A Genius Teacher, Who is Not a Kid, Appears
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Episode Info
Japanese Titleちびっ子ではない天才先生来たる
Romanized TitleChibikko de wa nai Tensai Sensei Kitaru
English TitleA Genius Teacher, Who is Not a Kid, Appears
1st skip
Yukiji Katsura
skip Character(s)
Hakuou Three Amiga
On Air2 September 2007 (Ja)
13 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningHayate No Gotoku!
EndingGet My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 23, title name as A Genius Teacher, Who is Not a Kid, Appears (ちびっ子ではない天才先生来たる Chibikko de wa nai Tensai Sensei Kitaru?) aired on September 2nd 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 13th 2009.


Hayate packs his school bag, while reflecting how much time has past and that he should work his hardest, as always. Maria then enters the room, and tells him that he has a commendable attitude. He then goes to wake up Nagi, but Maria mentions that she's letting her stay home today. Hayate asks why, and Maria reveals that Nagi has caught a cold. Nagi is initially insistent on going to school despite her situation, but Hayate advises her to stay home, and he offers to stay behind and care for her. Nagi reassures him that she'll be fine, and she asks him to go to school regardless, since unlike herself, who is already rather intelligent, Hayate would suffer more from missing a day. At the school, Hinagiku meets up with Hayate and asks him if he's learned a mortal blow yet. After he reports that he hasn't, she reminds him that there isn't any rush to learn, and then she asks him about Nagi. He responds that she's home, suffering from a cold. Hinagiku mentions that this is worrisome, and offers to visit her after school. Suddenly, Yukiji rushes at them, yelling for Hinagiku. Hinagiku assumes that she needs more money, but Yukiji says that she has more problems than money, which Hinagiku disapproves of. Hayate asks what happened, and she says that a new teacher has been hired, and as a result, she was demoted to assistant homeroom teacher. The new teacher is revealed to be Shiori. Hayate realizes that she's the developer of Eight, and he wonders what she's doing teaching. The narrator explains by showing the viewer the events leading up to this. Shiori was in a meeting with one of her superiors, who mentioned how all of her creations have been destroyed or gone berserk. When he asks her for her thoughts, Shiori assumes the fault was insufficient firepower. The superior dismisses this angrily, asking her what she intends to solve by causing more damage. He then asks her what the most important thing to a scientist is, to which she responds with cake. The man gets angry and tells her that the actual most important thing is heart, and he mentions that she's lacking in it. As a result, he forces her to return to Hakuou as a teacher. The flashback ends, answering Hayate's question. He then says that he finds the way that Yukiji is staring at Shiori is extremely scary. As Shiori introduces herself to the class, Yukiji continues to glare at her, until Shiori announces that she intends to give a pop quiz to gauge the class's skill. The class responds negatively to the announcement, and Yukiji tries to use this to her advantage.

After some time, Shiori asks them to hand in the tests, and she starts flipping through them. Yukiji starts to encourage the class, and she mentions that she understands how the class feels about the quiz. Shiori then interrupts her, announcing that the class average was an 83%, and she starts telling individual students about the mistakes they made. Izumi asks her what she's doing, and she says that she's just announcing the grades to the test. She then realizes that she'd normally be expected to mark the tests with a red pen, a task she finds dull. She asks Yukiji to mark the tests for her, who refuses at first. Just then, various students start to ask Shiori about the solutions to the test. Miki remarks about her intelligence, and Izumi responds that given said intelligence, it's not surprising that Yukiji was demoted. Risa then sarcastically wishes Yukiji luck after she quits, to which she angrily replies that she has no intention to quit. After class is dismissed, Yukiji watches Shiori and realizes that her position at the school, and in the show is at stake. Meanwhile, Izumi gives Hayate Nagi's handouts, and he asks why she's doing this. She responds that she's the class representative. Just then, Miki and Risa appear, and they introduce themselves, with Izumi calling herself Class Representative "Red", Miki calling herself Vice-Class Representative "Blue", and Risa calling herself Disciplinary Officer "Black". Risa then offers Hayate a color, which he declines. Hayate asks them if their job keeps them busy, but they respond that it doesn't really, and that if they do a bad job, Hinagiku will simply bail them out. Izumi then shows him the class report, which has a lot of various details to fill out. She mentions that filling out the report is usually annoying, and that they usually work together to fill out the report. However, the other two had disappeared, and Izumi desperately asks Hayate if he'll help. He says that he will, but Yukiji suddenly comes in and drags him away.

Yukiji brings him outside and asks him to stand still for a while. Hayate asks her what she was doing, and she decides to tell him about her plan. She intended to have Shiori crush a Gundam model built from Karou, who would then come in and yell at her. She then expects her to run down the hall, where she'll set up a rope to trip her. She would fall onto a wet rag, and she would slide down the hallway and crash through a window, flying into Hayate. She then intends to take a picture of the resultant situation. Hayate disapproves of the plan, and he mentions that she simply thinks Yukiji is crazy. He walks away, but Yukiji grabs him and fights with him a bit. Just then, Shiori appears and asks them what they were doing. Yukiji impulsively throws Hayate at Shiori, knocking her over and creating the indecent situation she had intended. She takes a picture of it, and runs away. Shiori runs away, crying, and Hayate decides to go after Yukiji, with the intention of protecting Nagi's reputation. Meanwhile, at the Sanzenin mansion, Hinagiku was visiting Nagi. Nagi mentions that her fever was wearing off, and she starts to tell her about her vacation, and the time she spent with Hayate. At the Academy, Yukiji jumps onto one of the streetcars to escape Hayate, but he catches up, and knocks the camera out of her hands. Hayate and Yukiji were about to fight, but the streetcar stops. Izumi boards, and she mentions to Hayate that he was supposed to help her with the report. Hayate asks Izumi to take the memory card out of the camera. She asks what's on the camera, and Yukiji lies, saying that the camera had pictures of Hayate tied up with ropes, looking satisfied. Hayate calls her out for this lie, but Izumi believes it, and mentions that she's not surprised that he'd like being punished. When he responds negatively to this, she mentions that she likes being punished too, to the surprise and bewilderment of Hayate and Yukiji. Izumi then gets mad at Yukiji, saying that she made her look weird in front of Hayate, and she declares that she intends to take the camera with her. Yukiji is able to convince her to give the camera back by offering to help her with her homework for three months. Yukiji runs off the streetcar, but she's suddenly stopped by Eight. She looks on in horror and she tosses the camera away, which Eight crushes. Eight demands to know who made Shiori cry, and Yukiji places the blame on Hayate. Shiori then runs into the scene, apologizing to Eight for acting in a way that betrayed him. Eight then fires his missles, tearing up part of the street. Yukiji jumps out of the rubble, and begins to attack Eight, using Hayate as a human shield. Shiori asks Eight to stop fighting for her, but he doesn't respond, and the battle continues. Hayate gets up and notices the self destruct button on the back of Eight.

He realizes that he could end the battle by pressing it, but he realizes that his attack would generate winds which would blow up Izumi's skirt. Izumi reassures him that it won't be a problem, as she wears bike shorts like Hinagiku. He launches himself at Eight, but at the last second, Yukiji knocks him out of the way and presses the button herself, sending Hayate flying. Eight explodes, and Yukiji then remarks that fighting is futile. She places the blame entirely on Hayate, mentioning that he can't control his urges since he's still an adolescent, and she asks for Shiori to forgive him. She then mentions that she intends to support him, as he's one of her students, and she simply just can't leave him alone. Shiori, moved by Yukiji's empty speech, declares that she's finally figured out what heart is, and Yukiji offers to assist her in being a teacher, which she accepts. They head off, and Eight, in his original form, hops out of the rubble and offers to take them to a place he's familiar with. Hayate was left behind, and Izumi mentions that she had completed the report. Hinagiku reads it, and finds that it contains nothing more than a note about Izumi playing with Hayate, and a request for Hinagiku to finish up the report herself, which makes her angry. At a restaurant, Yukiji, Shiori, and Eight celebrate, and Shiori then mentions that she expects Yukiji to pay for everything, since she's the teacher in this situation, and she's also older. This stuns Yukiji, who wasn't expecting this. Before the episode ends, a small bubble featuring Nagi appears, and she complains about how she didn't have much screen time in this episode. Maria appears, and reminds her that there will probably be a few episodes like this.

Adapted From

Volume 7

Differences in the Manga

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Cultural References

  • Yukiji calling Hinagiku "Hinaemon" is a reference to the character Doraemon.
  • After photographing Makimura in an embarrassing situation, Yukiji says the following quote "I will be the God of this new world!" which was a quote often used by the character Light Yagami from the series Death Note.
    • In addition after being hugged by Makimura, Yukiji's sinister face is also a reference to the character Light Yagami when he had L killed.
  • While doing their introduction, The Hakuo Three Amiga do a performed pose which is similar to the Sun Vulcan's pre-battle pose with Sun Vulcan Robo's parody in the background.



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