I Won't Lose Even If I Lose
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Episode Info
Japanese Title負けてもマケンドー
Romanized TitleMaketemo Makendō
English TitleI Won't Lose Even If I Lose
1st skip
Kaede Nonohara (1st)
Hinagiku Katsura (2nd)
skip Character(s)
Koutarou Azumamiya (1st)
Tama (2nd)
On Air15 July 2007 (Ja)
2 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningHayate No Gotoku!
EndingGet My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 16, title name as I Won't Lose Even If I Lose (負けてもマケンドー Maketemo Makendō?) aired on July 15th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 2nd 2009.


After last episode's recap, Koutarou said that his combat butler, Kaede, will be Hayate's opponent. After Kaede introduced himself to Hayate, Koutarou ordered Kaede to defeat Hayate, but before the fight, Kaede attack his own master telling that if he is man enough to fight him, and yet Kaede is still beating Koutarou to a pulp. Himuro informed Hayate that being a butler is a big responsibility to guide his master to the right course. When Kaede was about to finish Koutarou, Hinagiku cuts in and saves Koutarou, even though she called him a weak crybaby. Koutarou wants Nagi to fight him when he said that the masters should fight each other, and the same goes for the butlers to fight each other; Kaede liked that idea for that. Hinagiku decides that she will fight against Koutarou to take Nagi's place, knowing the fact that Koutarou is the weakest member of the kendo club. Koutarou had no choice but to fight her in order to prove his strength.

The moment has arrived, Hinagiku versus Koutarou, and Hayate versus Kaede. After the fight begins, Kaede makes his move and starts to attack Hayate trying to block the attack. Koutarou charges to Hinagiku as she blocks his attack. Hinagiku easily distracts Koutarou and hits him in the head, instantly winning the match. Himuro begins to wonder if Hayate is strong enough to defeat Kaede since he moves so fast. Hinagiku tried to ask Hayate about his match, but Kaede striked Hayate with his firepower, literally with fire. Himuro told Hinagiku that Kaede used his ultimate move, a special technique that only professional butlers can use that power to defeat anyone in their way. Hayate was quickly getting exhausted and tried to stand up, realizing how powerful Kaede is, but he is not giving up and will not let Nagi down. Hayate tries to fight back, only to know that he doesn't have his ultimate move for the time being. Nagi believed that Hayate will win the match, while Kaede was about to finish him off with his ultimate move. After Kaede unleashed his ultimate move, he attacked Koutarou instead of Hayate, thus leaving himself wide open. Hayate striked Kaede on his head with a bamboo stick, and so, Hayate won the match.

Kaede knew that Hayate was able to beat him, especially when Hayate used the defeated Koutarou as bait to distract Kaede. When Kaede was about to leave with Koutarou, he looked forward to meet Hayate again when he masters his ultimate move so that they can fight again. Hinagiku asked Nagi that will she be able to come back to the Kendo club; however, after seeing both Hayate and Hinagiku fight, she decides not to join, and she explained that the Kendo head protectors stinks, forcing Hinagiku to hit Nagi in her head. Hinagiku then asked Hayate if he would join the Kendo club and that she will train him how to master his ultimate move, but Hayate decides that he must do this on his own. Hinagiku wants Hayate to show her his ultimate move the next time they meet. Back in the mansion, Hayate thanked Maria for helping him experience his high school life once again. Nagi wants to show Hayate where he will be training for his ultimate move, which is inside the great tiger's den. Inside the den, Tama wants Hayate to show him what he is made off, while Nagi expects Hayate to train well. Elsewhere, Ayumu was making a pancake thinking that flipping a pancake is her ultimate move, though it's not really a special move.

The epilogue shows the part that Klaus impersonates people from other animes and movies. Next, Isumi is on a train ride to go all the way to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Then, there was a part that Tama was considered a puppy for a day, though Hayate believed that Tama is not a dog at all. Also, Klaus explores the Sanzenin mansion and saw what's inside the mansion, then it shows the LDK appartments, where Ayumu lives there. Finally, the episode nearly ends when Nagi is reading another one of her mangas, laughing and crying. After she finished reading, Nagi tells the audiences that she will see them next time, ending the episode.

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Volume 5

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