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Even Peter-san Has Had Enough
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 21
Japanese Title ピーターさんもいい迷惑
Romanized Title Pītā-san mo Ii Meiwaku
English Title Even Peter-san Has Had Enough
1st skip
"NagiNagiLand" mascots
skip Character(s)
Shiori Makimura
Length 24:36
On Air 19 August 2007 (Ja)
9 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Hayate No Gotoku!
Ending Get My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 21, title name as Even Peter-san Has Had Enough (ピーターさんもいい迷惑 Pītā-san mo Ii Meiwaku?) aired on August 19th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 9th 2009.


A stormy night happened at the trash heap, and at the top of the trash mountain, it was a robot, Eight, completely shut down, until lightning struck at Eight, forcing him to come back to life. Eight remembered what happened that day, and uses his wires to grab the other trash and said that he won't end it like that. The next day, at the Sanzenin mansion, Nagi said that a butler uniform is not good for Hayate, which he thought about cross-dressing again, and Maria imagined what girly clothes is Hayate going to wear. When Nagi was thinking about going to the amusement park with Hayate, with the help of Maria, Nagi changed Hayate to a different clothes, only this time it's a clothes for boys. As they were going to the amusement park, Hayate asked Nagi that if it's okay for her to go there since he knew she is uncomfortable to leave the mansion, which Nagi responded that she wouldn't leave just because she is heading to the amusement park. After they reached their destination, in which that amusement park is called "Nagi Nagi Land", Nagi already told Hayate that she wouldn't leave, because the amusement park is part of the Sanzenin mansion, as the Sanzenin have the quality for the amusement park, but so did Isumi's and Sakuya's house. When Hayate asked Nagi about coming to the amusement park, Nagi tells him that ever since the beach camp, she never had a chance to play with him and wants to spend a short break with him. Hayate realized that the amusement park is empty, and four mascots appeared out of nowhere. The person in a rabbit costume welcomed Hayate, in a creepy way, and Nagi told Hayate that she have been there for three years. As Hayate is telling the mascots that they are people in a costume, the rabbit mascot tells him back that they are the fairies of the amusement park for no reason.

As the mascots started to perform the dance show, Hayate asked Nagi why did she built an amusement park in a mansion, which she responded that her grandfather, Mikado, gave it to her as her birthday present, then he thinks that Mikado is a good grandfather to Nagi. However, Nagi disagree about it, and as the narrator explained, that park has some rides that have a minimun restriction of 140 centimeters, and also Nagi is not tall enough for the rides. Nagi also said that Mikado has never done anything to make her happy, so she hated him. The rabbit mascot wanted Hayate to go on the rides since he is tall enough; soon after, Hayate got dizzy and he prefered a little less dangerous one. So the pink chicken mascot tells Hayate to go to the Haunted House, but Nagi warned him that the Haunted House is dangerous as she is saying to him she is not scared, though she looked scared. The mascots talked to each other privately about what will happen if they do not get in the Haunted mansion and that they will be fired if they make Nagi cry. Hayate decides he will check on it alone, but after he entered the Haunted House, the pink chicken mascot tried to attack Hayate with a sword, and called his army of skeletons to attack him. Hayate managed to defeat the skeletons off-screen, and the pink chicken costume revealed himself as none other than Eight, which Hayate did not remember him. Eight shuts off the lights and took advantage to attack Hayate, until the other mascots with Nagi turned the lights back on and found both Hayate and Eight. After Nagi called Eight an ugly robot, Eight tried to attack Nagi, until the other mascots were stomping on him, but Eight managed to escape for now. As Hayate and Nagi continued to where they left off, later that day, Ayumu somehow works part time at the ice cream shop as she became bored that no one, not even Hayate came to buy ice cream and see her work. While Ayumu fell asleep, Hayate and Nagi went to the merry-go-round as their next ride.

Later, at the Mikado Hyper-Energy Fuji Susono Experiment Area, a scientist named Shiori Makimura began experimenting her new robot called "Nine", a robot dog that can destroy anything in its way with its missiles and a big hammer, also off-screen. Then, flying out of nowhere, Eight single handedly destroyed Nine, stole the controller chip, and upgraded himself as 8.1. After Shiori asked Eight what was he doing there, he found out that even Shiori doesn't remember him, so he flew away, crying. Shiori wondered that familiar look on Eight's face. Meanwile, Nagi told Maria about what happened earlier that day before they went to sleep. Then, Hayate sat down on the stares and looked badly beaten, just when Tama was about to attack him, Eight broke in and wants to fight Hayate. Tama remembered Eight by saying that he first appeared in episode three and that he was at the opening sequence, because he watched it for weeks and knew all about Eight. After that, Eight begins to attack Hayate with his missiles because he wanted revenge. Eight remembered that after he lost to Hayate, he lost everything, especially Shiori. In his flashback, Eight did some experiment tests and Shiori believed in him and stayed by his side. But one day, the other scientists called Shiori that Eight lost to a human (Hayate) and she no longer needed him anymore, so he got thrown away like a noncombustible trash, heartbroken. And thus, Eight vowed to defeat Hayate and Nagi, insulting her name, until Tama charged in to attack Eight. Tama said that he will not let Eight attack Nagi, even though Tama is insulting about her, because she saved his life back then.

When Tama was about to finish Eight off, Hayate apparently protects Eight when he was trying to kill him, and understands how Eight feels about being lonely and have nowhere to go, until they were saved by one person. Tama agreed with Hayate for once, but after hearing what Hayate said, Eight continued to kill Hayate. As Nagi knows that Hayate won't lose when she is still in her room, Eight used his ultimate move to annihilate Hayate, which is called "Mosquito Destroy Mode", though it does nothing at all. When the door opened, someone came for Eight, it was Shiori, who finally remembered him. Knowing that Eight was already abandoned by her, Shiori realized that she made a huge mistake and apologized to him, and makes him feel better. Shiori no longer called him a noncombustible trash, but instead, she called him an oversized trash. The garbage men came by to take Eight away again for breaking the law of recycling, as Shiori said, and she left the mansion. Since Hayate doesn't want to let it happen and wants to save Eight, Tama had a plan, as he impersonated Nagi's voice to call Shiori so that she will not destroy Eight. The next day, Nagi asked Hayate that if he defeated Eight with his Kamehameha, although Hayate can't do that, since it's a copyrighted attack from the "Dragon Ball" series. Elsewhere, Eight started his new life, by living with Shiori nowadays.

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Cultural References

  • A scene when Hayate get tired and says a quote "I get burned" was a reference from Ashita no Joe last episode