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Cuties Episode 12
"Chapter 2 : I Will Love and Be Loved in My Life"
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Episode Info
Season S4
Episode 12
Japanese Title 愛し愛されて生きるのさ
Romanized Title Itoshi aisarete ikirunosa
English Title I Will Love and Be Loved in My Life
On Air 1 July 2013
Theme Song Info
Opening Haru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
Ending Invitation ~ Kun toiru basho de ~
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 12, title name as "I Will Love and Be Loved in My Life" (愛し愛されて生きるのさ Itoshi aisarete ikirunosa?) aired on July 1st 2013.


Back to Hayate's dream. Both the Tanuki and the Clock Man remind him about the curse and tell him to hurry before it's too late. Nagi still won't wake up no matter how much Maria calls for her.

Very concerned about Hayate, Hinagiku goes to find him and decides that she will allow the kiss. She meets Ayumu on the way. They then know that both of them had a dream about Hayate's kiss and are still looking for him. The Hakuo Three Amiga overheard their conversation and called them in for a discussion about the situation. Hayate comes to ask Ruka for help but gets interrupted by Kayura who says that he can't ask an idol for a kiss. Kayura advises him to ask Chiharu instead. Hayate then makes an appointment with Chiharu at the park.

At the Violet Mansion, Hayate comes back to change his clothes. Athena now understanding the situation tells him that she doesn't mind kissing him but Linn and Armageddon get in the way. Hayate sees that the time is nearly to the appointment so he leaves. Hinagiku calls for Hayate at the mansion but there is no answer. Ruka met up with Hinagiku and the others and mentions that she ran into Hayate earlier during an interview and also tried to kiss him but Kayura denied it.

At Shimoda, Isumi and Sakuya come to pick up the still active Kurotsubaki, the cause of the curse. Hayate arrived at the park but couldn't find Chiharu. He then calls for her and knows that she still has work. Hayate finds Armageddon and chases him for taking his clothes but ends up being taken to the hospital after running into the police. Hinagiku and the others find Kayura. Ruka asks Kayura for the location of Hayate but failed because the Hakuo Three Amiga make Kayura answer about only cosplay things.

Chiharu calls for Hayate about what he asked for. After she knows the request about the kiss, she hangs up. Hayate thinks that he has no hope left. More concerned about Hayate, Hinagiku, Ayumu and Ruka decide to find Hayate one more time. Kayura tells them that he should be at the park. Everyone leaves to find him. Chiharu thinks back about Hayate's request and feels embarrassed at first, but she changes her mind later in order to save Nagi and goes to the park. Hayate finds Yukiji and reluctantly challenges her for a kiss, however before he could Kyonosuke arrives and carries Yukiji away.

Five minutes before midnight, Hayate is in a predicament now that all the other girls have found him. All of them ask Hayate who he will be kissing with. Both the Tanuki and the Clock Man are monitoring the situation. They discuss that they overdid it and miscalculated about Hayate missing the solution. Nagi overheard them and found out about Hayate being faced with the ultimate decision to save her. She then decides to meet him.

At the park, Maria, Sakuya, and Isumi bring over the dozy Nagi who is still under the curse of the Kurotsubaki to Hayate. She explains it doesn’t matter about herself. Kissing someone with another reason than love is forbidden. Hayate doesn't have to go through so much trouble to save her, because Hayate is more important to her and she would always have him as her butler and protect her. After Nagi said that she went back to sleep. Hayate understands that he can't take something precious like a kiss. Now Hayate found out the way to wake up the sleeping beauty. He kisses Nagi on the forehead. The curse lifted and Nagi wakes up embarrassed. Hayate corrects everyone that he meant a kiss on the forehead not on the lips, leaving the girls confused and relieved. The Tanuki and the Clock Man turn back into Yukariko and Shin while watching them. They leave this world without concern after they see that Nagi is happy with her friends.