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Cuties Episode 2
"Nagi Sanzenin"
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Episode Info
Season S4
Episode 2
Main Character(s) Nagi Sanzenin
CM Part A
Hayate Ayasaki
Nagi Sanzenin
CM Part B
Hayate Ayasaki
On Air 15 April 2013
Theme Song Info
Opening Haru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
Ending Asterisk
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 2 aired on April 15th 2013.


Nagi is playing her fierce video games that is not allowed for her age while she introduces herself. Hayate warns her about her game that Maria will be angry but she doesn't listen. In the end Maria instantly unplugs the TV to make her stop playing.

One morning, Nagi inadvertently wakes up early at the Sanzenin Mansion. She trys to go back to sleep but fails. Nagi then takes a walk outside and discovers how the early mornings can be so delightful. She started to feel hungry and follows a scent of cooking and found Hayate in the kitchen. Hayate asks her why she came to the kitchen and then found out that she was hungry. He made a quick breakfast for Nagi and served her black coffee. She found out about that and scolded him for thinking that she would fall asleep after eating. After eating breakfast, Nagi nearly lost to her sleepy and fell to sleep. She tries not to get sleepy by doing some exercise which isn’t easy for someone of her lifestyle. That made her really tired and ends up in that she goes back to bed. Maria is confused that Nagi was sleeping in different clothes.

After Nagi woke up again she felt bored and decide to go visit Doujinshi. Game. Comic. V. Tachibana to rent some DVDs. There Nagi found a R-18 naked DVD put on the wrong shelf by Saki. She trys to see the box cover but gets interrupted by Hayate and Wataru. In order to rent it without problem, Nagi mixes the DVD with a stack of random ones in order to get it. However, when she presents it to Shiranui in her tree house Nagi found out she had grabbed an R-18 horror DVD by mistake when Hayate approached her at the shop. Nagi decides to watch it because it is still R-18. Wataru found out about that DVD and tells Saki about how scary the movie is. Ending up watching the whole film Nagi becomes terrified. Because of her fears, Nagi begs Hayate to stay by her side all day until she’d fallen asleep and suppres her fears. That's mean he needs to stay with her until bedtime. Maria didn't allow this at first, but she had no choice except to allow it. During the night, Nagi tries to sleep but can't because of the conversation about her bad behaviors between Maria and Hayate. After Nagi falls asleep she has a nightmare. Hayate whispers to her and gives her a good dream. Next morning, Maria found out about that DVD. She also watches the film and its déjà vu.

Shifting back to the Violet Mansion, Nagi decides not to go to school because of the rain. Because Maria has the shopping to do she leaves everything to Hayate. He thinks that Nagi is so lazy like a koala. Nagi founds out about what he was thinking and scolds him. Hayate tries to persuade her but it doesn't work. Nagi tells him that she lost all of her motivation because of her manga. Isumi, who would like to go to school but got lost again advised Hayate that Nagi always lose to famous quotes. Hayate tries one on Nagi. It's works but is not enough to make her willing to go to school. Hayate asks for a quote from Hinagiku. But that quote is too hard for Nagi to understand. He ask from Ayumu but also fails. Hayate tries the quote from Chiharu on Nagi but ends up making her loss more motivation. Maria comes back and finds out about the situation. She lends Nagi some money saying it represents life. Turn your life into yen, and you have only enough to buy one game console. This amount will never increase. This quote finally inspires Nagi to go to school together with Hayate admitting that morning days are interesting.

Adapted From

Volume 17

Volume 19

Volume 32

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 197
  • Upon waking up at 4:22 in the morning, Nagi tries to go back to sleep only to get up one minute later, whereas in the manga, Nagi checked her alarm clock two minutes later before deciding to get up out of bed.
  • As Nagi walks outside the Sanzenin Mansion, it is shown that the sun was already out, whereas in the manga it was dawn.
  • While admiring the morning, Nagi's line about how she has to show Hayate is not present in the manga.
    • Additionally, Nagi's clothing has been altered, in this episode she is shown to be wearing an orange sweater and a green skirt, whereas in the manga, she wore a dark colored long sleeved T-shirt and a skirt with stockings.
  • After realizing that she's hungry, Nagi's line to herself was altered. In this episode, Nagi said to herself that she couldn't wake Maria up just to have her make breakfast, whereas in the manga, Nagi noted to herself that Maria wouldn't be awake for another four and a half hours.
  • After smelling Hayate's cooking, Nagi watches Hayate make miso soup at the entrance of the kitchen. This is absent in this episode.
    • Additionally, Hayate is shown to be just wearing his butler's uniform, whereas in the manga, Hayate also wore an apron and a cloth over his head while he was cooking.
  • While cooking Nagi's breakfast, Hayate's remark to Nagi about how he was surprised to see her wake up so early in the morning before Nagi tells him that waking up early has lead her to a new discovery is not present in the manga.
  • After giving Nagi an egg and tomato stir-fry for her breakfast, Nagi is shown to be eating it with a spoon, whereas in the manga, she ate with chopsticks.
  • Before giving Nagi her coffee, Hayate tells Nagi the early riser gets the three mon before explaining to her what the three mon is worth, whereas in the manga, Nagi said the early bird gets the worm as she was drinking her coffee.
Chapter 174
  • After waking up, Nagi watches the afternoon news before deciding to rent some DVDs at Wataru's store. This is not present in the manga.
  • Nagi and Hayate go to Wataru's new store Doujinshi. Game. Comic. V. Tachibana to rent some DVDs, whereas in the manga they went to his old store Rental Video V Tachibana.
  • While at the video store, Nagi is still shown to be wearing an orange sweater and a green skirt, whereas in the manga, she wore a sweater featuring The Order of the Black Knights insignia and a skirt with black stockings.
  • While looking at an R-18 DVD, Nagi is startled by Hayate who points her in the direction of the anime section, whereas in the manga, Nagi is startled by Wataru who asked her if she found anything good.
  • While reflecting on why an R-18 DVD was on the wrong shelf, Saki is seen behind Nagi wearing her uniform for Wataru's new store, whereas in the manga, Saki wore her usual maid uniform.
  • While attempting to pull the R-18 DVD from the shelf, Wataru approaches Nagi from behind informing her that the movies she's looking at are old. This is not present in the manga.
  • After knocking over some DVDs, Wataru's line to Nagi informing her not to jumble his DVDs is absent in this episode.
  • Wataru's conversation with Nagi after she brought a large stack of DVDs to the register is absent in the manga.
  • While scanning the stack of DVD's, Wataru's question on why she's renting an old movie is absent in this episode.
  • Back at the Sanzenin Mansion, it is shown that Nagi has a large tree house with many windows and possible rooms that is accessible by a large stairway, whereas in the manga, the treehouse had a single room and was only accessible by a ladder.
    • Additionally, Nagi hung a "Do Not Enter" sign outside her treehouse. This is not present in this episode.
  • Back at Wataru's store, Wataru and Saki pick up the DVDs Nagi dropped earlier where he informs Saki that he accidently rented out an R-18 DVD entitled Vattalion to Nagi. This is not present in the manga.
  • While watching Vattalion, Nagi is shown to be sitting on a large purple cushion, whereas in the manga, she sat on the floor.
  • After finishing the movie, Nagi erratically asks Shiranui if all horror movies are scary In this scene Shiranui is shown to be just as panicked as Nagi, whereas in the manga, he is shown to be calm.
  • After questioning Shiranui, the wind blows the curtains of an open window, startling both Nagi and Shiranui, whereas in the manga, a DVD case falls over startling Nagi.
  • In Nagi's room, Nagi is shown to be wearing pajamas with star designs on them, whereas in the manga, she wore pajamas with triangular designs.
    • Additionally, Nagi's room is shown to have an above ceiling aquarium,  whereas in the manga, there was no such thing.
Chapter 339
  • At the Violet Mansion, Nagi is shown to be wearing her winter Hakuo Academy uniform, whereas in the manga, she wore her summer uniform.
  • After giving her reasons on why she can't go to school due to the rain, Nagi's trivia to Hayate about how people say kamehameha in that song but the lyrics are actually king hamehameha is absent in this episode.
  • After going back to bed, Nagi's futon is shown to have a checkered pattern, whereas in the manga, it had a flower pattern.
  • While trying to get her out of bed, Hayate questions Nagi before reminding her that the early riser gets the three mon. This is not present in the manga.
  • Nagi tells Hayate that she has to draw something new for the upcoming doujinshi competition, but can't come up with anything to draw so she's distancing herself from manga by sleeping. Whereas in the manga, Nagi tells him that she is distancing herself from manga since her defeat to Ruka at Comisun.
  • After receiving advise from Isumi, Hayate calls Hinagiku, Ayumu and Chiharu to gather famous quotes to use to get Nagi out of bed, whereas in the manga, Hayate only calls Chiharu.
    • Additionally, while Hayate spoke to Chiharu on the phone, she is shown to be on a escalator heading to the clock tower at Hakuo Academy, whereas in the manga, Chiharu stood underneath an archway at Hakuo Academy.
    • Also, Chiharu is shown to be wearing her winter uniform in this episode, whereas in the manga, she wore her summer uniform.
  • While attempting to get Nagi to go to school, Nagi tells Hayate that she doesn't have the will to play Segagaga Sanshiro on the Dreamnyast, whereas in the manga, Nagi eagerly reminds Hayate that the HD PS3 release of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are out before he reminds her that the manga is set in 2005.
  • Irritated after hearing Hayate's quote, Nagi decides to waste the day by playing video games, in this episode she is shown to be playing a Dreamnyast, whereas in the manga, she played a PS3.
  • After recieving 24,262 yen from Maria, Nagi asks Maria if she's supposed to use the money to buy another Dreamnyast, whereas in the manga, she asked Maria if she was supposed to buy another PS3.
  • While leaving the Violet Mansion, Nagi reminds Hayate of the early riser gets the three mon saying while heading to school. This is not present in the manga.
    • Additionally it is shown to be slightly sunny as they leave for school, whereas in the manga, it was still raining.
  • While watching Hayate and Nagi leave for school, Maria ponders on what to make for dinner. This is absent in this episode.


  • In the beginning of the episode, when Nagi is introducing herself, she is seen playing a video game using a Ybox controller which resembles the controller for the Xbox 360.
    • The video game Nagi appears to be playing resembles Call of Duty.
  • After finishing breakfast, Nagi watchs an anime called Zettai Curry - Chilled, Even? which is a parody of the series Zettai Karen Children.
  • While at the Violet Mansion the Tanuki from inside the Kurotsubaki from CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU makes a cameo appearance in Nagi's room as Hayate tries to motivate her into going to school.
  • While asking Ayumu for quotes that will motivate Nagi, Ayumu mentions the famous dogs Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.
    • In addition, she brings up the phrase "16 shots per second" this is a reference to Takahashi Meijin who was famous for his fast trigger finger speed of 16 shots per second during the 1980s
    • Finally, Ayumu also says Conan Edogawa's famous quote "There is only one truth" from the Detective Conan series.
  • As Hayate tries to persuade Nagi to go to school, she tells him that she doesn't have the will to play the video game Segagaga Sanshiro. This is a reference to the game Segagaga.
  • After refusing to go to school and then being aggravated by Hayate to get out of bed, Nagi is seen playing a Sega Dreamcast.