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Cuties Episode 11
"Chapter 1 : Who's Knocking on the Door?"
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Episode Info
Season S4
Episode 11
Japanese Title ドアをノックするのは誰だ?
Romanized Title Doa o nokku suru no wa dareda?
English Title Who's Knocking on the Door?
On Air 24 June 2013
Theme Song Info
Opening Haru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
Ending Suiyobi no Sunday
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 11, title name as "Who's Knocking on the Door?" (ドアをノックするのは誰だ? Doa o nokku suru no wa dareda??) aired on June 24th 2013.


While sleeping, Hayate has an odd dream. Inside his dream, the Tanuki from within the Kurotsubaki along with the Clock Man appear and tell him about the other curse of the Kurotsubaki. Both of them ask Hayate for a big request. In the morning at Sanzenin Mansion, for some reason Nagi won't wake up. Because of his dream, Hayate asks Maria if she has ever kissed someone before. And he found out that she has not.

At the Violet Mansion, Hinagiku went to school early than usual. Ayumu, Chiharu, and Kayura are having breakfast that Klaus prepared. When Klaus asked them to try fried Japanese whiting (鱚 or キス in Katakana Kisu?), both Chiharu and Ayumu seem to be blushing. Kayura explains that the name of the fish also means "Kissing", too. That make both Chiharu and Ayumu leave to school without finishing their meals.

At Hakuo Academy, Hayate thinks about that dream and decides something. He then goes to the student council room and asks Hinagiku for kissing but makes her mad. This reveals that many girls around Hayate including The Hakuo Three Amiga had a dream about a "kiss by Hayate". During lunch, the girls discuss it would have to be someone who loves Hayate to kiss him. Aika seriously doubts that would happen, but Kayura objects that anyone would like a troublesome guy like Hayate and she shows them footage of Kyonosuke's affection for Yukiji.

Worried if the dream is true and that Hayate must break this curse, he goes off to find someone whom he could kiss. Isumi and Sakuya also leave to seek more information about this problem. He bumps into Ayumu at the exact spot where they first met. Ayumu also had a dream about the kiss too. Hayate thinks that the best person should be her who has an affection to him. So Hayate belives this is his chance to lift the curse. But Fumi and Sharna interrupt them so it failed. Hayate tried asking Athena but ended up getting shocked by a stun gun. He then asks Ruka and Chiharu and both of them said they can't do something so impulsive. He tries to fake an accident and kiss Maria. But he has no guts to do it.

Back in his dream the Tanuki and the Clock Man explain to Hayate about the other curse of the Kurotsubaki. This makes Hayate decide to fight Yukiji and kiss her but she is a very strong opponent. The other curse of the Kurotsubaki makes Nagi unable to wake up. If Hayate doesn't kiss someone by the stroke of midnight he and Nagi will be separated forever. Will he be able to lift the curse and help Nagi before midnight?


  • Both the Tanuki and Kurotsubaki use the term In English (英語で言うと Eigo de?) to describe the situation. This is a parody of the title name of Hayate no Gotoku! Season 1 Episode 1 and the chapter name of Hayate no Gotoku! Manga Chapter 2, "In English, 'Unmei' Means 'Destiny'" (運命は、英語で言うとデスティニー Unmei wa, Eigo de Iu to Desutinī?).
  • During his dream, Hayate performs a "palo special" on the Kurotsubaki. This is a move used by Warsman from the series Kinnikuman.
  • During lunch at Hakuou Academy, Miki pulls out her video camera which is labeled "Samy". This is a pun on Sony.
  • While at a book store, Chiharu makes an attempt to buy a light novel called "I Usually Keep My Cool, But Since I Dreamed of That Kiss...", which the cover of the book strongly resembles the first volume of the light novel Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.
    • Additionally, the character on the cover heavily resembles Kirino Kousaka.
  • During his dream, the Tanuki pulls out a bottle labeled Moco Moco, which the label vaguely resembles the Coca-Cola logo.