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There are No Common Troubles
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 24
Japanese Title モテすぎて困る苦労はしたこと無いなぁ〜
Romanized Title Motesugite Komaru Kurō wa Shita Koto nai nā
English Title There are No Common Troubles
1st skip
Isumi Saginomiya
skip Character(s)
Wataru Tachibana
Length 24:36
On Air 9 September 2007 (Ja)
14 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Hayate No Gotoku!
Ending Get My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 24, title name as There are No Common Troubles (モテすぎて困る苦労はしたこと無いなぁ〜 Motesugite Komaru Kurō wa Shita Koto nai nā?) aired on September 9th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 14th 2009.


While Hayate is cleaning the window, Nagi realized she forgot to return the DVD she rented it, because she hasn't returned it for two or three years. So Hayate went to return the DVD to Wataru's video store, but when he noticed a potted plant and a rock statue that nearly falls on him, and a bird poop that fell on him, he still has some terrible luck. Just when he was going to return it, the store was closed, but when he was walking away and dropping the DVD to the drop box, the screen shows a pendant that glows in dark aura. And to make his luck worse, Hayate got hit by a truck and was sent flying to the sky. After Hayate came back to Nagi with bandages all over his head, Isumi and Sakuya came for a visit a while ago, while Sakuya forgot to bring up her joke. Sakuya knew Nagi was sick the other day, so both her and Isumi went to check up on her, and Nagi tells Sakuya that her tea will get cold, though Sakuya responded that it's an iced tea. As Maria appeared, Hayate tells her that if it's hot in September, then how hot can it be if it's October and November, then Sakuya hit him with a sandal, although she find it a good joke. Then, as both Maria and Nagi realized it's autunm, Hayate responded that it's the season when they can forget stuff: The season of fooey, though no one find that joke funny and Sakuya hit Hayate really hard with a fan. Isumi then quickly realized that she lost her stole, in which it's an expensive one, so Hayate went to look for it.

Hayate went to a guest bedroom to find Isumi's stole, until Tama came in first and was about to use the stole as a blanket and tear the stole with his claws in order to sleep. Fortunately, Wataru appeared and kicked Tama out of the way. When Wataru picked up Isumi's stole, he is apparently smelling it, until Hayate spoke behind him. Wataru was feared that Hayate will tell what he saw to Nagi and Isumi, but Hayate decides not to, since Wataru is one of the guest. Tama, on the other hand, will tell on Wataru to Nagi and Isumi, and Wataru was shocked to fear, so Hayate went to stop Tama, but not before asking Wataru why was he there, as he heard that Nagi didn't return the DVD again, so he brings it back. Tama was planning to send that report to Nagi by an internet, but Hayate then appeared to throw swords at him, but missed on purpose in order to warn Tama that Hayate won't forgive him, even if he is Nagi's pet. Afterwards, Wataru doesn't know how is he going to face Isumi, so Hayate will send the stole back to Isumi for him, and then Wataru thanked Hayate. Hayate gave the stole back to Isumi, so she thanked him for doing that, but Nagi starts noticing what's on Isumi's mind by the looks on her face. Sakuya already left since she couldn't find yet another joke. Before Isumi went back home, she suddenly noticed that there is a "curse" on Hayate, so she hugs him and kissed him on his chest to where the pendant was, lifting the curse. Isumi then left, but not before telling Hayate that she loves him, right in front of Nagi and Wataru, in which they are shocked.

After Isumi tells Hayate that she loves him, Hayate woke up and realized it was a dream, though it wasn't. At Nagi's room, Maria woke up to see Nagi, whom she stayed up all night, thinking about what she saw that other day. Nagi is wondering if Hayate loves her more than he loves Isumi, so she went to Hayate's room and ask him if he cares about Isumi, which he responded that he does care, so Nagi punched Hayate really hard with a shoryuken. Meanwhile, Ayumu was going to make some eggs, until she cracked one of them with her head. Back at the mansion, Nagi ran away after losing faith in Hayate, as Maria wonders what is she going to do about that problem. Meanwhile at Wataru's video store, Saki is holding that DVD for adults that Wataru watched, but then, Nagi, with her guards, entered the store. Wataru was still sleeping and thinking about what he just saw the other day, until Nagi woke him up with a kick and tells him that she ran away from home, heartbroken and abandoned. Next, Hayate read Nagi's note and he went to find Nagi, but he went to Isumi's house instead. Plus, as Nagi's guards were about to leave, they warned Saki if anything happens to Nagi. After Nagi and Wataru fought off-screen, the two of them went to Isumi's house. Then, at Isumi's house, Hayate asked Isumi about where Nagi is, but a dusty wind got into her eye and he was going to take the dust off of her. When Nagi and Wataru reached to that house, they saw Hayate kissing Isumi, though it doesn't look like that. After that, Nagi got furious and decides that she will sell Hayate to Isumi for 150,000,000 yen, and when Isumi didn't mind buying him, it has been decided; Hayate was sold to Isumi. Maria was going to do something, only to figure out that she was all alone the whole time. Later, a customer was going to borrow a DVD, but Nagi thinks that it's trash and wants him to borrow the entire box set of the Gundam anime, until Wataru stops her from doing that. As the customer ran away, Nagi tells Wataru the same reason why he came to the video store, which he responded back to him that Hayate is no longer living at the Sanzenin mansion and tells Nagi to go home. After that, Nagi starts crying, and Saki yelled at Wataru for picking on Nagi, and tells him that Isumi will eventually hate Wataru, so he cried as well. Saki was then toyed by both Nagi and Wataru.

Nearly the end of this episode, there is an epilogue, called "Wataru and Taru Taru". The story begins with a nameless kitty cat on a rainy day in a city. Two girls saw a cat standing and called it cute, but when a cat was hoping for the girls to feed her, they left, and the poor cat was getting cold and hungry. But then, a boy appeared with a cup of milk, and it was little Wataru. The cat was going to drink milk, but Wataru drank it, making it mad. Wataru grabbed a cat and gave the cat some milk mouth-to-mouth, until he sneezed and spat some milk to it. Wataru kept sneezing before catching a cold, until a girl who knows Wataru appeared and she is happy that he found a cat. Wataru then starts patting on a cat for being a good kitty to him, and he called that cat "Taru Taru", and the girl said that it's a cute name for that cat, so the cat had no choice but to live with that. As the rain stopped, a rainbow appeared in the sky, and they all lived happily ever after, ending the story, as well as this episode.

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Volume 3

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