Cuties Episode 7
"Ruka Suirenji"
Hayate Cuties card 07
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Main Character(s)Ruka Suirenji
CM Part A
Hayate Ayasaki
Nagi Sanzenin
CM Part B
Ruka Suirenji
On Air27 May 2013
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OpeningHaru ULALA LOVE yo Koi!!!
EndingTsuki no inori
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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 7 aired on May 27th 2013.


The episode starts off with Ruka introducing herself while she's riding a bike. She says that her career is being an idol and that the days are tough but as long as she's got her energy drink Bocari Sweet she'll be fine. It turns out this was actually showing Ruka in a commercial for a huge beverage maker. The scene then turns to Ruka and Atsumari as the former asks when the filming will be. Atsumari answers that it'll be the day after tomorrow causing Ruka to panic. Atsumari asks her if anything is wrong before telling her how lucky she is to have such a big job just falling into her lap. As Atsumari continues to say how great the whole thing is, Ruka looks at her food and says that she wants udon.

At the Violet Mansion Nagi, Hayate and Maria are watching the DVD of Ruka's concert from when she was in Las Vegas. Nagi comments that when she sees Ruka this way she realizes that she really is an idol. Hayate says that when Ruka was living at the Violet Mansion she still had time off now and then. Maria comments that it does bring back memories. Ruka is shown outside the room wearing sunglasses and a mask covering the lower part of her face. She then takes the mask off and charges into the room shouting "Home visit attack" and lightly hits Hayate on the head. They all then realize its her. While eating some udon Ruka declares that she's got trouble. Hayate asks her if the udon is good to which she replies that it is but asks him to listen. She says that she dosen't know what to do anymore and tells him that she's got this blah-blah-blah coming up. Hayate tells her that to be booked for such a big commercial is amazing. Ruka replies that her manager was thrilled and that she has the day off today. Hayate congratulates her and says that she'll have to try her hardest tomorrow. Ruka agrees that she has to try her hardest but then starts crying surprising Hayate. Nagi quietly asks Maria what is going on to which she replies that this appears to be no small matter. Hayate realizes that something has happened; Ruka replies that she can't even tell him. Hayate says he'll help her if he can and that he's always on her side. This suprises Ruka and annoys Nagi a little bit. Ruka then decides to finally tell them. They wait for her answer, which turns out to be that she can't ride a bike.

The three of them are shocked. Hayate asks her how she'll be able to film that commercial to which Ruka replies that she dosen't know. She says that this is a really big job and when she saw her manager so happy she couldn't tell her to turn it down. Hayate tells her she can't refuse or put off such a big opportunity. However as she's off until the filming tomorrow he says she can learn how to ride a bike now. The others are shocked; Ruka says it's insane, Hayate says it isn't before admitting that maybe it is. He starts to explain, but Ruka interrupts, saying that bikes barely touch the ground, clearly have poor balance and can't even stand up without support. She says that only a master or a god could ride one of those things, as she eats some more udon. Hayate grabs her udon, demanding to know if a god would need that much food. She begs him to give it back. Hayate then tells Ruka that anyone can learn to ride a bike with practice. He also tells her that he was once the fastest bike delivery boy around and that he's better at riding them than anyone else. He tells Nagi that he'll need to take some time off from work. She says it's fine, however she also asks him to put down the udon which he does. Ruka asks where they'll practice since they can't go out on the streets because she's an idol. Hayate decides that they should attach training wheels and ride around the garden. But Ruka says that training wheels seem childish and lame. Hayate shouts at her asking if this is the time to say such things. Nagi then comments that Hayate seems like a drill sergeant to which Maria agrees.

Outside Ruka starts to practice. Chiharu arrives just as she accidently runs over Maria's vegetable garden. Maria scolds both Hayate and Ruka for this. As it starts to get late Chiharu suggests that they go to Hakuou Academy to practice. After arriving Hayate asks Ruka whether she would like to be taught strictly or kindly. After her initial shock she decides to go with strict. Hayate then fires a water gun at her and tells her that she has to call him coach from here on. Hayate's technique involves tying Ruka's hands to the handlebars but she's not happy about that. He then shows her that they're on top of a hill for her to ride all the way down. Ruka panics. Hayate tells her not to worry, and pushes her down. Screaming all the way down, Ruka thinks she's going to die. The bike hits a small rock and leaves the ground; she fears the worst. But Hayate grabs the bike from behind, stopping Ruka from falling. He reassures her that the important thing is to overcome her fear of falling, and that no matter what happens, he'll be there to help her. They then continue to practice. Afterwards, Hayate tells Ruka she's done really well. But she thinks he enjoyed bullying her too much, and starts shooting him with the water gun. The next morning, at the Violet Mansion, Nagi asks Hayate how Ruka did and he says that she did well. Nagi says she can't ride a bike, and asks Hayate if he will help her. He then asks her if she wants to be taught kindly or strictly.

The filming of the commercial is a success. Hayate, Hinagiku and The Hakuou Three Amiga arrive at Ruka's concert. While waiting in line, Hayate gets a message on his phone. He tells them to go on without him, while he runs off in response to the message. In Ruka's dressing room, Hayate is dressed up as a maid, with the name of 'Maid Star'. Ruka's back-up dancer is ill so Ruka has asked Hayate to take her place. Atsumari gives Hayate the choreography sheet  for the dance moves, and leaves. Ruka thanks Hayate but also apologises for she thinks she's caused him a lot of trouble recently. Suspecting something is wrong, Hayate puts his hand on her shoulder, which is turns out to be hurt. She tells him that she fell during rehearsal. Its her left shoulder that's hurt, the side she holds the mike, and Hayate suggests that she play it safe, just for today. But Ruka says she'll be fine because she wants to make sure her fans enjoy the concert. Amazed by her positive attitude, Hayate takes a quick look at the choreography sheet, before crumpling it up. Ruka thinks he doesn't want to do it, but he says he's already memorised it. She thanks him then says she has one more request ...

Hayate checks on Ruka in her wardrobe space. Its clear that her shoulder is hurting. She explains that she wants him to help with her costume changes because she doesn't want anyone else to see that she's hurt. Hinagiku and the Three Amiga are wondering where Hayate is just as the concert starts. Hayate is impressed to see Ruka perform so well despite her injury. Ruka heads backstage for her first costume change where Hayate is waiting with her next outfit. He's very embarrassed when she undoes and drops her costume, but like a true professional, Ruka is more worried about keeping her fans waiting, and tells Hayate to quickly help her change. She then heads back to the stage. Watching from the wings, Hayate is relieved that Ruka is doing well and the concert is a success.

Someone taps him on the shoulder and asks if he's seen a "shabby butler". Hayate recognises the person - it's Gilbert Kent. Hayate immediately knocks him backstage. Not realising its Hayate, Gilbert is suprised that this maid knows his name. Hayate takes off his headdress and Gilbert immediately recognises him. Gilbert accuses Hayate of disguising himself as a girl when he knows that girls are his weakness. He then declares that this is the day he'll get the Sanzenin family fortune, and summons a robot named Idolbuster 961SP. Saying that he won't let them interfere with Ruka's concert, Hayate kicks the robot, sending it flying into a wall. Two members of staff then confuse the robot with one of the costumed people for the last song, and drag it off to the stage.

Onstage, Ruka announces the last song, and is joined by dancers in animal costumes, including the robot. Hayate demands that Gilbert stop the robot, and get it off the stage. But Gilbert breaks the remote for the robot, causing it to go berserk and attack the other dancers. Atsumari wants the robot/dancer off the stage but they can't communicate with it as it doesn't have a ear-piece. In the end, Hayate ends up doing a flying kick onto the stage, and kicks the robot off. Its then time for him to join Ruka as her back-up dancer, to the surprise of Hinagiku and the Three Amiga, who think he's doing really well. The concert ends as a success.

The next day, at the Violet Mansion, Hayate, Nagi and Maria are watching the concert on TV. Because Hayate performed well, Nagi thinks he should just become a girl. Maria pulls out another dress for him to wear, much to Hayate's unhappiness.

Adapted From

Volume 28

Volume 33

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 357
  • While eating lunch, Atsumari informs Ruka that she's been booked to star in a commercial for the energy drink called Bocari Sweet. This is absent in the manga.
  • At the Violet Mansion, Nagi, Maria and Hayate watch Ruka's concert from Las Vegas on TV, while reflecting on the time she lived at the Violet Mansion. This is also absent in the manga.
  • Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ruka charges into the room shouting "Home visit attack" and lightly hits Hayate on the head. This is also absent in the manga.
    • Additionally Ruka's clothing has been slightly altered, in this episode Ruka is shown to be wearing a yellow long sleeved T-shirt and blue shorts, whereas in the manga she wore a dark colored long sleeved T-shirt and longer length shorts.
  • After explaining her dilemma, Ruka tells Hayate, Nagi and Maria that she can't ride a bike, whereas in the manga Ruka only told Hayate.
  • After revealing that she couldn't ride a bike, Ruka mentions that she never had a bike when she was younger due to her family being poor. This is omitted in this episode.
  • After telling Hayate that her manager and company president were overjoyed about the commercial , Ruka mentions that she's been practicing on how to ride a bike between jobs. This is also omitted in this episode.
  • After telling Ruka that he'll teach her how to ride a bike, Hayate tells Nagi that he'll be busy for the rest of the day before she tells him to put down Ruka's udon. This is absent in the manga.
  • While in the same room, Hayate informs Ruka that she'll have to use training wheels before she sheepishly says they are childish and lame while eating her udon, whereas in the manga this event took place in the backyard of the Violet Mansion
  • While Ruka is practicing riding a bike in the backyard, Chiharu walks in wearing her winter Hakuo Academy uniform, whereas in the manga she wore her summer uniform.
  • After asking, Hayate explains to Chiharu that Ruka can't ride a bike and is using the backyard to practice. This is omitted in this episode.
  • Chiharu and Nagi's commentary while Maria scolds both Hayate and Ruka for ruining her vegetable garden is absent in the manga.
Chapter 358
  • While at Hakuo Academy at night, Chiharu's clothing has been altered, in this episode Chiharu is shown to be wearing a button up jacket over a pink shirt with a purple frilled skirt, whereas in the manga, she wore a long sleeved shirt with a black singlet underneath and a denim skirt.
  • Before leaving to buy drinks, Chiharu ponders to herself that she came along because she was worried about leaving Hayate and Ruka alone at Hakuo Academy campus, whereas in the manga, she came along because she was worried that Ruka might have feelings for Hayate.
  • Upon returning with drinks, Chiharu ponders to herself if Ruka has feelings for Hayate as she watches Ruka chase Hayate with a water gun. This is omitted in this episode.
  • The following day at the Violet Mansion, as Nagi asks Hayate if he could teach her how to ride a bike next, she is shown to be eating toast, whereas in the manga she was eating rice.
    • Additionally, Nagi's clothing was altered, in this episode she is wearing a hoodie, whereas in the manga, she wore a long sleeved T-shirt.
  • After agreeing to teach her how to ride a bike, Hayate asks Nagi if she would like to be taught kindly or strictly prompting her to say kindly. This is omitted in this episode.
    • Additionally, Hayate tutoring Nagi on how to ride a bike with a Tricycle, Hayate's comment on how Nagi is still underdeveloped and Nagi getting enraged at Hayate for commenting on her size are absent in the Manga.
Chapter 298
  • While waiting outside the concert hall, both Hayate and Hinagiku run into the Hakuo Three Amiga. This is absent in the manga.
    • Additionally, only Hayate was present before the concert began as he was at the backstage helping out with the stage crew prepare before starting Ruka's concert.
  • While waiting in line to get inside, Hayate recieves a call from Ruka to meet her backstage. This is also absent in the manga.
  • After arriving backstage, Hayate is forced to dress as a maid and is asked by Atsumari and Ruka to fill in for a background dancer who fell ill, whereas in the manga, Hayate came from a doujinshi convention dressed like that.
  • Atsumari's comment about how good Hayate looks in the maid uniform before asking if he'd like to join their agency is absent in the manga.
  • Upon finding out that Ruka is hurt, Hayate learns from her that she got injured earlier during rehearsal by falling off a rig, whereas in the manga, Ruka was injured while Hayate was fighting off Yozora's robots at the doujinshi convention from earlier.
  • After hearing Ruka say that she has to make sure her fans have a good time, Hayate agrees to fill in for the background dancer after crumbling up the choreography papers. This is absent in the manga.
  • While backstage, Ruka explains to Hayate that he needs him to prepare a costume for her for every three songs. Here she is shown to be wearing a stage costume, whereas in the manga she was wearing her regular clothes.
  • While in between songs, Ruka changes her costume in front of Hayate. Here she is shown not to be wearing anything underneath her top, whereas in the manga, she wore a strapless bra.
  • After helping her change costumes, Ruka thanks Hayate before going back on stage, whereas in the manga she kissed him on the cheek before going to the stage.
  • Before the last song, Hayate is approached by Gilbert, whereas in the manga, he was approached by Yozora Housen and her robot.
  • Confusing him for a girl, Gilbert asks Hayate if he saw a shabby butler around, which causes him to punch Gilbert, whereas in the manga, it is Hayate who is punched by Yozora's robot.
Chapter 299
  • Believing that Hayate dressed as a girl to catch him off guard, Gilbert summons his robot Idolbuster 961SP, then vows to get the Sanzenin fortune by defeating him, whereas in the manga, Yozora asked Hayate to return the photo of the 28th.
  • Not wanting them to disturb Ruka's concert, Hayate immediately kicks Gilbert's robot Idolbuster 961SP, whereas in the manga, Hayate kicked Yozora's robot out of self defense after it tried to attack him.
  • At the beginning of Yoki Shoujo no tame no Pavane, Miki tells Hinagiku and Risa that people in animal costumes take the stage and dance during Ruka's last song. In the manga, it was Chiharu who said this to Nagi.
    • Additionally, Hinagiku and the Three Amigas were not present at Ruka's concert in the Manga.
  • During her final song, Ruka is shown to be wearing a T-shirt and shorts, whereas in the manga, she wore a strapless dress.
  • After Idolbuster 961SP is put out on stage, Hayate asks Gilbert to do something which he refuses to do anything, in response Hayate gives him a death glare, whereas in the manga, Yozora offers to do something once he returned the photo of the 28th in which he complies.
  • Intimidated by Hayate, Gilbert tries to call it back by using the controls for Idolbuster 961SP, but to his surprise they break, whereas in the manga, Yozora tries to call it back by snapping her fingers, but doesn't work much to her astonishment.
  • Ruka noticing the background dancers on stage getting attacked by the robot is omitted in this episode.
  • Seeing Idolbuster 961SP attack the background dancers on stage, Hayate grabs Gilbert by the collar in a threatening manner, whereas in the manga, Hayate yells at Yozora causing her to yell back at him.
  • Seeing the robot act out, Atsumari orders for it to be taken off stage, whereas in the manga, it was the stage director who said it.
  • After kicking the robot off stage, Ruka signals for Hayate to join her on stage. This is absent in the manga.
    • Also, Ruka getting the audiences' attention back to her by doing a back flip after Hayate had kicked the robot off the stage is not present in this episode.
  • After Hayate kicked the robot off the stage, Hinagiku asked the Three Amigas if it was Hayate who she saw, whereas in the Manga, Chiharu asked Nagi if Hayate was the one she saw.
  • The stage director commenting that Hayate did great by taking care of the robot is not present in this episode.
  • While joining her on stage, Hayate dances along with Ruka as she sings her last song. This is also absent in the manga.
  • Ruka meeting the backstage crew after her concert was a success and giving Hayate a thumbs up is not present in this episode.
    • Additionally, Ruka fainting backstage after the concert is not present in this episode either.
  • While watching Ruka and Hayate's performance on TV, Nagi tells Hayate that he might as well become a girl, which prompts Maria to pull out a sailor fuku asking Hayate to wear it. This is also absent in the manga.
    • Additionally, in the Manga, Nagi saw the concert live with Chiharu and Maria was not present.


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