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The Value of My Life is Priceless
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 11
Japanese Title 僕の命の価値はプライスレス
Romanized Title Boku no Inochi no Kachi wa Puraisuresu
English Title The Value of My Life is Priceless
1st skip
skip Character(s)
Mikado Sanzenin
Length 24:36
On Air 10 June 2007 (Ja)
25 June 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Hayate No Gotoku!
Ending Proof
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 11, title name as The Value of My Life is Priceless (僕の命の価値はプライスレス Boku no Inochi no Kachi wa Puraisuresu?) aired on June 10th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on June 25th 2009.


Maria asked Nagi that she would visit her grandfather who lives far away from there, and to introduce Hayate. Nagi's grandfather is named Mikado Sanzenin, the head of the Sanzenin family, although Nagi never liked the idea, especially when Nagi told Hayate that Mikado will make him cease to exist. While they are on their way to Mikado's house, Sakuya came along when she is a relative to the Sanzenin family. Sakuya also warned Hayate about what type of person Mikado is. When they arrived at Mikado's house, the butlers and maids welcomed them, though they find Hayate a suspicious looking person, which makes him feel depressed due to his poor luck. In the guest room, Hayate still felt depressed because he knew he was not welcome there, while Nagi tells him to get over it.

When Hayate was walking outside and touched an expensive vase, he met an old man who is taking care of the garden outside the house. The old man wants Hayate to follow him to the cliff from far away to get a view, only to see Nagi and Maria changing their clothes from far away before Hayate dragged the old man away. The old man asked Hayate why does he have a debt of 150 million yen while Hayate explained to him about what happened for the past few weeks. But suddenly, the old man said that Hayate's life is worthless and reveals himself as Mikado Sanzenin. Mikado threw something at Hayate, which is a pendant with a dark glowing aura, in order for Hayate to make his life worthwhile and forget the debt. Before the first part ended, Nagi, Maria, and Sakuya were trying to make a punchline, but it was a failure.

Mikado asked Nagi about the Sanzenin estate, in which Nagi finds it no big deal. When Mikado offended Nagi for drawing a manga, Nagi hits Mikado really hard. Afterwards, Mikado warned Nagi about her death coming by. Elsewhere, when Hayate sat down in front of the house thinking about money. Then, Nagi ran to Hayate and tells him that they should return home. Just then, a pendant glows even more and a mysterious enemy appears in order to attack Hayate with a sword. This man is called Gilbert Kent, a fake foreigner who can inherit the Sanzenin estate. Before the fight, Mikado explained to Nagi that when he dies someday, Nagi will be the only one with the estate. And when that day comes, she would give up her estate and apologize with her tears. However, Nagi refuses that offer to Gilbert, which leaves him no choice but to kill Hayate. Hayate can see what will happen if Nagi doesn't want to give up her estate in the future. However, Hayate refuses to let that happen to Nagi and he charges to Gilbert in order to defeat him with one kick. After the fight, Hayate makes a promise to Nagi that he will protect her from any harm. When Hayate, Nagi, and Maria left to return home, Mikado warned Hayate not to lose a pendant. Sakuya appeared out of nowhere hitting Mikado with a fan, only to realize that they left without her and she feels alone and depressed.

Adapted From

Volume 2

Differences in the Manga

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Cultural References

  • When Nagi tells Hayate what type of person her grandfather is, she tells him that in terms of Dragon **est, he'd be Zo**. This is a reference to Zoma from Dragon Quest III.
  • After Mikado had handed Hayate a king's jewel, Hayate asks him if it was a Levistone. This is a reference to Sheeta's amulet from the movie Castle in the Sky.
  • As Sakuya tries to hit Nagi with her paper fan, Nagi tells her that form of gag is already old. In this scene Nagi bares a strong resemblance to Gihren Zabi from the series Mobile Suit Gundam.