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Cuties Episode 3
"Athena Tennousu"
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Episode Info
Season S4
Episode 3
Main Character(s) Athena Tennousu
CM Part A
Hayate Ayasaki
Athena Tennousu
CM Part B
Linn Regiostar
Athena Tennousu
Hayate Ayasaki*
Nagi Sanzenin*
*This character was portrayed as a TV character
On Air 22 April 2013
Theme Song Info
Opening Haru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
Ending Isogaba Smile!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 3 aired on April 22nd 2013.


Having to sleep late again, Athena Tennousu as Alice takes in some sunlight for refreshments. Hayate gave her some ringlet-shaped chocolate. Suddenly, a big dog approaches Athena then licks her. She demands Hayate to find its owner. While they search for the dog’s owner on the streets, Athena disciplines the dog. Fumi appears declaring the dog, Armageddon, is hers. Armageddon quickly tackles onto Fumi, just as they leave Athena says she likes Armageddon, and Fumi responds he likes her too but because of her ringlet-shaped hair. The next day, Wataru struggles with the pile of money that Sakuya had delivered to him in order to keep his business funded. Hayate and Saki offer to help deposit the money into the bank account despite Wataru’s denial. Walking on the streets, Armageddon and Yukiji suddenly appear then the dog snatches the briefcase full of money and runs off. He shows Fumi the briefcase, freaking out, Fumi plans to hand it over to the police, but her friend Sharna Alamgir said she would be considered a suspect. Meanwhile, Saki blames herself for losing the money, while Hayate goes looking for the briefcase he found that Armageddon brought it to Athena, but finds the money inside the briefcase gone. Fumi and Sharna gather to help search for the money, then Hayate rushes to Tama to have him translate for Armageddon to find out where the money is. Despite being insulted by the dog, Tama confirms the money has been stolen by bandits. Tracking down their hideout, Yukiji beats up the bandits as Hayate and Wataru arrive to retrieve the money. With the money finally deposited Athena tells Wataru that he should comfort Saki and so he does. Nagi and Athena are left alone together for the day. They warm up some Nikuman to eat but overcooked it. Thinking what to do now, Linn the ghost priest mentions they should go find Hayate at the Cafe Donguri to have him make dinner for them. Accepting the idea, they head out, but along the way Nagi and Athena get lost since their not familiar with the direction. Following the uphill, they manage to arrive at the cafe and desperately demand Hayate to make them Nikuman.

Adapted From

Volume 29

Volume 30

Volume 32

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 306
  • Maria greets Hayate, while looking at a missing dog flyer before leaving the Violet Mansion to go shopping is not present in this episode.
  • Upon waking up, Alice is shown to be wearing a light blue night gown. While in the manga she wore a pair of button up pajamas.
  • While going to the back of the mansion to get some sunlight, Alice is leaves her hair down, while in the manga, she fixes her hair before heading down stairs.
  • After rushing to Alice after hearing her scream, Hayate comically tries to pull Armageddon off of her but to no avail, as opposed to the manga where he easily pulls him off her.
  • Upon finding her dog, Fumi is shown to be wearing a long sleeved t-shirt with turquoise colored pants, while in the manga she wears her usual red track suit.
  • Later at night at the Violet Mansion, Hayate realizes that without her memories or powers, Alice is just a lost girl thats been alone in a strange place before asking her if she would like him to accompany her to bed is absent in this episode.
  • Hayate simply calls Athena by the nickname he gave her "A-tan" throughout this chapter, whereas in this episode, he just calls her by her current alias, "Alice".
Chapter 316
  • Sakuya loans Wataru 100 million yen in order to keep his business funded, while in the manga, she gave him the loan for him to start a new business after his video store went through a slump.
  • The events involving Wataru recieving Sakuya's loan took place in Doujinshi. Game. Comic. V. Tachibana, while in the manga it took place at this old store Rental Video V Tachibana.
  • Saki is seen wearing the Doujinshi. Game. Comic. V. Tachibana version of her maid uniform, while in the manga she wore her usual uniform as it originally took place before she started working there.
Chapter 317
  • As Armageddon flees from Fumi, with the briefcase with a 100 million yen, he is confronted by two thieves in a back alley. This is not present in the manga
  • While trying to figure out how to find the lost money, Wataru comforts Saki at a playground in the park, while in the manga they where both at the same spot where Armageddon took the money from them at the park.
  • Wataru sharing his realization to Saki of how he mustn't let of of things that are truly important is absent in this episode.
  • As Armageddon brings the briefcase to the Violet Mansion, Alice is seen wearing an orange dress, while in the manga she wore a pair of button up pajamas.
Chapter 318
  • Coming to the realization that Tama could translate for Armageddon to find out where the money is , Hayate rushes out to the Sanzenin Mansion to bring Tama to them, while in the manga he goes inside the Violet Mansion and brings him outside.
  • As Hayate informs Wataru on what happend to the money, Alice has Armageddon sniff the briefcase to pick up on the scent of who might have stolen the money, this is not present in the manga.
  • After talking to Hayate on his cell phone, Wataru looks at his King's jewel before Isumi calls out to him informing him that Sakuya asked her to come there, before leading him to the location of where the stolen money is not absent in this episode.
  • As Armageddon leads Hayate and Alice to various restaurants then to the location of where the thieves took the money is not present in the manga.
  • Wataru and Isumi's conversation before he heads into the abandoned building where the stolen money is absent in this episode.
  • Wataru and Hayate witness Yukiji beat up both thieves before retrieving the money, while in the manga it was just Wataru who witnesses this.
  • After deposting the money in the bank, Wataru thanks both Armageddon and Alice, after hearing him bring up Saki, Alice tells him that he should protect Saki and make sure that she doesnt slip through his fingers, while in the manga, Wataru speaks to Isumi, who points out to him that he likes Saki and that the 100 million yen could bring happiness to the person he likes most.
  • After returning to his store, during his conversation with Saki, Wataru informs her that he is going to drop out of Hakuou Academy is absent in this episode.
  • Back at the Violet Mansion, Fumi points out to Alice that Armageddon likes her more due to her hair resembling a chocolate cornet is absent in the manga.
Chapter 346
  • While at a vending machine, Nagi is shown to have a credit card called Cutbank while Alice had an American Exponets card. In the manga the American Exponets and Cutbank cards belonged to Nagi and Alice respectfully.
  • Realizng that they couldn't use their credit cards on the vending machine, Nagi tries to use her Suinya card, this is not present in the manga.


  • When Alice and Hayate were waiting at a crosswalk with Armageddon, a picture of Haqua from The World God Only Knows can be seen between two people behind them.
  • As Armageddon lead Alice and Hayate to various locations to help find Wataru's lost money, the Tanuki from inside the Kurotsubaki from CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU makes a cameo appearance on the windowsill of a Kebab resturant.
  • After being confronted by Yukiji it is shown that the two thieves that stole Wataru's money are the same two that kidnapped Nagi in episode 1 of CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU.
  • Wanting to buy drinks from a vending machine both Nagi and Alice are shown to have credit cards called Cutbank and American Exponets which are names based on the actual credit cards Citibank and American Express.
    • Realizing that they cannot use their credit cards on the machine, Nagi pulls out her Suinya card, which is shown not having enough funds on it to buy a single drink. This was previously shown why in episode 1 of CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU 
  • While on their way to Cafe Donguri, the convenience store Nagi and Alice pass by is called 8-Eleven which is based on the convenience store 7-Eleven.

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