Who Came Up With the Onomatopoeia 'Kapo~n'? It's Amazing
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Episode Info
Japanese Titleカポーンって擬音は誰が考えたんだろう?スゲーよね
Romanized TitleKapōn tte Gion wa Dare ga Kangaetandarō? Sugē yo ne
English TitleWho Came Up With the Onomatopoeia 'Kapo~n'? It's Amazing
1st skip
skip Character(s)
Nagi Sanzenin
On Air26 August 2007 (Ja)
10 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningHayate No Gotoku!
EndingGet My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 22, title name as Who Came Up With the Onomatopoeia 'Kapo~n'? It's Amazing (カポーンって擬音は誰が考えたんだろう?スゲーよね Kapōn tte Gion wa Dare ga Kangaetandarō? Sugē yo ne?) aired on August 26th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 10th 2009.


Hayate starts training again for his ultimate move, as Maria asked Nagi what was he doing. Nagi kept thinking about what Hayate said about Hinagiku the other day and knew that summer break is going to end, since she was unable to spend time with Hayate. Then, Hayate appeared in front of Nagi, only he was not Hayate, because Nagi knew it was Klaus in disguise. Klaus asked Nagi about relieving her loneliness, although Nagi told him that she is not lonely, she was just bored. Nagi pulled the rope to open a trap for Klaus to fall and she went to read manga once again, although Maria tells her to study. While Nagi was going to read the manga versions of this anime, she found the mangas of "I Love Fishing, Sampei". After Hayate finished his training, Maria tells him that Nagi got irritated because when summer break will end and he won't play with her, and Hayate felt a little bad for not spending time with her, since he was busy training a lot. When Nagi finished reading a manga about fishing, she rushes to Hayate and tells him to come fishing with her. Hayate looked at the Sanzenin map and saw the Sanzenin Lake, which Nagi tells him that she has more than one lake, although the other lakes are smaller. Maria said that they can fish since the lake is clear and the fishes Hayate and Nagi were eating were the once Maria caught before.

As they reached the Sanzenin lake, Nagi was ready to go fly fishing, but when Hayate told her that it's challenging, they should fish with worms as bait, though Nagi doesn't want that. Maria was already prepared to fish with a dough ball as a bait and to catch a crucian carp. At the bottom of the lake, a mysterious sea monster appeared and made a splash, in which Nagi saw it, names it the guardian of the lake, and tells Hayate what she saw, although he doesn't believe that. Hayate tried to ask Maria about the so called "Guardian", but she was too busy with her reel. Nagi then prepares herself to catch the big one. Hayate starts fishing and to keep an eye on Nagi, but Nagi threw the fishing rod to the lake just before she started fishing. Maria caught a crucian carp so soon, and so does Hayate, and Nagi grabbed another fishing rod to catch that fish. Hayate and Maria caught fish after fish; Nagi, on the other hand, kept throwing the rods to the lake. As Nagi gets tired of fishing, Maria tells her that she should fish on the boat, and when Nagi though about both her and Hayate on the same boat together, she took him and went straight to the boat. While on the boat, Hayate teaches Nagi how to cast properly without throwing a rod, knowing that she'll fall if she does that, so he is holding her, as she started to blush. Hayate then talks to Nagi about summer vacation coming to an end, since a lot has happened at the beach camp and at the amusement park, and also he tells her that he wasn't able to master his ultimate move in the end, calling himself a good-for-nothing, but Nagi tells him that it's not true. While Hayate asked Nagi to make some fireworks for him after fishing, in which Nagi blushes even more, Hayate and Nagi caught something, and it could be the guardian of the lake Nagi was talking about. After they saw its shadow below them, Hayate tried to save Nagi from getting pulled to the lake, simply by touching her breast, in which Nagi noticed. After the lake guardian, which is a giant crucian carp, pulled Hayate and Nagi to the lake and broke the lure, it got away. After Nagi got mad at Hayate thinking about her size, the both of them saw Maria with a giant crucian carp from before, in which she was able to catch it. Hayate asked Maria how did she do that, but Maria responded to him that it's classified, which she winked at him, although she lets it go soon after.

After fishing, Nagi is still mad at Hayate and went inside the mansion to take a bath. While Maria went to the bathroom with Nagi, Maria then bathe Nagi by washing her hair. While Nagi felt bad for what she did to Hayate earlier that day, Hayate to the bath of his own and while he was thinking about taking a bath with Maria, someone entered the hot springs and hides himself, and he thought it was Maria. However, it was Tama who touched Hayate's hand. While Tama knew that the water is lukewarm, he tried to make it warmer by pressing the button, but he broke the machine, making it explode. When Maria and Nagi heard that explosion, Maria went to check what happened, and when Tama ran away, Hayate chases him, until he stopped when Maria appeared, in which she saw him naked, and then he said that it's all over for him. Later that day, Nagi though about apologizing to Hayate for being mean to him, which she sees him walking outside. When Nagi tried to call him from above, Hayate didn't notice her and he yelled at himself that he can't live in a mansion any longer just because Maria saw him in the nude. Nagi hid herself and decides to do something before her love with Hayate will end. Hayate felt depressed, as Tama appeared and tells him that they should fix the bath Hayate broke, although it was Tama who did that. So they all went to the boiler room, and after that, Maria appeared and tells him that she was also sthere to fix the bath while she turned to the other way. When Hayate is still tinking about Maria ignoring him, he starts crying, as Tama went inside and tried to fix it, but broke it again. But, instead of an explosion, the pipes broke and a bunch of water starts flodding.

Just when Hayate and Maria tried to escape, the water caught them, and Tama tried to escape on his own, but he was caught as well. Maria began to drown, as Hayate manages to save her. Soon after, Hayate found their way out, which is to break the wall in order to get to safety. Unfortunately, the boiler room is flodded, and Hayate felt that he made a mess once again. Nagi was then looking for Hayate while she was running with the fireworks she was holding, until she heard him with Maria. Hayate called himself a good-for-nothing once again and was thinking about quitting his job as Nagi's butler, until Maria tells him that she liked it when he was working so hard. Maria then tells Hayate to fix the bath, so Hayate should do that right away, but when she told him that he doesn't have to do it and tries to stop him, they tripped and Hayate fell on Maria. Just then, Nagi saw Hayate on top of Maria and made her more angrier thinking that Hayate touched Maria. Nagi turned one of the fireworks to a bomb launcher and shot the bomb at Hayate, sending him to the starry skies and exploded like a firework, although he survived, but just barely. This episode ends with Ayumu eating a watermelon in her appartment while seeing the fireworks from above.

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Volume 3

Volume 8

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