Saki-san's Personal Business (National Ver.) 2007
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Episode Info
Japanese Titleサキさんのヤボ用 (全国版) 2007
Romanized TitleSaki-san no Yaboyō (Zenkokuban) Nisennana
English TitleSaki-san's Personal Business (National Ver.) 2007
1st skip
Saki Kijima
Wataru Tachibana
skip Character(s)
On Air5 August 2007 (Ja)
7 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningHayate No Gotoku!
EndingGet My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 19, title name as Saki-san's Personal Business (National Ver.) 2007 (サキさんのヤボ用 (全国版) 2007) Saki-san no Yaboyō (Zenkokuban) Nisennana?) aired on August 5th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 7th 2009.


It's nighttime, and Nagi, along with Hayate and Maria, are watching an unidentified scary movie, in which Nagi explained that she rented that movie from Wataru and that she was interested. Nagi said that she'll die if she doesn't show two more people in one week, which made Hayate scared of believing that, though both Nagi and Maria laughed when Nagi said that an unscientific thing like that doesn't exist and that Maria said that Hayate has a childish look on his face. The narrator tried to explain about that scary movie, but Hayate stops him from saying anything else. Meanwhile, at Wataru's video store, Wataru was desperate about Nagi not returning the video that she rented it and noticed that the circular movie is gone. Then, Saki went inside, and Wataru asked her to call Nagi about her expired return date; however, Saki was not in a good mood and walks away. Back at the mansion, while Hayate and Maria are spraying water at the garden, Hayate tells her that nothing happened right after they saw a movie, in which Maria told him so. Then Maria realized that she prepared the watermelons so that she and Hayate will eat. Although Maria already gave Nagi some watermelons, Nagi was still busy making another manga. When Hayate and Maria are enjoying their watermelons, Wataru appeared out of nowhere and ate a watermelon slice. Then he tells Hayate that he is here for the movie Nagi rented it, in which Hayate asked him about that movie. Wataru responded that the movie Nagi saw was a fake version or the original one, then he drew a monster that was in the movie at his notepad, and that monster looks like a cockroach, and Hayate looked at Maria with her scared face. After that, Wataru then told them that Saki was acting really weird earlier that day, wondering about her age that she was now twenty years old, which Hayate asked Wataru that is Saki going to her Coming-of-Age ceremony by next year, and that Wataru remembered that a while ago.

During his flashback, Wataru asked Saki about her upcoming birthday, which he planned to give something to her as a present, such as the kimono for her, and Saki looked forward to her present from Wataru. Back to what's happening now, Wataru begins to question himself about feeling bad that he forgot about Saki' birthday and failed to give a kimono to her. Hayate asked Maria about her Coming-of-Age ceremony, but since he knew that she is still seventeen and that she doesn't have it yet, Maria angrily asked Hayate back about making him think that she will have her ceremony, and then she giggled and walked back into the mansion. Wataru decided to ask Saki personally in his video store, and Saki responded that no one had celebrated her birthday, though she didn't mind that. Wataru went back to the mansion to ask Nagi for help, Nagi thinks Wataru wants to give her a present and she denies it, but Wataru told her that it's not for her, even if Nagi knocked Wataru down with a chair. Wataru then asked Nagi about what kind of kimono is he going to give to a certain person (Saki), so Nagi gave a map for the store to him, but before Wataru went to the store, he asked her how much will that kimono cost, which she responded that it's cheaper, which he doesn't know how is he going to earn that money to buy it. Nagi offered the money case to Wataru since they are engaged, and wants him to pay her back once he is done, but only if he accepts her offer.

The scene skips to Hayate arriving at the kitchen when it was too bright, in which Maria set up the traps surrounding the kitchen as she looked more scared than before. When Hayate stepped back and hit something without looking, Maria screamed in fear and hugs Hayate, saying that she can't handle a black rustling creature. Maria apologized to Hayate for losing control and he decided that he will protect her from that creature. Suddenly, a big cockroach came from the well and breaks in the house in front of Hayate and Maria, so Hayate took Maria and starts running away, while the cockroach chases them. Meanwhile, at the park, Saki was at the bench and she didn't know that Wataru was worried about her birthday, also her grandmother didn't called her. The narrator explained about the story of Saki's grandmother, Rei Kijima, who was the legendary housemaid when Saki was little. Rei walked through the desert with Saki in order to find her daughter and son-in-law, in which they are Saki's parents. During her trip, Rei saved the president from the assassin, solved the cases, and served delicious meals to the emperors. But then, while Rei is too old, she was about to die, until one man encountered her and wants her to live, his name is Enkyou Tachibana, President of the Tachibana clan. And with that, they were saved and Rei will fight against evil in order to repay the debt. Later, Saki encountered with Wataru, and his so-called mother was not paying attention to him because he was lonely, so Saki made a cup of tea for him so that he can drink it, though Wataru can make a better tea by himself. After the flashback, Saki wonders if she can make Wataru become a wonderful man, as the narrator said that Saki's parents are still alive somewhere and are not lost.

When Wataru left the mansion, Isumi saw him running while she is still in a car. Meanwhile, Hayate is still running away from the big cockroach while carrying Maria and tries to lose that cockroach by crossing the lake. Then, Klaus was walking around the garden with flowers, until he was sent flying by the cockroach, and the Sanzenin robots began to attack that cockroach, though it managed to dodge them. Hayate went far enough and put Maria down to her safer place, but the cockroach approached behind him. When Hayate was about to attack that cockroach, his power suddenly vanishes and it striked him down. The cockroach was about to finish Hayate off, until Maria tried to protect him from it. Although Maria is still afraid of cockroaches, she tells the cockroach to leave him alone, so the cockroach had no choice but to leave them. Hayate regained his consciousness and he said that he was going to protect Maria, but he got protected instead; however, Maria told him that he did protect her in the end. While Hayate and Maria worry about what will happen to Nagi, Isumi confronted that cockroach face to face right after her butlers were defeated. Isumi did not get lost for once and the cockroach was going to attack her, until she used her talisman in order to exterminate that cockroach. Hayate and Maria ran to Isumi asking her where was that cockroach, but Isumi already took care of that. Nagi then appeared and asked Isumi about Wataru giving her a call, although she doesn't get it.

Meanwhile, Wataru bought a cheap kimono instead of the one with sleeves, Isumi entered the room and asked him about the present that she thinks it's for her, but Wataru said that it's not, and he figured it out that it was Nagi's doing. Wataru, however, was thinking about saying something important to Isumi, but the only important thing for him to say is to give the DVD box to her so that she can watch it at home. After that, Isumi left and Saki stands in front of Wataru, so Wataru shows Saki what's inside, it was the kimono, of course. But while Saki thinks Wataru did something unreasonable when she smelled a different girl's scent, Wataru said that the kimono is a present for her, since he did not have enough money to buy an expensive kimono and forgot to bring a present to her, thinking that it was the reason why she looked down. However, Saki was only wondering what color of her cellphone should she buy the whole time, making Wataru shocked and he fell on her, but for Saki, it was thoughtful of him. Back at the mansion, Nagi realized that the kimono wasn't for Isumi as she knew Wataru refused to borrow her money, and she told Hayate and Maria that the creature from the movie didn't exist after all. When they heard that sound, Maria said that the fireworks show is nearby, so they all went to see the fireworks. During the fireworks show, after the scene of Ayumu eating grilled squid, Wataru and Saki, with her cheap kimono, were walking around and saw the fireworks, and Wataru complimented Saki's kimono. Afterwards, Maria is seeing Hayate and Nagi enjoying the fireworks show, until a little flying cockroach landed on her and she frozed in fear for a while.

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