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I Like Books, but Sing It, Great Submarine Castle
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 20
Japanese Title 本は好きですが、歌え大竜宮城
Romanized Title Hon wa Suki desu ga, Utae Dairyūgūjō
English Title I Like Books, but Sing It, Great Submarine Castle
1st skip
Hakuou Three Amiga
skip Character(s)
Ayumu Nishizawa
Length 24:36
On Air 12 August 2007 (Ja)
8 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Hayate No Gotoku!
Ending Get My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 20, title name as I Like Books, but Sing It, Great Submarine Castle (本は好きですが、歌え大竜宮城 Hon wa Suki desu ga, Utae Dairyūgūjō?) aired on August 12th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 8th 2009.


It's a hot day in the Sanzenin mansion, as Hayate is spraying water at the flowers. Nagi went outside as she was heading for school, then Hayate tells her that it's the beginning of their summer vacation, but Nagi knew that since she said that it was a joke. While grabbing the garden hose that Hayate was holding, Nagi sprayed at the flowers when she wants to spend her summer by playing video games, watching anime, making more mangas, and fool around to her heart's content. When Hayate was saying that Nagi must be happy about it, she looked forward to spend her day with Hayate, and then she sprayed a lot of water. At Hakuou Academy, Yukiji is spending her summer off eating squid and drinking beer, until Izumi, Miki, and Risa appeared from outside of the building and wants Yukiji to join them as they will catch the beetles, even if it means by force.

Meanwhile, when Maria is cleaning up the dishes, Hayate asked her about her ultimate attack as he explained what just happened when he was in school. Hayate wants to know if Maria can use her deadly attacks, although Maria doesn't want to talk about it; however, even Nagi wants to hear that. Maria said that ultimate attacks is never easy to learn, but Hayate is eager enough to master his ultimate attack right away and also wants to know if there is a book about the ultimate attack, so Maria leads the way to the Sanzenin library. Hayate found the books that are only reserved for Nagi, both on the shelves and on the floor, but they're just mangas, and video game guides, though Nagi was being mocked at. While Hayate is searching for the book of the ultimate attacks, Nagi decides to help him find it, when Maria is walking away, she saw the book about the ultimate attacks, Hayate and Nagi found the "other" book of the ultimate attacks, only that this book is for beginners. When Hayate questions about the "Sanzenin Secret Technique", Maria explained that the secret technique was used by the butler who used to work with Nagi before, named Akane Himegami. Then Klaus appeared from hiding in the book shelves, asking Hayate if he is interested in his ultimate attack, until Nagi tells Klaus to get back to work. Nagi then decides that she will train Hayate as he followed her, although she tripped and fell on the floor.

Outside of the mansion, Nagi begins by telling Hayate what is he going to do for his ultimate attack, while Tama appeared next to him. When Nagi is reading the instructions about those who were burned by the enemies, Hayate finds that easier said than done, even Tama agreed with that. Just when Nagi read the name of the next lesson, which says about being "lovey-dovey" with a special someone, she hides it from Hayate and starts running away while reading it alone. Without looking, Nagi falls from the cliff, until Hayate saves her when she lands on him. The book was nearly useless, but it still has some moves with a special power that Hayate will master his ultimate move during summer, and he will apparently do that for Hinagiku's sake. After Nagi heard what Hayate said about Hinagiku helping him more, she burned the book to ashes and hit him really hard on his head. While Maria is mopping the floor, Hayate asked her if she can teach him the move to calm Nagi down, though she said that it requires a lot of training, and that it will take a while for him to learn the ultimate move.

Later that evening, Maria tells Hayate that Nagi ran out of the house. Although the guards are searching for Nagi, Hayate is still worried about Nagi wandering all alone, and Maria thinks that he is the reason why she left, so he went to look for her. Elsewhere, Nagi is still mad about Hayate and thinks that Hinagiku cares about him more than her, which makes her angrier and she always wanted to be like Hinagiku, even in her thinking balloon showing Hinagiku in her Kendo suit. Then, Ayumu was walking with her bicycle while drinking her sodapop and thinks about what Hayate was doing inside the mansion, as well as confronting Nagi. Just then, Ayumu and Nagi confronted each other again. Hayate found Nagi with Ayumu while he was hiding, and Maria asked him about his relationship with Ayumu, in which he responded that he and Ayumu were just classmates. Nagi told Ayumu that she owns the mansion and that Hayate is working as her butler. When Nagi was walking away, Ayumu stops her and challenges her in a one-on-one match for Hayate, Nagi then accepted her challenge and their location for their fight is the karaoke box.

Since this is Nagi's first time being in a karaoke box, Ayumu ordered the drinks before the battle begins. When Hayate is still hiding, he paid to rent the karaoke box for him and Maria right in front of where Nagi and Ayumu are in there. Hayate tells Maria about the device that she was holding, and he said that it's for requesting any song. Hayate wants Maria to sing first, but since she was not ready yet, Hayate will be the first one to sing. While Hayate is singing his song, the next room shows Ayumu singing this anime's theme song off-key and finishes it when she winked. The result of Ayumu's singing says 35%, which she failed. Nagi is next to sing, while Ayumu thought Nagi will easily lose since it's still Nagi's first time being there. However, Ayumu thought wrong, because somehow Nagi is singing her song perfectly, as the narrator explained that Nagi had special lessons when she was little. After that, the results of Nagi's singing says 100%, which means that Nagi won. However, Ayumu doesn't give up and challenges Nagi for a rematch, but in the end, Nagi reigned victorious, as Ayumu paid the money. Then, the mansion guards found Nagi and came to pick her up, before she left, though, Ayumu tells Nagi that they will meet again in their next battle, and Nagi looks forward to defeat her again. Meanwhile, Hayate and Maria are still inside the karaoke box, with Maria singing her song. Elsewhere, at the Hakuou Academy, the trio were eating watermelons and staying in Yukiji's room. Finally, at Hinagiku's house, Hinagiku finished her book report and English essay. After the ending credits, this is Isumi's first time not being in this episode.

Adapted From

Volume 5

Differences in the Manga

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Chapter 47
  • While admiring the morning as he waters the flowers, Hayate is greeted by Nagi, who surprisingly tells him that she was on her way to school before revealing to him that it was a joke. This is not present in the manga.
  • At Hakuo Academy, Yukiji lazes around in the night duty room before she is greeted by the Hakuo Three Amiga who force her into going with them to catch beetles. This is not present in the manga.
  • In the kitchen of the Sanzenin Mansion, Hayate asks Maria if she had an ultimate attack, before revealing to her that he was thinking of acquiring one after having learned from Himuro and Kaede that "professional butlers" are known to have at least one or two ultimate attacks. This is not present in the manga.
  • While visiting the Sanzenin family archives, there are two plants shown next to the entrance, whereas in the manga there weren't.
    • Additionally, Nagi's outfit was altered. In this episode, Nagi wore a pink hoodie, a light blue shirt and a light pink skirt. In the manga, she wore a long sleeved cheongsam and black pants.
  • After hearing Maria question Hayate why he was seeking an ultimate attack, Nagi comes to the conclusion that Hayate wants to learn the attack to show his good side to her before envisioning him in a golden suit of armor. In the manga, she envisioned him in an elegant butler's outfit with a cape.
  • After finding the Sanzenin Ultimate Attack 4 Dummies handbook, Maria informs Hayate that Himegami had once used it before informing him that he was the Sanzenin butler before Hayate came. In this episode, after Hayate had learned from Maria that Himegami had an ultimate attack, Hayate asks her if Klaus also had one too, causing him appear before them on a sliding bookcase asking him if he was interested in his ultimate attack, which irritates Nagi who orders him to go back to work. In the manga, after having told Hayate about Himegami, Maria begins to reflect on the time when Himegami was trying to learn an ultimate attack, before dwelling on the damage he had caused to the mansion while he was trying to learn it.
  • While on her way outside to train Hayate, Nagi trips on a single book, whereas in the manga, she tripped on a pile of books.
  • After having fallen, Nagi tells Hayate she scratched her knee. In the manga, she told him that her shoes where hard to move in and that dulled her senses.
  • The scene where Maria pulls out a Band-Aid for Nagi is not present in this episode.
  • Outside, Hayate is shown to be setting up a lawn chair and a table with an umbrella for Nagi before he began training. This is not present in the manga.
    • Additionally, Nagi is shown to be wearing a short sleeveless cheongsam and blue shorts. Whereas in the manga, she was wearing the outfit she had earlier.
  • After having read a move that requires the user to be engulfed in fire, Hayate tells Nagi that he couldn't handle an over the top attack right off the bat before she asks Tama if he wanted to give it a try. This is not present in the manga.
  • After refusing to give Hayate the book, after having found a technique that makes you "love-dovey", Tama says to Nagi "I want to see it". This is not present in the manga.
  • Upon learning that Hayate was trying to learn an ultimate move for Hinagiku's sake, Nagi burns the Sanzenin Ultimate Attack 4 Dummies book with a circular device. In the manga, she used a zippo lighter.
Chapter 48
  • When Hayate was telling Maria how to sing in a karaoke box, Hayate sings his character song: Boku wa Kimi no MonoIn the manga, he didn't sing.
  • During her karaoke duel against Nagi, Ayumu sings the opening theme Hayate No Gotoku!. In the manga, it's never specified what song she had sung.
  • While going through the songs at the karaoke machine, Nagi picked her character song Dame! to use for her karaoke duel against Ayumu, whereas in the manga, Nagi chose Megumi Hayashibara's song Niji iro no Sneaker (虹色のSneaker?).
  • When Hayate and Maria stayed in the karaoke box after Nagi and Ayumu karaoke duel, Maria sings her character song: Epu Romanesque. In the manga, it's never specified what song she had sung.


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