Cuties Episode 6
"Hakuo Three Amiga"
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Episode Info
Main Character(s)Hakuo Three Amiga
CM Part A
Hakuo Three Amiga
Hinagiku Katsura
CM Part B
Same As Part A
On Air13 May 2013
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OpeningHaru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
EndingNa no ki su
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 6 aired on May 13th 2013.


Story begin at Hakuo Academy. Risa Asakaze, one of The Hakuo Three Amiga discusses with Hayate about how people have recently been calling them, the "idiot trio". And she rejects it because she is smarter than the other two. Izumi Segawa and Miki Hanabishi thrash out, saying that they both not stupid and then start arguing together with Risa, They then decide to find results on who's the smartest of the three by creating an interesting video and uploading on the internet. The loser will end up in the punishment with Hayate. However, Izumi said that she will win to help him. Hayate follows Izumi to where she’s recording a plant growing, but she accidentally kills it. Miki shows up and tells them shes going to incubate some eggs to make them hatch. However because she bought eggs from the super market they're unfertilized. Hayate corrects her in that they will never hatch. Risa presents a contraption that sets off balloons, but failed to notice them flying away without recording. In the end, it became clear to Hayate that the trio are idiots. Thinking about yesterday, the trio are in study session to take retest alone They discuss on how to be popular rather than study. They conclude that becoming more cute and blushing like Izumi will make you be more popular. Hayate comes to check on them, and Risa tries to force him into doing something shameless to Izumi for the cute and blush research. Next, Izumi does cleaning duty as punishment for being careless of the paper that Yukiji gave her to take to the class. She found that Miki forget a video camera. She puts on an embarrassing act and records it on Miki's video camera until Shiranui scares her, and then Izumi heads home. The next day, Izumi remembers that she forget to delete the video. But it turns out that the memory card was taken out by Hayate who came to pick up the PFP that Nagi forget and secretly saw that video.

Adapted From

Volume 29

Volume 33

Volume 35

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 356
  • While explaining her dilemma to Hayate, Risa takes his milk from a vending machine which reads Hakuo milk, while in the manga it read Hokkaido milk.
  • After drinking his milk, Risa throws Hayate's empty milk carton in a trash can. This is omitted in this episode.
  • After overhearing Risa's statement to Hayate that she is smarter than "those two idots", Izumi and Miki appear from behind a bench, where in the manga they appear from bushes.
    • Izumi, Miki and Risa are shown to be wearing their Hakuo winter uniforms, while in the manga they wore their summer uniforms.
  • While Izumi shows Hayate her plant, he moves closer to inspect it unaware that he was too close to her face causing her to blush. This is absent in the manga.
  • While explaining her egg incubator to Hayate and Izumi, Miki tells them that the eggs she bought were from expensive Miyazaki free-range chickens, where in the manga she mentions that they were Yodoran Hikari eggs.
Chapter 373
  • Once again, Izumi, Miki and Risa are shown to be wearing their Hakuo winter uniforms, while in the manga they wore their summer uniforms.
  • During Risa's flashback, when Hayate wishes her a Happy Birthday which then escalates into an argument on why he didn't get her a present, this causes a bunch of Hakuo students to stare at them while they're in a hallway, while in the manga they are shown to be alone.
  • When Risa calls Hinagiku for advice on how to become popular, a window is seen behind Hinagiku while she was in the student council office, where in the manga it was a portrait of the Hakuo school insignia.
    • During their conversation, Hinagiku is shown to have a red cell phone, while in the manga she uses an iPhone.
  • When Risa calls Nagi for advice on how to become popular, it is shown that Nagi is reading Magical Star Kanon 100% from a Shounen Sunday, opposed to the manga where it was shown that she was reading Nisekoi from Weekly Shounen Jump.
    • Additionally, Nagi was at the Sanzenin Mansion when she received Risa's call, while in the manga she was at the Violet Mansion.
  • After explaining her plan on how to become popular, Risa calls Izumi a "panties-showing pro", prompting Izumi to quickly tell her not to call her a pro. This is absent in the manga.
  • When returning to the classroom, Yukiji is shown to be wearing a stripped t-shirt and a skirt, while in the manga she wore a one piece dress.
Chapter 308
  • While on her way to deliver handouts for Yukiji, Izumi sees Shiranui. Immediately infatuated with him she puts the handouts down in order to pet him, while in the manga she simply looks at him.
  • Remembering that she has a job to do, Izumi picks up the handouts not realizing that she dropped a few in the process before they are blown away by the wind, while in the manga she immediately drops a bunch upon seeing Shiranui.
  • At the end of the school day, while still in the classroom, Chiharu asks Nagi if she hasn't forgotten anything, opposed to the manga where she asks her in the school hallway.
  • Learning from Izumi that she lost the handouts due to the wind, Risa remarks to her that she should have noticed it, while Miki calls Izumi careless. In the manga their lines are swapped, Miki was the one who originally said that Izumi should have noticed it, while Risa calls Izumi careless.
  • While recording herself with Miki's camera, Izumi places the camera on a book, while in the manga she didn't.
  • The following day at the Violet Mansion, Hayate reminds Nagi that she should hurry up and get to school. This is omitted in this episode.
  • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Hayate took out the SD card from Miki's camera, while in the manga Hayate formatted the memory in her camera.


  • Upon recieving Risa's call, Nagi is seen with a Shounen Sunday magazine.
  • While giving Risa advice over the phone, it is revealed that Nagi is reading through the first two chapters from Magical Star Kanon 100% which is a spin off from The World God Only Knows.
  • The Tanuki from inside the Kurotsubaki from CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU makes a cameo appearance by appearing on the desk behind Yukiji as she asks Izumi to deliver some handouts.
  • While left in charge of cleaning the classroom, Izumi notices Miki's video camera which is labeled "Samy" this is a pun on Sony.



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