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Cuties Episode 5
"Hinagiku Katsura"
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Episode Info
Season S4
Episode 5
Main Character(s) Hinagiku Katsura
CM Part A
Hakuou Three Amiga
Hinagiku Katsura
CM Part B
Sergeant Doughnut
Hinagiku Katsura
Hakuou Three Amiga
On Air 6 May 2013
Theme Song Info
Opening Haru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
Ending Daikirai wa koi no hajimari
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 5 aired on May 6th 2013.


In front of the fountains near the clock tower of Hakuou Academy, Hinagiku turns around and smiles in front of a video camera, who then awkwardly introduces herself as the student council president of the school before asking her older sister Yukiji what she intends to use the video footage for. Yukiji tells her that she intends to use it for a school guide for kids who try to get into the school the following year before pulling out a black swimsuit asking her younger sister to change into it to encourage her future underclassmen. Annoyed after being handed the swimsuit, Hinagiku then notices her sister drop a bunch of flyers advertising pre-orders for "Hinagiku Katsura's forbidden swimsuit DVD". Having been exposed, Yukiji sheepishly confesses to her sister that she already used up her paycheck for the month and was hoping to make some money off the film she was making. Irritated, Hinagiku asks her if she is familiar with "usage rights" before pulling out the Shirosakura reminding her that selling another person's image is a crime. Having her plan foiled, Yukiji calls her younger sister stingy, short tempered and flat chested then tells her that she should be more fragile while she ran away. After yelling back at her older sister while still holding onto the swimsuit, Hinagiku notices that the top has pads inside of it, leaving her in a depressed state.

Later in the day, in the student council room, Hinagiku reflects on Yukiji's words, before overhearing a loud commotion in the next room. Seeing what the cause of it is, she finds Risa playfully chasing Izumi around the room while Miki is sitting on a pillow eating snacks. Seeing how the three of them are acting Hinagiku reminds the trio that they all failed the last test before Miki tells her that the three of them met up there for a study session. Annoyed with their behavior, Hayate comes into the room to deliver some paperwork from Kaoru. Heading back into her office, Hinagiku overhears Miki complaing about her stiff shoulders from all the studying she did before asking Hayate to give her a shoulder massage which he reluctantly does after being talked into it. Back in her office Hinagiku begins to feel envious that Miki got a shoulder massage from Hayate, then begins to wonder if he'll do the same if she asked him herself before realizing that her shoulders never get stiff. Upon returning to the Violet Mansion, Hinagiku finds Hayate giving Chiharu a shoulder massage then suddenly remembers that he is the apartment's butler and would give a shoulder massage for any of the residents upon request. Before she could take advantage of her privilege, Hayate notices that Chiharu has a bit of screentone from Nagi's manga on her forehead and offers to remove it. Seeing him get closer to Chiharu, Hinagiku immediately tells Chiharu that she should pick it off herself then reminds Hayate that a butler isn't one that just pampers girls and he shouldn't just go along with what any girl tells him to do. Hinagiku then realizes that with what she just said to him she rose her hurdle even higher. Breaking the tension between the three of them, Maria asks Hayate to buy some carrots and onions for dinner that night, which prompts Hinagiku to ask Nagi if they're staying over at the mansion that night. After confirming that they are, Hayate turns around and asks Hinagiku if she could help him study later that evening.

Later in the evening, in the attic of the Violet Mansion, as she helps Hayate study, Hinagiku attempts to leave a few subtle hints that she wants a shoulder massage from him, but having ignored her hints, Hinagiku broadly says "my shoulders are kinda stiff" hoping that he'd now catch her drift. Hayate bluntly turns around and shows her the text in his study book reads "Stupid" if read vertically before asking her if her shoulders are stiff. Overjoyed with him finally asking her, Hinagiku unwittingly tells him that they aren't stiff ultimately ending in her failure.

The following day, while in her room, Hinagiku reflects on the events from the previous night before letting out a deep sigh. Noticing her dilemma Alice suggests to Hinagiku that she try leaving him one more hint before giving her a reassuring thumbs up. Taking her advice Hinagiku tries to find Hayate only to find the mansion empty. She then recieves a call from Hayate on her cellphone asking her to meet him at the Sanzenin resort Sea Disgaea as soon as possible. Upon arriving Hinagiku asks him why he called her out there before Maria reavals to her that they insisted that'd she come, Seeing Izumi, Miki and Risa swimming in the artificial ocean, Hinagiku inquiries why they are there. They tell her that their shoulders got stiff after studying hard again so they decided to barge in to take a swim. Irritated with their answer, Hayate informs her that they said they'd leave only if she played with them before handing her a swimsuit asking her to change into it. Hearing the reason why he called her out there and for his sudden request, Hinagiku calls Hayate an idiot and tells him that he doesn't understand before being interrupted by an unknown foreigner. Dumbstruck, Hinagiku asks Nagi on who this person is which she herself isn't quite sure. The unknown foreigner introduces himself as Gilbert the one pursuing the Sanzenin fortune then decalres this the day that he'll defeat the Sanzenin bulter, causing Hayate to immediately hit him before asking him "how much more do i have to beat you up before you go home", . Seeing that he couldn't win Gilbert asks him to give him a handicap then suggests to him that they'd have a beach volleyball contest. Not intrested Nagi goes back to playing her PFP which prompts Gilbert to call her a spineless brat before calling Hayate a third rate butler which quickly angers her into accepting his challenge.

Gilbert tells Hayate that since he can't beat him by himself the vollyball contest will be two on two. Gilbert then introduces his partner Volleyball Pro 2000GT then tells Hayate that he will be the one to pick Hayate's partner. Beliving her to be the most fragile among the girls Gilbet picks Hinagiku, but sensing the hostility in the air, Gilbert wonders if Hinagiku is fragile before Hayate tells him that Hinagiku is a very fragile girl. Upon hearing his words Hinagiku agrees to play volleyball with him. After setting up the volleyball court, Miki excitedly pulls out a video camera hoping to film Hinagiku in a swimsuit but much to her dismay she finds her wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Before the volleyball match begins, Hayate confidently thinks to himself that victory is already assured with Hinagiku as his partner, while on the otherhand Hinagiku who happily thinks of how Hayate referred to her as a "fragile girl" decides to go all out before realizing that if she does Hayate would refer to her as a wild beast. Wanting to be viewed as feminine by Hayate, Hinagiku purposely avoids Gilbert's serve and gets hit with the ball, shocking everyone. Hinagiku acts frail in front of everyone before Gilbert calls her a weakling due to her lack of breasts which angers her in the process. While torn between choosing to act frail or defeating Gilbert on the spot, believing that she is not feeling well, Hayate apologizes to Hinagiku and confesses that with her on his side he thought he'd win the match, but with her not feeling well he's put her in danger. After hearing his confession Hinagiku reflects on the choices we are given in life before being angred even further by Gilberts comments on Hinagiku's chest size, which prompts her into destroying Gilbert's Volleyball Pro 2000GT. Shocked at the destruction of his partner, Gilbert asks Hinagiku who she is, which she introduces herself as the student council president of Hakuou Academy and declares that she will not lose. Desperately, Gilbert summons three more Volleyball Pro 2000GTs before continuing his match, escalating into a free for all match. Miki comments on how this was supposed to be beach volleyball while Risa remarks on how she didn't know that the goal of beach volleyball was to knock over your opponets with the ball. After seeing Hinagiku destroy two of the three Volleyball Pro 2000GTs, Gilbert claims that Hinagiku violated one of the major rules of beach volleyball which is that all girls must play in a swimsuit. Taking the opportunity of wanting to see Hinagiku wearing a swimsuit, Miki immediately agrees with him. Hinagiku thinks to herself that she intended to play in a swimsuit but out of embarrassment she couldn't wear one in front of Hayate. Noticing that she is shy, Gilbert assures his victory prompting Hinagiku to take off her clothes reavealing to everyone that she was wearing the swimsuit that Hayate gave her earlier. Blushing heavily, Hinagiku once again declares that she wouldn't lose before defeating Gilbert once and for all.

After the match, Hayate thanks Hinagiku for helping, taking her hand he tells her that he wants to confess on how he feels then places her t-shirt in her hands and proceeds to lecture her that she needs to work on her sense of shame and reminds her that she is a girl and that she shouldn't rip off her clothes in front of everyone as it shows too much vulnerability. Annoyed with his sudden lecture, Hinagiku punches him before he could finish his sentence. Later in the night at the Violet Mansion, while taking a bath Hinagiku reflects on how she can never be honest with her feelings, while at the Sanzenin Mansion, while preparing dinner for Nagi, Maria asks Hayate how his studies are going. Answering her question, he suddenly realizes that Hinagiku has helped him a lot recently. Back at the Violet Mansion, as Hinagiku drys her hair she notices that her shoulders are stiff, which to her surprise Hayate is right next to her who offers to massage her shoulders. Shocked from his sudden offer, Hinagiku tells him that her shoulders are not stiff before asking him if he would really give her a shoulder massage to which he tells her he'd be glad to. Overjoyed with his answer, Hinagiku happily takes him up on his offer.

Adapted From

Volume 21

Volume 32

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 340
  • The scenes taking place in the student council room, where Hinagiku lectures the Hakuou Three Amiga on their studying habits, witnessing Miki talking Hayate into giving her a shoulder massage before reflecting on these events in her office is absent in the manga.
  • Upon returning to the Violet Mansion, Hinagiku witnesses Hayate give Chiharu a shoulder massage but their conversation differs. In this episode, Hayate talks about how stiff Chiharu is before noticing that she had a number 104 screen tone from Nagi's manga on her forehead, while in the manga, Hayate told her about the "wise saying" that Maria taught Nagi earlier in the day
    • In addition, Chiharu's shoulder massage takes place during the evening, opposed to the manga, where it took place on a rainy night.
  • Upon seeing Hayate get closer to Chiharu in an attempt to remove the screen tone from Nagi's manga on her forehead, Hinagiku interrupts them both before giving them a lecture, while in the manga, Hinagiku reflects on how getting a shoulder massage from Hayate would be nice before returning to her room.
  • After Hinagiku lectures both Hayate and Chiharu, Maria asks Hayate to buy some carrots and onions for dinner before Nagi informs Hinagiku that the three of them will be spending the weekend at the Violet Mansion. This is absent in the manga.
  • Before leaving, Hayate asks Hinagiku if she could help him study later that night, while in the manga, he asks for her help studying the following day at Hakuou Academy.
  • After Hayate asks Hinagiku if her shoulders are stiff during their study session, Hinagiku tells him that they aren't in which he remarks that she is a very strong Spartan kind of person, opposed to the manga, where he simply moves on to the next problem in his text book.
  • The following day, as Hinagiku reflects on the events from the previous night, Alice notices Hinagiku's dilemma before suggesting to her that she should give Hayate one more hint in order to get a shoulder massage from him and then gives Hinagiku a reassuring thumbs up. This is absent in the manga.
Chapter 221
  • Later, while searching for Hayate in the Violet Mansion only to find that he is out, Hinagiku receives a call from him asking her to meet up with him at a undisclosed location. This is absent in the manga.
  • HInagiku goes to the Sanzenin resort Sea Disgaea, which is an indoor beach in Tokyo Japan, opposed to the manga, where all the following events below took place on a beach at Mykonos Greece.
  • After arriving at the Sanzenin resort Sea Disgaea, it is revealed that The Hakuou Three Amiga, barged into the Sanzenin resort to relax after a "long study session", opposed to the manga, where the Hakuou Three Amiga were just at a public beach.
  • Revealing to Hinagiku that the Hakuou Three Amiga would leave only if Hinagiku played with them, Hayate hands her a swimsuit. This is absent in the manga.
  • Upon making his introduction, Gilbert vows that this would be the day he'd defeat the indebted butler before being cut off by Hayate who hits him, while in the manga, Gilbert announces his intent to destroy Hayate's King's jewel to gain the Sanzenin inheritance, before being punched by him.
  • Before issuing Hayate to give him a "Handicap", Gilbert was attacked by Hayate several times in the manga whereas in the anime, Hayate only attacked him once.
  • After getting up, Gilbert attempts to attack Hayate with a spiked baseball bat before being mercilessly beaten by him. This is omitted in this episode.
  • After being beaten by Hayate, Gilbert is seen with a bump on his head, opposed to the manga, where Gilbert is seen bleeding profusely from his head.
  • Desperately Gilbert asks Hayate to give him a Handicap, which Maria asks him on what he meant by "Handicap". Gilbert then addresses her as a "nubile maid". This is absent in the manga.
  • After challenging him to a beach volleyball match, Gilbert gives his wager, if he lost his match against Hayate he'd go home, but never states what he'd get if he won, where in the manga, Gilbert's wager was if he won the King's jewel would be destroyed thus gaining the Sanzenin inheritance, but if he lost he'd never appear before them again.
  • The Volleyball Pro 2000GT introduced himself as an upgraded version of Eight whereas in the manga it was Gilbert who introduced him.
  • After Gilbert announces to Hayate that he'd choose the most fragile looking girl in the group to be Hayate's partner, Hayate fears that he'd choose Nagi to be his partner. This is absent in this episode.
  • Before picking her to be Hayate's partner, Hinagiku is shown to be present the whole time, opposed to the manga, where she comes into the group in the last minute before Gilbert picks her after assuming she's a fragile girl.
Chapter 222
  • Before the start of the volleyball match, Izumi was shown to be wearing a hoodie over her swimsuit in the manga, while in this episode she is portrayed without one.
  • Arriving to the volleyball court, Hinagiku is shown to be wearing a t-shirt that has the word "Martin" on it, where in the manga, it read "Nelten"
  • Before starting the beach volleyball match, Hinagiku is reminded by a devil Yukiji that appeared on her shoulders, that if she tries too hard during the match, Hayate won't think of her as "fragile". This is not present in the manga.
  • After seeing Hinagiku act like a fragile girl during the volleyball match, Hayate remembers that Hinagiku was acting differently from the previous night. This is absent in the manga.
Chapter 223
  • As Hayate and Hinagiku continue their match against Gilbert and his three Volleyball Pro 2000GTs, Izumi remarks on how cool both Hayate and Hinagiku are, opposed to the manga where she doesn't say anything.
  • While taking out two of the three Volleyball Pro 2000GTs, Hinagiku's monologue of how Hayate thought of her as weak but she had to get rid of the bitterness that was messing with her by winning the match, followed by his thoughts of how she is back to her usual self is omitted in this episode.
  • After Gilbert claims that Hinagiku violated one of the major rules of beach volleyball which is that all girls must play in a swimsuit, Nagi questions if it was fine for both him and Hayate to play in a tuxedo and a butler uniform, before Maria notes that they forgot to make fun of that, is also omitted in this episode.
  • After being defeated, Gilbert runs away vowing revenge. This is not present in the manga.
  • Upon thanking Hinagiku for her help, in front of everyone, Hayate tells her how he wants to confess on how he feels before handing her back her t-shirt before lecturing her about her lack of shame. In the manga, she runs away from him, where he later catches up to her then lectures her about her lack of shame.
  • Later in the night, while at the Sanzenin Mansion, Maria asks Hayate how his studies are going before he suddenly realizes that Hinagiku has helped him a lot recently. This is absent in the manga.
  • Later, at the Violet Mansion, Hayate offers Hinagiku a shoulder message, which she happily takes him up on his offer. In the manga this scene originally took place right after the end of their study session from the previous night.


  • During Hinagiku's introduction, Yukiji is seen with a video camera labeled "Samy" which is a pun on Sony.
  • The Sanzenin family's indoor artificial beach is called Sea Disgaea, which the name comes from the video game series Disgaea.
  • While at the artificial beach, Nagi is seen playing a system called PFP which is a parody of Sony's PSP.
  • While Hinagiku pretends to be frail in front of Hayate during their volleyball match against Gilbert, the Tanuki from inside the Kurotsubaki from CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU makes a cameo appearance by appearing in the shrubs in the backround.