Nagi Sanzenin's Mansion and a New Journey
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Japanese Title三千院ナギの屋敷と、新たなる旅立ち
Romanized TitleSanzen'in Nagi no Yashiki to, Aratanaru Tabidachi
English TitleNagi Sanzenin's Mansion and a New Journey
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On Air8 April 2007 (Ja)
12 June 2009 (En) - Animax dub
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OpeningHayate No Gotoku!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 2, title name as Nagi Sanzenin's Mansion and a New Journey (三千院ナギの屋敷と、新たなる旅立ち Sanzen'in Nagi no Yashiki to, Aratanaru Tabidachi?) aired on April 8th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on June 12th 2009.


After a recap of the last episode, Hayate is shown waking up in a midst of clouds. Wondering where he is, Santa Claus appears and explains to him that he is dead and that his body was drenched in so much blood, they couldn't even show it on TV. Hayate accepts his fate, saying he had no house, no family to miss him, and he managed to save Nagi from the kidnappers. Santa retorts with the facts that he tried to kidnap Nagi, though unsuccessful, and punched him in the face. In response to this, Hayate starts apologizing frantically and then wakes up in a luxurious bedroom. He thinks up of two possibilities to explain this “otherworldly splendor”: A)He was in heaven, or B)It was an illusion made by his mind to compensate for his long, poor life. Presently, Hayate thanks Santa, saying he will enjoy it to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Maria and Nagi are talking with the doctor in the foyer. The doctor reassures them that Hayate will be fine, and that Hayate's body was quite sturdy. Nagi tells Maria that she wants Hayate to be Himegami's replacement as a butler and that Hayate confessed his love to her passionately earlier. Later, Hayate and Maria end up meeting each other in the enormous bath of the mansion, resulting in an awkward talk. Hayate wonders why the “scarf person” (Maria) is also here in his dream/heaven. Maria then comments on his sturdy body and that his wounds would have opened up again for a normal person. Then, as if on cue, Hayate's wounds reopen, staining the bath red, and he becomes unconscious.

Meanwhile, Ayumu is seen walking along, then sees a shooting star, followed by a “THE END”. The narrator complains, shows a fan service shot, and then continues on with the story. Hayate awakens again in the bed he woke up from the first time. To save face after he saw her naked, Maria convinces Hayate that the bath was all a dream. Maria then explains he is in the mansion of Nagi Sanzenin, who he saved in the last episode. She then confirms the debt he has and also asks about what happened in the Park with Nagi. Hayate apologizes for trying to kidnap her, confusing Maria as she was actually asking about him confessing his love, but she tells him that it's okay. Nagi then enters and the two have a miscommunicated conversation leaving Maria at a loss as what to do. Nagi offers Hayate a live-in butler job, which he gladly accepts.

Maria tells a man sitting in his office at the mansion about Hayate becoming the new butler, but her description at first makes him think that he is a Gundam (a giant robot). He eventually says he is unacceptable and tells her to dismiss him. She does not have the heart to tell him to leave, so instead, she fills him in on his job. After a brief discussion with Maria as of what to do as a butler, she suggests he starts with cleaning. In a short amount of time, Hayate had made a room completely spotless, including the cleaning of the carpet, bust, and doorknob. Maria, shocked, wonders how he was able to do it so well. As Hayate runs off to clean the rest of the mansion, he accidently enters Nagi's study. He finds her self-drawn manga on her desk and mistakes it as a picture diary. Unfortunately, at that moment, Nagi strolls into the room. At first, she is angry with Hayate entering her private room, but then becomes infuriated when he openly tells her that he did not look at her 'picture diary', when in fact it was her manga. Nagi more or less starts to throw random objects in the room at Hayate (including a desk, books, etc.) and yells at him to 'GET OUT!'. Mistaking this as her firing him, Hayate leaves the mansion only to be found by the Yakuza/'Kind people' who he was chased by in the previous episode. Seeing him with tears leaving in a car, Maria tells Nagi what happened. Nagi, shocked by Hayate's kidnapping, proceeds to tell Maria that when she told Hayate to get out, she only meant to get out of her room.

At the docks, Hayate imagines all the horrible things that might happen to him. The images in his head make them look terrible while his comments make them sound nice (e.g. he is on a boat with other slaves rowing a huge boat with oars while his mind says he will get on a wonderful cruise). Out of the blue, a mysterious masked person named 'Mask the Money', who is actually Nagi with a mask, appears. After throwing a card into the forehead of a Yakuza member, she opens up a suit case full of money, saying it will cover Hayate's debt. When the Yakuza confirm it, they take their leave. Mask the Money starts to apologize for what Nagi did as her messenger. When Hayate, who plays along with Nagi's farce as Mask the Money, comments on having Nagi make a person dress up in a funny mask, she becomes angry again since she thought it was cool. As punishment, she does not consider it a present to him, but tells Hayate that he will have to work to pay back all the debt that she payed off for him, leaving Hayate at a loss.

Adapted From

Volume 1

Differences in the Manga

Chapter 3
  • During Hayate's dream, Santa informs Hayate that he had died earlier and was so red that they couldn't even put him on the airwaves. In the manga, Santa briefly recaps the events leading up to him being hit by the kidnapper's car and then tells Hayate that his internal organs spilled out, his eyes were gouged and his face was destroyed beyond recognition.
    • After Hayate learned of how he died, his thoughts to himself about how he "died a horrible death" are omitted in this episode.
  • After Santa had criticized Hayate by asking him if he was a kidnapper trying to act as a tragic hero, Santa brings up the previous episode of when Hayate had punched him in his mind. This is not present in the manga.
  • Inside the Sanzenin Mansion, a doctor informs Nagi and Maria that Hayate had only hit his head and that there was nothing to worry about. In the manga, the doctor only tells Maria, while outside the mansion.
    • Additionally, in this scene Maria is shown to be wearing her maid uniform. In the manga, Maria was shown to be wearing her overcoat from earlier.
    • Also, in the manga the doctor is seen carrying a hat. In this episode, he is seen without it.
  • After the doctor had left, Nagi tells Maria that she wants to make Hayate her new butler and then reveals to her that he had confessed to her "very passionately" earlier in the park. In this episode, this scene took place by the staircase in the main hall. In the manga, it took place in another room as Maria was putting on her maid uniform.
  • After Hayate had spotted Maria in the hot spring, the first thing she asks him is if the water felt good, to which he confirms by telling her that it calms him down. In the manga, Maria asks him if screaming out loud and calling for the police would be the better thing to do in the situation they were in, to which Hayate tells her that he couldn't say he really liked the police very much.
    • Additionally, in this episode, Hayate and Maria are shown sitting far apart from each other. In the manga, they were shown sitting a few feet from each other.
  • Afterwards, Maria asks Hayate if he'll attack her if their situation continued, to which he then awkwardly tells her that he isn't a criminal anymore. This is omitted in this episode.
  • Afterwards, Hayate begins to question himself if he was really in heaven, while Maria questions if boys where used to these kind of situations. This is also omitted in this episode.
  • As Hayate's wounds had opened up in the bath, the view pans up to the ceiling and the narrator notes that the bath is stained by the red agent that oozed out of Hayate's body. In the manga, the blood is shown as Hayate's wounds open up.
  • After Hayate had passed out, Maria attempts to get help before realizing that she couldn't explain the situation that she and Hayate were in. This is omitted in this episode.
  • The scene with Ayumu walking home as she ate a roasted potato and noticed a shooting star is not present in the manga.
  • As Hayate was waking up, his thoughts to himself of how he thought he had died and how he would be in heaven with Nello and Patrash are not present in this episode.
  • After Maria had told Hayate that their encounter in the bath was just a dream, Hayate asks her why the futon he was covered with was wet, which causes her to tell him that he was just sweating. This is absent in this episode.
  • As Maria revealed to Hayate that she knew of the predicament he was in, she shows him the IOU his parents had left him. In the manga, she shows him the envelope that contained the IOU.
  • As Maria began to ask Hayate about the situation in the park of how he wanted to "take Nagi away", his thoughts to himself of how his attempted kidnapping was exposed are absent in this episode.
  • While Hayate apologizes to Maria for attempting to kidnap Nagi, he is shown to be on his knees while formally apologizing. In the manga, Hayate frantically waves his arms while apologizing.
  • After Nagi had told Hayate that she didn't know him well enough and wasn't too sure about rushing into their relationship, Hayate's thoughts of how he was naïve in thinking that he'd be forgiven for saving her once are absent in this episode.
  • After Nagi had told Maria that they needed a replacement butler for Himegami, Nagi mentions how much tougher Hayate is and how he moved faster after he was hit by the kidnapper's car. In the manga, Nagi mentions how she was kidnapped because they didn't have a successor for Himegami.
  • While thinking of how Nagi is a kind girl for having forgiven him for trying to kidnap her and having offered him a live-in job, Hayate thanks Santa for having believed that he had received his first present from him. This is not present in the manga.
    • Additionally, in the manga, as Hayate reflected on how Nagi was a kind girl, he is shown to be in tears. In this episode, he is shown without them.
  • After Hayate had agreed to take the job as Nagi's butler, Maria reflects on their situation and then awkwardly asks them if they would like to have dinner. This is absent in this episode.
Chapter 4
  • As Maria informed Klaus that Nagi had hired Hayate as her new butler, Klaus is shown to be sitting at his desk. In the manga, Klaus was standing.
    • Additionally, this scene takes place during the following day. In the manga, it took place at night during the previous day.
  • After Maria had told Klaus that Hayate wasn't a Gundam, Klaus tells her that he has been studying anime to have a common interest with Nagi. This is not present in the manga.
  • When Hayate had begun his job as Nagi's butler, his uniform was altered. In this episode, Hayate is shown to be wearing his standard butler's uniform. In the manga, his butler's uniform had a longer jacket and a bowtie.
  • As Hayate and Maria greeted Nagi in the morning, her outfit was altered in this scene. In this episode, Nagi wore a pale pink short sleeved cardigan over a pink and lavender shirt, a skirt with white over the knee socks. In the manga, she wore a sweater, a skirt and striped over the knee socks.
  • As Nagi reflected on how she was mean to Hayate, her fantasy of herself sewing Hayate a white butler's uniform is not present in the manga.
  • Afterwards, as Maria calls out to her, Nagi is shown to be smiling and blushing. In the manga, was still in deep thought of how she was rude to Hayate earlier on.
  • During her conversation with Maria, Nagi tells her not to let Hayate near her study. This is absent in this episode.
  • After Hayate had asked Maria to check on the room he had finished cleaning, her line to him about how it hasn't been an hour since he has started is absent in this episode.
  • After having praised Hayate for the work he had done, Maria remembers that she forgot to tell him to stay away from Nagi's study. This is absent in this episode.
  • As Hayate was heading to the next room to clean, his vision of Nagi praising him for the work he had done is absent in this episode.
  • As Hayate continued to happily march down the hallway, he notices Nagi's study and enters it. In the manga, Hayate attempts to learn the layout of the mansion and gets lost before finding her study.
  • After having entered Nagi's study, Hayate finds a book on her desk labeled "scrapbook". In the manga, it was labeled "notebook".
  • After Nagi had told Hayate to get out of her study, she throws a bookshelf at him afterwards. This is not present in the manga.
  • After Hayate had left the Sanzenin Mansion, he is immediately greeted by the "very generous people". In this episode, they are not shown to be holding anything. In the manga, Kashiwagi (scar-eyed Yakuza member) is shown to be holding his katana sword and the bald sensitive Yakuza member was holding his Chihuahua dog.
  • After Hayate had gotten into the "very generous people's" car, Maria notices him leaving as she was returning to the mansion on her bicycle. In the manga, Maria watches Hayate from inside the mansion with a pair of theater binoculars.
  • Afterwards, Maria asks Nagi if it was really okay for Hayate to leave. In this scene, Nagi is shown to be playing a video game console. In the manga, she was drinking a cup of coffee.
Chapter 5
  • As Hayate rode to an unknown destination in the "very generous people's" car, the "three nice men"/Yakuza members comment on how Hayate's parents fail at being human beings for having to sell their son to ease their gambling debts and add that they still plan to sell Hayate. This is absent in this episode.
  • After Nagi had told Maria that she couldn't abandoned her savior, Nagi uses a phone to contact Klaus and asks him to investigate something for her. This is absent in this episode.
  • After arriving to a warehouse district, Hayate asks the "three nice men" where they had taken him, to which Kashiwagi tells him that they are at an immigration office. In the manga, Kashiwagi told him that they were at a hospital.
    • Additionally, as one of the nice men opened the warehouse door, Hayate hears voices from inside happily noting that volunteer work is waiting for them and that they will never return to Japan. This is not present in the manga.
  • Afterwards, Hayate imagines himself being on a "cruise" on a boat, then being attacked and then recruited by pirates and then becoming a wanted man. In the manga, Hayate contemplates on escaping before Kashiwagi informs him that he wasn't going to die and they were just going to extract the organs they own and then sell him to a foreign country.
  • As Hayate attempted to escape he is immediately caught and restrained by Kashiwagi and the "straight haired nice man". In the manga, the bald sensitive Yakuza member sics his Chihuahua dog on Hayate.
  • As Hayate was being restrained, the "bald sensitive nice man" shows Hayate a shabby boat and tells him that his luxury boat was ready. In the manga, the bald sensitive Yakuza member shows Hayate the IOU his parents had left him and tells him that his parents were wrong in the first place and that they should have been the ones to pay with their bodies, while the straight haired Yakuza member tries to reassure Hayate that he'll survive the surgery because he has two lungs, livers and hearts.
  • Before Hayate yells out for help, Kashiwagi tells him to shut up and that only broke people like him deserve to be sold. This is absent in the manga.
  • After Nagi had struck the "bald sensitive nice man" with a card, he immediately falls down and screams in pain causing the other two members to release Hayate and check on him. In the manga, the bald sensitive Yakuza member asks Nagi on who she is as the other two Yakuza members stood behind Hayate.
    • Additionally, as Nagi appeared in front of everyone, Hayate and two of the Yakuza members appalled reactions to her disguise are not present in this episode.
  • As Nagi introduced herself as "Mask the money", two of the nice men were shown trying to pull out the card on their leader's forehead. In the manga, the bald sensitive Yakuza member tries to interrupt Nagi's conversation with Hayate, which results in her calling him baldy leaving him in a depressed state, while the straight haired Yakuza member tries to cheer him up by telling him that he is not bald.
  • As the "bald sensitive nice man" tells Nagi that Hayate has a 156,804,000 yen debt and cannot leave unless he pays it in full, Nagi pulls out the IOU letter and asks him about it. In the manga, the bald sensitive Yakuza member is seen with the IOU letter.
  • After Hayate jumps in front of Nagi and tells the three nice men not to touch her, the "bald sensitive nice man" tells him that they won't unless he paid them 156,804,000 yen right now, to which Nagi then pays off the debt in full. In the manga, before he tells Hayate to pay back the 156,804,000 yen, the bald sensitive Yakuza member kicks him in the face and the other two members join in and attack Hayate before Nagi pays them.
  • After Nagi had presented the three Yakuza members with 156,804,000 yen, the bald sensitive Yakuza member asks her if the yen notes where real. This is absent in this episode.
  • Having accepted the 156,804,000 yen from Nagi, the "bald sensitive nice man" tells her that she needs to get the money back from Hayate now. In the manga, as he accepted the money, the bald sensitive Yakuza memeber says "they don't show mercy on those who can't pay but those who do they don't touch them" and then tells Nagi that they would be accepting the money on his behalf.
  • After Nagi had told Hayate that he must pay back the 156,804,000 yen debt in full, her mask falls off. This is not present in the manga.
  • As Maria watches Nagi yell at Hayate, Klaus is shown to be standing with three Sanzenin SP members. In the manga, only Maria and two Sanzenin SP members where present.
    • Additionally, Klaus notes to Maria that Nagi and Hayate looked like they were fighting. In the manga, one of the Sanzenin SP members tells her this.
  • Afterwards, as it began to snow, both Nagi and Hayate immediately notice the snow and happily look up to the sky. This is not present in the manga.



  • After Maria told Klaus how Hayate had saved Nagi the previous night, Klaus asks her what kind of "***dam" he is. This is a reference to the mecha anime Gundam.
  • Afterwards, Klaus informs Maria that he has been studying anime so he could have a common interest with Nagi, before saying the quote “Foolishness caused by youth”. This is a quote used by Char Aznable in Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • As Hayate was showing Maria a room he had cleaned, Hayate shows her a bust featuring Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan.
  • After Nagi had kicked Hayate out of her room, Hayate is seen being hit with a black robot toy strongly resembling Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise.
  • As the "very generous people" take Hayate to their immigration office, Hayate imagines himself being on a boat with other people. In this scene the boat features a figurehead strongly resembling the Going Merry's one from One Piece.
    • Additionally, as Hayate is seen rowing the boat, a person heavily resembling Jack from the series MÄR can be seen sitting behind him.
  • Hayate then imagines the boat he is in being attacked by pirates who strongly resemble Revy and Dutch from the series Black Lagoon.
  • Afterwards, as Hayate said he'd be recruited into the pirates crew, Hayate is shown to be dressed similar to Revy from Black Lagoon.
  • At the end of his scenario, Hayate mentions that his dream to become the "pirate king" would sink. This is a reference to Monkey D. Luffy's dream in the series One Piece.
    • Additionally, in this scene, Hayate is seen wearing Luffy's signature straw hat.

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