ended up that Shiori forgot something and came back. So Maria decided to destroy the sound recorder like it was an accident. But she totally forgot about the tape. Back in the present, Yukiji found that tape and was curious about what the contents were. She trys to play it but gets interrupted by Maria who come out of nowhere. Maria shows that she is the owner of that tape and come to take it back. The fact is she just remember it in time before any of her cute traits in the past were exposed by that tape.

At the Sanzenin Mansion, Maria discovers a love letter for Hayate. However, he wants to turn it down. He asks Maria for advice but discovers that Maria can't help him in this situation. Hayate opens it and finds out that the content looks like the letter of a girl who loves obsessively. He thinks he will reply to her with a gentle letter for refusal. Then Nagi advises him that returning a strict reply to the sender should make an obsessive lover give up. After they come back from putting the reply letter in the post box, a second letter comes to the mansion quickly. The sender replies a horror letter to Hayate which now scares him. Nagi advises Hayate and Maria to go on a fake date in order to drive away the sender.

At the date scenario, Hayate and Maria follow Nagi's script about the dating. But Ayumu meets them accidentally and thinks that they're going out for real and ends up stalking them. Nagi comes to the Violet Mansion to explain about the situation to Sakuya and Isumi. This reveals that the sender is Linn who was bored and used Isumi's stationery to make a prank letter. He gets enraged at seeing Hayate dating Maria and decides to go destroy this date. Nagi's script tells Hayate to try on the girl's clothes even though it's embarrassing. Hinagiku who also came here to see a cute big teddy bear accidentally met Maria with Hayate while Maria tries on a swimsuit. She found Ayumu and both agree to follow Hayate and Maria to make sure about their relationship.

Lastly Hayate and Maria go to an aquarium. Linn tries to get involved by possessing a penguin and plans to do skinship with Maria. But ends up falling into Hayate's arms instead. They run into Ayumu and Hinagiku and they ask if they're really dating, and respond with that it's just their imagination. At sundown, Maria hopes she'll find a boyfriend like Hayate someday.

Adapted From

Volume 15

Volume 18

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 160
  • Yukiji's cassette player is labeled as "Samy Malkman", whereas in the  manga, it was labeled "Suny Walkman."
  • Yukiji's clothing has been slightly altered, in this episode, she is shown to be wearing a light green button up long sleeve shirt over a turquoise shirt and light green pants, whereas in the manga, she wore a long sleeve T-shirt and jeans.
    • Additionally,Yukiji is shown to be wearing a bandage on her forehead in the manga, whereas in the anime she didn't have one on.
  • During Makimura's flashback, a window is seen behind Maria while she was in the student council office, whereas in the manga, it was a portrait of the Hakuou school insignia.
  • Maria is shown to be reading a Shounen Sunday in Polynesian, whereas in the manga, she was reading a Polynesian Famitsu.
    • Additionally, Maria's ribbon in her hair is shown to be yellow in this episode, whereas in the manga, it was black.
  • After giving her name to her, Makimura suggests to Maria that she could call her "mini Maria-chan". This is not present in this episode.
  • Maria brings up the video research club in her conversation with Makimura, whereas in the manga, it was Makimura who brought it up.
  • As Makimura shows Maria of the footage of her on her video camera, the images of Maria taking a shower is omitted in this episode.
  • A few trophies and rewards can be seen behind Makimura as Yukiji discusses the tape with her, whereas in the manga, a bulletin board was shown behind Makimura.
  • At the Sanzenin Mansion, Hayate and Nagi wondering on why Maria suddenly left is not present in this episode.
Chapter 189
  • After finding a love letter in the mail for Hayate, Maria goes to a room where Nagi discusses with Hayate the dangers of google street view. This is not present in this episode.
  • While discussing the love letter he got in the mail, Maria and Hayate are shown to be walking in a hallway, whereas in the manga, they discussed the letter while in the kitchen of the Sanzenin Mansion.
  • Nagi's clothing has been altered, in this episode, she is shown to be wearing a pink jacket over a white shirt and a blue skirt, whereas in the manga, she wore a long sleeved T-shirt with a happy face logo and a dark skirt with black stockings.
  • As Nagi recommends to both Hayate and Maria that they should take the classic romantic comedy route, both Maria and Hayate are shown to be shocked, whereas in the manga, they where both confused upon hearing her recommendation.
    • Additionally, they are shown to be inside the Sanzenin Mansion, whereas in the manga, they were outside by the front gates.
  • As Ayumu stops in front of a book store at the shopping district, she notices Maria meeting Hayate for their "date", which prompts her into following them. This is not present in the manga.
Chapter 190
  • Nagi discusses her scenario of Hayate and Maria's date with Sakuya and Isumi at the Violet Mansion, whereas in the manga, Nagi spoke with only Sakuya while at the Sanzenin Mansion.
    • Additionally,Sakuya's clothing has been altered, in this episode, she is shown wearing a light green and orange hoodie over a turquoise shirt and a skirt with black stockings, whereas in the manga, she wore a long sleeved T-shirt, a black skirt and socks.
  • Linn gets angry after learning that Hayate ended up going on a date with Maria after using the fake love letter he sent him earlier. This takes place in the Violet Mansion, whereas in the manga, it took place at the Sanzenin Mansion.
    • Additionally, Linn is not shown to be wearing his crucifix necklace in this episode.
  • During Linn's flashback, Linn is shown to be writing the love letter he sent to Hayate in the storage room at the Violet Mansion, whereas in the manga, it was revealed that he wrote it at the Saginomiya household in the previous chapter.
  • Ayumu finds Hayate crossdressing at a woman's clothing store, after having following them there from earlier, whereas in the manga, Ayumu saw Hayate crossdressing after having failed many times drawing a lottery ticket to win a trip abroad for Golden week.
    • Additionally, Ayumu is shown to be wearing her Shiomi highschool uniform, whereas in the manga, she wore a jersey T-shirt and a skirt.
  • Upon seeing Hayate in girls clothing, Ayumu thinks of the word "crash", whereas in the manga, she thought to herself that she should go on a trip.
  • In a toy aisle, Hinagiku hugs a giant stuffed bear. This is not present in the manga.
    • Additionally, Hinagiku is shown to be wearing her Hakuou Academy uniform, whereas in the manga, she wore a light colored frilled shirt and black shorts.
  • While in the shopping center, Hinagiku thinks to herself of her dislike of airplanes. This is not present in this episode.
  • Upon seeing Maria in a swimsuit, Hinagiku thinks of the word "crash", whereas in the manga, she thought to herself that she should go on a trip.
  • Afterwards, Ayumu pulls Hinagiku back to the toy aisle to continue following Hayate and Maria, whereas in the manga, Ayumu and Hinagiku notice each other while following Hayate and Maria.
  • Wanting to catch up to Hayate and Maria, Linn buys a train ticket at a train station. This is not present in this episode.
Chapter 191
  • At the Sanzenin Mansion, Nagi discusses with Sakuya on how the "girl" who sent the love letter to Hayate would give up after seeing him with Maria. This is absent in this episode.
  • Maria's casual clothing has been slightly altered, in this episode, she is shown to be wearing a orange sweater with a white and light green scarf, whereas in the manga, she wore a striped long sleeve T-shirt accessorized with a necklace.
  • After following Hayate and Maria to the aquarium, Ayumu accidently gives Hinagiku the idea that Hayate and Maria are "intimate". This is omitted in this episode.
  • While looking in the aquarium, Maria notices a fish that resembles Nagi. This is absent in this episode.
  • While at the dolphin show, it is shown that there is a large crowd viewing the dolphins, whereas in the manga, there were only a few people viewing them.
  • Before leaving the penguin habitat, Hayate puts Linn back with the other penguins. This is not present in the manga.
  • While Hayate and Maria reflect on their date at the aquarium they both notice Ayumu and Hinagiku after the latter pushed a button for an audio recording near an exhibit, whereas in the manga, Hayate notices the both of them standing in front of him as he was talking to Maria about his date with her.
  • After Hayate and Maria leave the aquarium, Hinagiku suggests to Ayumu that Hayate and Maria's explanation for their date might have been a lie. This is not present in this episode.


  • In the teacher's facility, Yukiji is seen with a Samy Malkman. This is a parody of a Sony Walkman.
  • During Makimura's flashback, Makimura finds Maria in the student council office reading a Polynesian Shounen Sunday.
  • In the second part of the commercial connecting theater, Hayate suggests to Nagi that Maria might conceal a sword in her broom and utter the phrase "Once again, I have cut a worthless object.". This is a reference to the character Goemon Ishikawa XIII from the series Lupin III.
    • Additionally, Nagi suggests to Hayate that Maria transforms every night into a pretty soldier in a mini-skirt and punishes people in the name of the moon. This is a reference to the character Sailor Moon from the series Sailor Moon.
  • Nagi's pose as she explains her scenario for Hayate and Maria's date is a parody of Keima Katsuragi from the series The World God Only Knows.
  • After Nagi tells Maria and Hayate about the date plan, both Hayate and Maria's shocked faces are parodies of Glass Mask.
  • The Tanuki from inside the Kurotsubaki from CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU makes a cameo appearance by appearing in a group of penguins as Linn Regiostar makes an attempt to get a hug from Maria by jumping at her.
  • In the Animax english dub, when Sakuya goes through the script Nagi had made for Hayate and Maria's fake date, she mentions Nagi and Hayate are on the fake date despite both the facts that Nagi is in her presence and that it is Maria who is with Hayate on the fake date. This is a dub error on Sakuya's voice actress's part.